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‘Misfit Garage’ Video Exclusive: Tonight Thomas Rekindles Love Lost with a Sexy ’60 Cadillac!

“Misfit Garage” is a fan-favorite on Discovery Channel’s Motor Mondays, and it has definitely been a hit for the network. A spin-off from popular “Fast N’ Loud,” the guys from Fired Up Garage have been working to make it on their own.

Are they succeeding?

Well, Fired Up has lost a few Misfits along the way. Long-time fans will remember Scot, a partner in the beginning, who brought little more than negative energy to the 4-way partnership. His leaving seemed to be more of a breath of fresh air and, in business, there is one rule that, with very few exceptions, always holds true: Anyone can be replaced. Scot left with an attitude that the shop would crumble upon his exit, but Tom, Jordan and Thomas went on their merry way, going forward and going up with Fired Up Garage.

Tom and Jordan were particularly happy about Scot leaving at the time, as he was bringing nothing but negativity to the mix. But, ironically, along the way, that negative vibe started coming from Jordan. It was Jordan, in fact, who led the charge against employee Soup Bone, ultimately ending in his firing. He was not really doing his job, more out of being overwhelmed or underqualified than being a slacker, it seemed. And, many fans of the show disagreed with the firing. But, again, anyone can be replaced, and beyond the initial uproar, there doesn’t seem to be an ongoing outrage regarding the Soup Bone termination.

Jordan became an employment casualty this season, as fans are well aware. He had fallen into a seemingly non-stop air of negativity and complaining, and was clearly unhappy with the direction Fired Up Garage was taking. There have been many viewers who envisioned doom and gloom for Fired Up with Jordan walking, but there now is a growing number of fans who are either glad or just don’t care that he left. “Misfit Garage” is not a one-man show, nor is Fired Up Garage, and, once again, anyone can be replace. Granted, the replacement factor seems more difficult this time, considering Thomas appeared to have found Jordan’s “replacement” before he even quit–that is another facet altogether–but, still, if anyone thought there would a be a mass rebellion against the show because of Jordan’s exit, well, it hasn’t happened yet.

Shows are typically flexible, particularly reality shows and, while we cannot say we are fans of new partner Kevin Clark as of yet–and paint guru John Klump gets awfully tiring after awhile–we are still fans of “Misfit Garage,” and suspect there are many others out there who feel the same way. Are there? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

Tonight on “Misfit Garage,” according to Discovery Channel:

Josh, Klump and Kevin continue to work on the restoration of the vintage ’40 Ford Moonshine Runner. However, Klump gets hot under the collar and threatens to leave the entire build. Thomas buys a ’60 Cadillac from his high school sweetheart.

And, from Discovery Channel for TVRuckus readers, check out this EXCLUSIVE Sneak Peek from tonight’s all-new episode of “Misfit Garage”:

Then, following the latest drama on “Misfit Garage,” a new episode of “Demolition Theater,” featuring Richard Rawlings, the Gas Monkey crew and the cast from mega-hit series “Street Outlaws.” On episode “Chucky’s Revenge”:

Richard Rawlings with crew from the Gas Monkey Garage and cast from “Street Outlaws” check out a record breaking motorcycle crash, helmet cam footage, & a shocking montage as they watch some of the craziest stunts ever caught on camera.

Stay tuned.

“Misfit Garage” airs on Discovery Channel on Motor Mondays at 9/8c; “Demolition Theater” follows at 10/9c.

Image:  Courtesy of Discovery Channel, Used with Permission. Photo: Jordan taking a break on the Plymouth while Soupbone gives him a lift–ultimately two casualties of the Fired Up Garage workforce.

Video Exclusive:  Courtesy of Discovery Channel, Used with Permission

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