‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’ Season 3 Tell-All Part 2: Lennie ‘Fesses Up, Comedian Trashes Whitney

Update: Season 4’s latest in recap. Jenzi the choreographer, what the heck?

“My Big Fat Fabulous Life” presents part 2 of the season ending tell-all show “The Skinny” featuring former boyfriend Lennie and comedian Keeryn Feehan, who antagonized Whitney Thore on live radio. Their confrontation continued after the comedian’s stage show which Whitney chose to attend with Buddy in tow.

At one point on “The Skinny, Part 2”, Ms. Feehan asks “Am I watching another show?”, when she is scorned by Whitney’s friends and parents for laying out her analysis of Thore in a scathing manner. Presumably it’s all part of her act, but her way of speaking her mind is profane and insulting, particularly to Babs and Glenn. RECAP posted below.

She’s said what others have, including us at TVRuckus, that Whitney seems to be struggling with the difference between demanding that people don’t bully or ridicule her solely on the basis of her weight, and being fat forever. She told Buddy she liked being fat, and seems to have a mortal fear of facing a scale and getting on the weight reduction train again.

If you’ve seen the sneak peek scenes of tonight’s “The Skinny Part 2” promoted on TLC,  then you saw Whitney get up from the set and walk out of the studio door. Guess we’ll have to wait until the show airs to find out if that is how it ends. If you are a betting person, take the bet that she returns to discuss why she left. Then there’s the reunion with Lennie.

Her eyes glisten, his eyes do as well and he professes his love for her. Thore, in her inimitable way answers with something glib. In part 1 of “The Skinny”, Whitney told the host that she missed having a relationship with someone, more than she missed Lennie. As viewers, we only get to see the edited content producers choose to air, so if there is more going on than Lennie not knowing Whitney’s favorite food, or being uncommunicative for a day, then perhaps we’ll get that side of things tonight.


Are you happy with how this all ended? With Glenn and Babs being encouraged to “sext” or for Babs to do some freestyling? You might see it as charming, or perhaps cringe-worthy, but before all that, the meat of the evening was served.

It sure looks like Whitney Thore is inclined to give Lennie another chance. While he’s a man of few words, or if they are plentiful, they’re a bit incomprehensible, it sure worked on Whitney. Thanks to Shaun Robinson, who asked the questions that allowed Lennie to explain himself, Whitney heard him say he had never been unfaithful, still loved her and that she was the one who asked for the breakup.

Whitney about melted as she asked for a hug, gave one and shed a few tears. Lennie put his arm around her, she asked for him to hold her hand and the two looked as close as could be. That was all before the walkout by Whitney when she had heard enough of the unfunny comedian, Keeryn Feehan.

Perhaps Feehan was playing the role of an insult comic, and thought that her over-the-top statements were so outrageous that folks would know she was kidding…or perhaps not. She did apologize for driving Whitney away, only after she suggested someone get her a donut to retrieve her.  Whitney accepted it and Ms. Feehan added that while she considers Thore bright, talented and even charismatic, her one big problem is Thore posing as a fat and healthy person, who doesn’t believe she needs to lose a couple of hundred pounds.

She did call out everyone on the stage, reminding them that they staged an intervention-style funeral for Whitney, and wondered why they thought they shouldn’t be called enablers for letting that just drop like a stone. Glenn and Babs were eerily silent until Whitney’s mom spoke up for her daughter’s talents, creativity and force of personality. At one point, watching Feehan walk off the set, talking to herself or someone around her, it sure seemed like she’d been told to trash talk Thore on camera. Hmm, a staged fight on a tell-all for a reality TV show?

Whitney said that on tap for her are bigger things in her dance career and other secret activity that she wouldn’t reveal. She’s saving it all for the next season, or two. TLC announced it had ordered 14 more episodes of “My Big Fat, Fabulous Life”, after its viewership continued to grow in season 3.

One note: listening to Shaun Robinson and Keeryn Feehan cry over being called skinny, too thin and told to go eat something, was just too much to deal with. Really?

TLC provided video clip and image for “My Big Fat Fabulous Life”, used with permission 

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23 thoughts on “‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’ Season 3 Tell-All Part 2: Lennie ‘Fesses Up, Comedian Trashes Whitney

  1. I disliked both episodes of “the skinny” and hope they don’t ever do one again with Whitney. Both the name of the show and the anorexic hostess were meant to make Whitney uncomfortable. Pus, the inviting of that horrible commedian who by the way was not very funny, was just vile.

  2. It really doesn’t matter if she was funny or not, Whats not funny is someone that is over weight who makes her friends feel bad because she can’t bend over and tie her shoe or get out the shower. So what the host was skinny if Whitnney was so comfortable it shouldn’t matter. Whats disgusting is a so called man using vulgar language to describe a woman. So while yes the comedian was rude so are her friends and her self she is so not a inspiration. Maybe the only broad her guy friend know is the broad that had him.

    • I agree…
      I didn’t see the beginning – only when the comedian came back on stage. I don’t agree with name-calling and being rude but why is everyone so quick to attack and label a spade being called a spade by accusing them of bullying or discriminating?! And what kind of Host kicks a guest off-stage because they make another, “uncomfortable?” Good Lord. I thought they were supposed to be impartial. (amateur and unprofessional) Then everyone on the panel turns around and does the same thing to the Keeryn, they accused her of doing to Whitney. Insane! Criticism makes Whitney feel so bad, then don’t put yourself on television for the world to see and whine when you hear (the truth) something you don’t like. The only bully I saw on that episode was Whitney and her family/friends who are about as delusional as she is.

  3. Whitney you are are on of the most unattractive people I have ever seen. Not only are you a big fat whiney prima donna slob, you are just a spoiled little (fat) slob. I am not a small person I am 6;1″ and 310# but you are a total train wreck of a bag of fat! Shut up and go away. Your show sucks and you are everything that is wrong with the USA and the modern world you big fat fraking slob!

  4. I agree 100% Maggie. Whitney is a self absorbed baby. Let’s forget the fact she couldn’t care less about her health, she’s just a flat out mean person. She treats her friends and family like staff, and she was incredibly mean to Caitie. Big deal..Caitie tried to help out by leading a BGDC, Whitney handled it like a true brat. I really hope this show gets cancelled, it has lost it’s intended focus. Its not about an overnight woman trying to get herself healthy, while still embracing the skin she’s in. It’s about a mean, immature narcissist who loves the attention and who clearly doesn’t care about losing weight. She is no role model.

  5. Wow, add Andrea to the “what a fuckin bitch” list. I’m sure she is just perfect! NOT! I too did not like the tell all episodes. Seemed to focus on the negative things that happened in the season, and made Whitney relive them all. I personally love Whitney and her peeps! I didn’t like the host of the show, no matter what size she was, should have nixed the “comedian”, who needs her view?? Better if she hadn’t been included @ all, (right Buddy?) Almost didn’t watch it because she was going to be on it. I do believe Whitney is smart, accomplished, beautiful, funny, loving, could go on & on. . . Can’t see mean, immature or narcissist? P.S. Love the “Babz”!

  6. I don’t like the show and I don’t like Whitney. She’s so self centered and it’s easy to see she’s not a happy person. She’s crying all the time and her life is not special enough for her to be on a show all about her. She’s special because she’s fat.That is not a good premise for a show. I never met a fat person who really likes being fat. That’s a lie! Whitney doesn’t deal with life very well. Deal with the reality of your life.

  7. Whitney’s friends said far worse things than anything Keeryn said, one of them called her a bitch, another one called her a kunt and her best friend told her to go have some drinks as she was leaving.

    Way to keep it unfabulously classy in the Big Fat Fabulous life of Whitney Thore.

  8. I have followed the show for 2 years now and believe that Whitney has the right to be any size she wants to be and deserves respect for the person she is. I was surprised by the show last night because of the way the cast treated the comedian. I heard her apologize for the things that were said but Whitney put that down because it didn’t include the word respect and as she was leaving Buddy told a person who has admitted to having a problem with alcohol to go get a drink. Where is the no shaming and respect? To me it just looked like mean girl behavior, very disappointing.

  9. Whitney is spoiled, loud, IS sloppy (have you seen the floor of her car and the mess in her bedroom), is barefoot on TV cuz she cannot put on shoes by herself, seatbelts don’t fit, she hurts her back bending down in the shower, has sleep apnea at 30 yrs old, DOES waddle because it is just simple physics, sits high up in cars because her butt is so large, ALWAYS has a comeback/excuse when someone like the comedian says what is so obvious…you are unhealthy, and will get more so as you age, helping to raise the cost of medical care for all of us, because of your so very obvious, yet denied and ignored and never talked about eating disorder. You have a choice to stop sitting at your pity party with your ridiculous enablers who silently smile, ugh, and to make a commitment to lose weight: eat less and exercise. Everyone in her life, especially her parents, are sickeningly enabling and coddling and smothering. She is 30 yrs old, yet acts like a teen and her parents treat her like one. Used to like her but her smarmy, self-righteous, delusional, embarrassing loud-mouthed remarks…all of it is such a huge turn off. And what is the deal with Lennie? He is so not into her but he is so weird, too. Yuck to this whole mess.

  10. Loud applause to keeryn, for telling it like it is, obesity should not be the premise for a tv show, we count calories, search for healthy recipes, excercise etc these are the facts of life, I have grandchildren and constantly observe them to make sure they are just chubby and not on the road to obesity. Why do we want to promote obesity and that fat people can have boyfriends, girlfriends and dance classes, this is a fantasy, as fat people would say “we know we are fat” Whitney take a reality check, go on a diet, i don’t buy for one moment you weight gain is disease related, cry me a river….Get this show off air and promote healthy lifestyles instead of endorsing this ridiculous idea that fat is beautiful.

  11. Such a disappointment from a potential commentary on fat shaming. I thought, “how brave… putting herself out there to be ridiculed.” I, stupidly, expected her to have a noble reason for broadcasting her life. She is just another spoiled brat who demands all the attention, love and care from family and friends; and gives little in return. Why doesn’t she have a real job, at 32 and show the real problems of overweight people? She lives a sheltered, contrived life, indeed. Shame on me for expecting reality!

  12. Put things in perspective here people. Whitney is a loving and generous 32 year old woman trying to find life’s joy while dealing with her own unique set of challenges. She has inspired so many people to have self love in the moment .and live life to the fullest. This message has reached home to me. I became handicapped in my 40’s and gained a lot of weight. The point is that no matter HOW I became fat I still have the same rights as anyone else and should not be shamed for my size. I’m 5’2 inches and weigh 240 pounds but I have the same feelings and desires as anyone else. Whitney is NOT encouraging people to become obese but if you happen to be obese for whatever reason right now in your life you don’t need to have negative thoughts about your self worth. Thank You Whitney….

  13. The show is reprehensible for promoting fat as a positive alternative to being healthy and looking healthy. The comedian was right about the premise of the show — there would be NO show without the promotion of Whitney’s fat body image. And it’s obvious that Lennie is not into her regardless to the few words he mustered to claim he is. On a more inspirational note, Whitney has the charisma and wit to have a show that doesn’t encourage people to make peace with being fat if she lost some weight and stopped promoting a lifetime of health problems associated with being fat. Stop lying to yourself and the people who look to you for inspiration.

  14. I have watched Whitney’s show for 2 yrs now.

    I was drawn to it initially because I suffer from the same disease as Whitney (PCOS and Hashimotos (hyopthyroidisim)). At my heaviest I was 300lbs.

    Not all my weught gain was from PCOS and Hashimoto’s. I got depressed and like Whitney I ate. I moved back to Iowa in 2008 and decided then I was no longer going to live like I was.

    I went to the doctor for a complete exam and from there I started walking, eating only portions (1 C of green beans, 4 oz of pork chop (no more mushroom sauce) and a 1/2 C of potatoes)> No seconds either. This worked and does work.

    I lost track when my parents both got sick (Dad passed in 2013 and Momin 2015). Now that their estate is settled, I am working my way back to what worked for me.

    Whitney, I hope one day you realize the size you are is not healthy and this will back fire on you. Your trainer Will has your best interest at heart to get you healthy.

    It is a struggle with PCOS and Hashimotos (on this I agree), it’s not a diagnosis to say, I will eat pasta, cheese and mayo mixed together.

    Good luck Whitney on your health journey, but I will no longer be watching your show, until you get the therapy you need for the eating issues you have and realize those who are being tough on you, do care more than you realize.

  15. I believe you covered it all very well.. She is one very sick woman and an inpatient facility might be the way to go. At this time I do not believe she has the wherewithal to do it herself. She has clearly demonstrated she cannot bear the thought of giving up “feel good” foods. She is focusing on the wrong thing. She would be better served working on a program that would help her deal with her issues, rather that trying to get everyone else to behave the way she wants them to. It’s never going to happen. From watching her performance, I do not believe for one minute that her life is all that “fabulous.”. Time to get a grip, Whit! Times a wastin’.

  16. Whitney looked horrible on this show and her bare feet gave her a piggy look. Sorry that was all I could think of the whole show. Yes is spoiled and rude to others when they don’t agree and cries. Her family and friends are definitely enablers. Her message is wrong. I agree you should not be ridiculed for any body issue but her message is yes let’s be fat and unhealthy look what it got me my own TV show. Her health is going to continue to go downhill. Is it fabulous to have to where a mask every night because you are so fat you have trouble breathing.
    I have a great deal of respect for any recovering alcoholic and Whitney was downright rude to her. She has far more guts than Whitney and was certainly the “bigger ” person on the show.
    Whitney waddle of the show and go have a pie. If you keep it up you won’t be able to walk anymore. Your life doesn’t seem so fabulous to me. Of course controversy sells the show.

  17. Whitney spent the first two years talking about how she was on this journey to change her life and regain her health, yet that seems to have gone by the board now as even a fake funeral intervention by friends and family have not changed her ways.
    In recent episodes she was shovelling down cake like there was no tomorrow and the inside of her car, as exposed by Will the trainer, looked like a garbage pile with old drinks spilled on the carpet and rotting food in containers only highlighting that she doesn’t respect herself or her property.
    Of course people should not be shamed by anyone for their physical appearance, you are the same person no matter what size, but it’s almost as if she is now daring anyone to challenge her or whatever size she wants to be and yes, she does seem to love the attention this brings.

    Her parents are adorable but the show comes across as very fake and scripted at this stage, who has the “we’ve got to talk” talk with a random camera crew who just happened to be hanging around?

    This series started out well but now I fear the above commenters are right, she has no intention of losing weight and the show will just feature more invented conflicts and dramas to string it out.
    I would like to think that you can be fat and fit, but if you can’t put on your shoes, you’re fat from fit and obviously too fat to function.

    Is this Ruby Gettinger for a new generation?

  18. I personally agree with what everyone haas said. The show has lost its focus. It is not a health journey to find a better life. It is a jorney to be the center. I too am overweight. I too have health issues but that is not the cause of my weight but a result of being depressed about health issues. I was told today I have to be very carefull. Does it scare me? Hell yes. Lenny obviously is not that into her. He seems to be more of sideline not the main event. At any rate I no longer watch the show because it is not cool to watch someone who should know better become a garbage disposal.

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