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‘Braxton Family Values’ Season 5: Will Tamar Go Solo To Broadway After Sisters Nix Idea? (VIDEO)

“Braxton Family Values” picks up where it left off last week in “Broadway or Bust”, as Tamar was trying to process the response of her sisters to news about the potential for a musical stage show about the family. She got nothing positive, which puzzled her, then Towanda added something on top of that which got Tamar agitated. RECAP posted below. 

She asked why Tamar attended the meeting on her own without telling her sisters, if it was a family project. They were already bombarding her with questions that required specifics she didn’t have, and she told her sisters that they would have a chance to ask all of them when they set up a second meeting about the project.

Traci was mostly cool with it, but Trina kept peppering Tamar for details, then fretted, as she always does, about how to fit it all into her schedule that’s already packed. Towanda was the one that seemed to have a suspicion about Tamar’s motives and if this was already set in motion rather than just an idea that the family could take further or drop. Looks like they chose the latter, because tonight Tamar decides to go forward by herself, and consider a solo project with the producers.

In the preview clip of the episode posted below, Towanda gets with Toni about the big monologue she has to give at her acting class. Last week she was given the assignment and she’s hit a wall, so to speak, about how to approach it. Toni offers help and is rebuffed, but Towanda gladly accepts her sister’s offer to come to the class with her. “I want you to sit down and say nothing,” she says to Toni. You get only one guess about how that all turns out.

Also on tonight’s show, Trina’s kids have their big meeting with Gabe now that he cleared the air with their mother. Will they open up and not hold back their feelings about the divorce?


Trina’s son’s met with Gabe and had no problem speaking their minds. When Caleb let him have it for the infidelity, calling it something a man must avoid who enters into a committed relationship, Gabe became nasty and demeaning to the young man. He also hinted that Trina, the boy’s mother, was guilty of bad behavior along with him. Despicable.

He called Caleb’s expectations and views on marriage “Disneyland” notions, then made his case for why infidelity becomes easier to view when you’ve been with someone for a long time. Who knows what Gabe’s view of “long time” is, and Caleb was not buying it.  When Gabe asked if they could begin to rebuild their relationship, now that they’ve said their peace, Caleb politely declined and his step-dad was stunned.

Towanda was pushed beyond her comfort zone by teacher David, and she regretted asking Toni to attend the session, when David asked her to sit opposite Towanda, remaining silent, to give her sister a face to speak to when reciting the monologue.

Poor Towanda didn’t get far into the piece when David stopped her and brought in a manager/agent to see if he would take on Towanda as a client. It required she start over and her nervousness was palpable. She got some positive feedback but told again what David has already ordered. She needs a lot of work and repetition before he’d consider it. But…if she did the work, he’d be inclined to make her a client.

The “Tamar On Broadway” train has left the station. She met with the producers on camera who were blindsided when they saw no other sisters at Tamar’s home for the meeting and learned, in a very awkward way, that the others weren’t interested. Tamar kept saying that it might have been her fault for not explaining it in a way that made sense, and neither of the producers asked, “Well, why don’t you call them and we’ll explain what we have in mind?”

Didn’t you wonder about that? Tamar telling them that her sisters weren’t inclined to go forward with the project is not what we heard last week during the group discussion. They asked tons of questions and wanted more info, but they never declined to participate. One of two things is true: 1) We weren’t privy to the talks held after the cameras stopped filming and the Braxton sisters chose to forgo the opportunity; or 2) Tamar and Vince didn’t worry about getting them up to speed because they are salivating to get her on stage.

“Broadway is the place to be”, the producers said, as Tamar’s eyes lit up. She gave them an impromptu minute’s worth of an audition and they were off to the races. Did you hear how she wants to craft an original play around the family’s story, making it like that of the Jacksons? She likened herself to Michael’s older brother who had a career prior to MJ becoming the King of Pop.

Tamar pressed the story of how five sisters, all of whom can sing, strive for careers of their own in the shadow of the fame achieved by one of them. Hmm…wonder who she’s talking about? In the meantime, the producers suggested she play a part on Broadway in an established show because creating something original will take 2-3 years, and then of course there’s getting the funding to make it happen.

Tamar is on top of the world, in her own eyes and with the firing from “The Real” it might be the thing that sets her in a direction that is more comfortable for her, because we all know, the woman basks in the glow of the spotlight. Next week is the season finale so we can expect more on this.

WE tv airs “Braxton Family Values” Thursday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT   Image/video credit: WE tv, used with permission 

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  1. Tamar I want to know why didn’t include your sisters with you on the meeting in New York. I felt you could have explained the information a little better to me it is not always about you which makes me not want to trust your judgement. Now you want to go solo.

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