‘Power’ Season 3: Tommy and Ghost Reunite, Where Does That Leave Angela? (VIDEO)

How do you top last week’s episode of “Power”? With one that picks up after Holly’s death and follows Ghost and Tommy Egan as they reunite with one purpose. In “The Right Decision”, the duo adds Tasha St. Patrick to the group that must come up with a way to rid the world of Lobos, but first they have to clue her in about their reconciliation and decide how to handle Holly’s absence.  RECAP posted below.

If that weren’t enough, they need to do it all without alerting Angela Valdes, who was of the opinion that all was right in her relationship with Jamie. She risked her career, to keep Ruiz from naming her lover as the mysterious figure known as Ghost. It’s what Jamie told her to do if they had a chance to make it as a couple. PREVIEW ep. 8: Angela tells Ghost: We’re not friends, we’re not lovers, we’re just two people working together to stay out of jail.”

As a consequence of her changing Ruiz’s mind, she may have foiled the ascendency of Greg at the U.S. Attorney’s Office. He had gloated about taking down Ghost and dared her to do something about it. There will certainly be fallout between the two, which makes Greg a dangerous guy to be around. Then there’s Mike, their boss who just wants to get El Jefe to his ultimate destination in the WITSEC program. In the video clip posted below, you can see that getting Lobos out of New York won’t be as easy as anyone thought.

While Ghost’s plotting with his wife and partner, how does he keep it all from Angela? Trusting each other, while keeping secrets has always been the 600 lb. gorilla at the center of “Power”. When we last left them, he proudly showed her legal papers he was ready to file for a formal separation from Tasha. She had passed the trust test of silencing Ruiz, but a plot to kill a federal witness who just gave up a drug cartel isn’t something Jamie wants to share. In fact, keeping it from Angela and the boys in her office is a major topic of conversation with Tasha and Tommy.

In the previous two seasons of “Power”, Ghost was knee-deep in the drug business, while he chased Angela and they engaged in their steamy affair. He thought he could make a clean break, but he can’t quite make that happen yet. The reality of living with Angela while he cleans up loose ends, so to speak, isn’t something he contemplated.


Yeah, that happened. The final scene of the episode, with Angela sobbing inside her apartment, while Ghost was right outside, listening, trying to make himself walk away after he broke her heart, getting emotional and finally having the strength to leave, was one of the best of the season.   PREVIEW of next episode: Angela’s despair, Milan’s demands, Kanan’s rage.

He had just bumped off Lobos with Tommy, in a caper that worked. Even Mike, didn’t know about it. With Greg in the vehicle transporting the drug kingpin it was ambushed and everyone died, but Greg and Lobos. Greg took two shots to the chest, which was protected by a vest, but he was down for the count and shaken to the core.

Lobos was snatched and then Tommy and Ghost became the bumbling twins, losing track of him as they argued about how to do it, when to do it. When they caught up with him, it was Ghost that said to blow him away and leave him there for the vultures, it being too dangerous to try to bury him somewhere. Lobos died with a shot to the face.

Old differences came up again between the two old friends, despite Ghost saving Tommy’s life and helping him dispose of Holly’s body. Tommy had nowhere to go without the drug business, but back into it, this time with a different supplier. Ghost, on the other hand thought, for one fleeting second, that he was free. He could live his life, build his clubs, get Angie out of that federal prosecutor’s office and make her his corporate general counsel. From their lofty perches they could jet around the world and make it their playground. After all, the separation papers were ready to be filed and all would be well.

Ghost’s cover for his whereabouts on the night of Lobos’ death, both for Angela as well as her law and order buddies, needed Tasha to work. It was Tommy that insisted she be part of it. She and Ghost showed up at Karen’s swanky hotel to make it seem like she and Ghost were having a night away from the kids, so he could get a feel for it, before he began to think about getting a club into the place.

While she was doing him a solid, she came across the separation papers and somehow didn’t hit him with something when he got back after the Lobos job. She took it in stride, even signed them, but warned her husband that “his” money was half hers and if he gave her any trouble, she’d take it all. Hey, Tasha should be set up as the next kingpin because that woman is fierce, smart and knows how to not take things personally, if they’re strictly business.

Ghost broke up with the love of his life to save hers. After learning that his security man Dean, was in fact the Serbian gangster Milan, who even Lobos respected, Ghost was forced back into the business. “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss,” as the song goes? No, this guy is smart on top of being fierce.

His team already had access to every nook and cranny of James St. Patrick’s empire, both at home and at his clubs. The playing card had been put in his desk draw by Milan and now that Lobos was out of the way, he demanded that Ghost get back in the drug slinging business. To ensure his compliance, Angela was threatened. This is when Tommy’s hatred of Miss Valdes came back with a vengeance.

Decrying the fact that she wasn’t already dead, Tommy convinced Ghost that he’d be better off doing it, because he heard tales of what Milan could do to someone before they die. Shades of Huck and B613 from “Scandal”. So, Angela didn’t realize that her dear Jamie did her a favor. His cover story of why he was dumping her after one night prior, promising her the world, was that Tariq was acting up again, which was true, according to Tasha.

He demeaned her romantic notion that the boy she met at 15 and swore to love forever, was meant to be. He told her that he’d have to return to keep his children from going off the deep end over the separation, but the dagger was that he convinced her that he was over the teenager’s dream.

Odds and ends:

  • We didn’t see Dre or Kanan but they figure heavily in next week’s show. Tasha dropped the factoid on Ghost about Holly’s pregnancy, and was led to believe that Tommy broke up with her when he found out. Ghost got a horrified look on his face, which must mean that he doubts Tommy’s story about why he killed Holly. Didn’t it seem like that?
  • Best two lines of the night were from Tommy to Ghost: “We can bin Laden his ass,” when discussing how to dispose of Lobos. “What, you got a side bitch on a side bitch?”, when hearing Karen’s name, and thinking she was a conquest instead of a business associate.
  • Did the writers think they had to create this Dean-as-Milan story because St. Patrick as a legit business man wouldn’t be exciting enough? It’s not like the nightclub business is squeaky clean, and with ties to Kanan and Tommy, Jamie St. Patrick will always be pulled back into his alter ego of Ghost.

STARZ airs new episodes of “Power” Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/PT   Image/video credit: STARZ, used with permission 

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