‘The Last Ship’ Season 3: Kara Green Becomes Key After Tom Chandler Declared The Enemy (VIDEO)

During the latest episode of “The Last Ship” season 3, Tom Chandler declares, “The White House has been compromised”, and it brings up a chain of command dilemma. Does Chandler obey the order, or decide the world is better served if he and the USS Nathan James do what he thinks is in the best interest of his country, which is to stop President Peng’s genocide plan. RECAP posted below

The episode “Scuttle” begins after Capt. Kara Green fled the executive offices in St. Louis in the wake of the coup by the White House Chief of Staff Allison Shaw and President Oliver’s inner circle. They ordered the murder of Secretary Rivera who prior to his death pointed the finger at Shaw and told Kara she wasn’t safe.

Throughout the previous two episodes of “The Last Ship”, Green had her suspicions that Rivera was a mole who leaked information to China that led to one U.S. ship sunk, another with massive damage and more than 80 dead. It turns out it was a group effort to help eliminate former Pres. Michener, install Pres. Oliver and take control of policy, both foreign and domestic. Kara is the only link to the Nathan James who can enlighten them of what has occurred.

Unlike the presidents, Shaw and company were sick of CNO Tom Chandler and his operation, insisting that the focus on rebuilding the United States was the top priority. What are they willing to do to make him behave? In the video sneak peek posted below, you can see that he’s ordered to surrender to an arrest order, directly from the White House.

In both seasons one and two of “The Last Ship” Tom Chandler has demonstrated that he will spare no one, even those who claim they are the rightful leaders of the United States if he believes they plan to disrupt the democratic process at home, and take advantage of the post-pandemic chaos throughout the world. His enemy, and that of the U.S. in his opinion, is China’s Pres. Peng, who has developed a method to prevent the cure from spreading the virus. Chandler wants to know how he became the enemy. At this point, only Kara Green can help enlighten him and his crew.


Okay, did you get all that down? Just a bit going on in this episode, but if you didn’t stick around for scenes of next week, then let’s hope you recorded the show. Tex is back, and looking as scraggly but lovable as always. Kara Green finds Tex, out in one of the U.S. territories and we all know what that means. Yeah, there’s wise-cracking and sharp shooting coming our way. PREVIEW the next episode: post-mutiny for Chandler and Peng should be frightened. 

Kara Green shipped off her mom and son with Tom Chandler’s dad and his two kids. Yes, they’re still with us, although absent until episode 10 of the season. That allowed her to go rogue and test the theory that Allison is the mole. When secret service men with guns came to the meeting place instead of the White House chief-of-staff, Kara was off and running. Who ya’ gonna call? Jacob Barnes the reporter, that’s who. The pain in the neck do-gooder has a sad back story, with a dead, pregnant wife. Sometimes we forget there was a pandemic and no family was left untouched.

Kara showed up at his door and clued him in to her suspicions and confirmed them when he went to see Sen. Beatty and his office was guarded, with his files being carted out. Capt. Green knows one person on the inside she can trust and it’s Dennis the programmer who helped her discover that a mole was giving information to Peng.

He did a hacking job and found a map of the U.S., divided into the five territories with defined borders, something that had not been done, up to that point. Jacob and Kara realized that federal prisons of the maximum security kind were being built, evenly dispersed throughout the territories. The coup goes much further than overturning Pres. Michener’s domestic and foreign policy. Rationed items are being stockpiled and Kara fears a forced uprising will occur, with those not on board with the new order jailed for their outrage.

When an armed man with a silencer on his gun bursts in to Jacob’s place and wings him in the arm, Kara evades him just until she can reach for the reporter’s shotgun. The security guy, loyal to Allison Shaw was blown away by the bad little lady known as Capt. Kara Green.

Oh yes, and the final piece to the puzzle; in scenes of next week’s show, Shaw and company are calling for the dissolution of the United States as a federal entity and walls, yes walls are being built around the territories. Five new countries? Stay tuned for that next week, along with Tex, of course.

Meanwhile out at sea, Allison sent an order to Capt. Meylan on the Nathan James to put CNO Tom Chandler under arrest for his actions in going after Peng, including the raid on his home and the killing of his men. Meylan, who used to be a fan boy of Chandler’s had taken a contrary position to Tom, when it came to continuing the journey to stop Peng.

Meylan’s point was the futility of it, after the James sank the ship with Peng’s last stash of chemical-filled missiles. He was also concerned that after 800 crew members were dead, and two ships now at the bottom of the ocean – they blew up the Hayward after taking what they could find and rescuing those still alive – it was time to return home. Peng still had two destroyers left and the James was out-manned and outgunned. The CNO believes that Peng will find new resources and begin again, and until he’s stopped the world isn’t safe.

Meylan got to the point of insubordination at one point, as CNO Chandler kept asking Takeyaha’s advice and seeking his counsel. When some of Takeyhaya’s former henchmen were promised rations belonging to the crew if they’d go on a mission to find proof of communications between Peng and Chinese, before the Hayward got blown to bits, Meylan about went off the rails. As a result of what they found, they located Peng, who was now near Japan.

When the arrest order came, Meylan told Slattery and his XO to stand down and had Green, Burk and Wolf sequestered, supplanting them with his own men. Chandler demanded to have a tribunal at sea determine his fate, which Meylan had to agree to. Tom was warned by Sasha that he could be put in front of a firing squad if found guilty. That sly smile and off-the-cuff remark he gave her, was vintage Chandler.

It was all a ruse to allow Slattery to cause a melee between the Hayward and James sailors, which was executed to perfection. He got a hold of the keys that allowed him to get into the quarters of Meylan’s men and show them their time was up. Chandler was orating in front of the tribunal, and his last line after the Vulture Team arrived to give Meylan the bad news that the tables had turned again, was: “When the chips fall if I’m proven wrong, I’ll face justice from a higher power than you”. You’re damn right, Tom Chandler. Damn right.


TNT airs “The Last Ship” Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT  Image/vide credit: TNT, used with permission

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