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‘Misfit Garage’ Season Finale: Will Cranky John Klump Make the Fired Up Trio a Foursome Tonight? (Video)

UPDATED: Will fans keep watching a Klump-dominated Fired Up next season? Read more here on TVRuckus and give us your thoughts!

The Olympics are over and, after a dominating performance by the USA, the athletes will be coming home and TV can return to normal on a lot of channels. But, “Misfit Garage” on Discovery Channel never slowed down, and tonight fans will see the 2-hour Season Finale episode of this Motor Mondays fan-favorite hit series.

This has been a season of change at Fired Up Garage, the biggest and most obvious being the loss of Jordan as a partner. Jordan had obviously been becoming more and more dissatisfied with the inner workings of the business, so it came as no huge shock–although a surprise, nevertheless–when he finally called it quits and walked away, when Thomas offered a partnership to Kevin Clark, without even consulting the other partners. That move by Thomas, perhaps, was the more surprising aspect of that situation, not so much that it would be the last straw for Jordan.

Will tonight be a decision made by the partners, or another one that Thomas offers singularly and summarily?

Anyone watching this season had to see this coming; John Klump has been helping the guys at Fired Up, but he has his own business, so he was not going to be just one of the garage guys forever. But, as Tom Smith recently commented, Klump may be worse than Jordan ever was, regarding his attitude and how he can stir up friction among the rest of the Fired Up team. So, is offering him a partnership a good idea?

Well, it could be; the prices he charges for his paint jobs suggests he may have a lot of money to bring to the Fired Up table. And, if he is painting for Fired Up as a partner, perhaps it is a strategic move by Fired Up, to bring down costs overall on builds; how they would work that out, who knows? Klump may very well make better money just painting their builds than being cut in on a partnership, in fact. So, will he even accept an offer?

According to Discovery Channel, it looks like fans will find out tonight on Season Finale, “What Klump?”:

The guys acquire a rare 1959 Chevy El Camino, but excitement turns to despair when its deteriorated condition gives John Klump second thoughts about the build and his involvement with Fired Up Garage. Will a partnership offer be enough to keep Klump?

Does Klump really want to join the Fired Up circus full-force? Or, has he had enough at this point? And, if he refuses, will it be a missed opportunity for Fired Up or a blessing in disguise? Plus, do fans of the show WANT to see Klump week after week? What do viewers think? Leave your thoughts and ideas in the comment section below.

And, don’t forget: the new season of fan-favorite “Fast N’ Loud,” as well as the all-new Discovery Channel mini-series “Harley and the Davidsons,” are on the way September 5! Take a peek:

Read more about “Harley and the Davidsons,” right here on TVRuckus!

The 2-hour Season Finale of “Misfit Garage” premieres on Discovery Channel Motor Monday tonight, August 22, at 9/8c.

And, don’t forget: Richard and Aaron are going to the beach with a pre-season Q&A! Don’t miss it; we won’t! Here are the details:

Image:  Discovery Channel via Facebook, Used with Permission

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