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‘Dual Survival’ New Hosts Premiere Tonight: Will Fans Boycott Replacement Team of Jeff Zausch & EJ Snyder? (Video)

UPDATED: EJ & Jeff gracious and likeable, but just not finding the connection with fans, yet? Read more and give us your thoughts here on TVRuckus!

Tonight, fans of Discovery Channel hit series “Naked and Afraid” may be surprised to see fan favorite survivalists, Army combat veteran EJ Snyder and wilderness survivalist Jeff Zausch, walking through the wild with their clothes ON. But, tonight they WILL be fully clothed–at least, we assume they will be–as they start a new challenge on the network, that of “Dual Survival.”

Fans of “Dual Survival” already know that the hosts of the show take on a variety of exotic, merciless landscapes week after week. One week they may be in a damp, humid, bug-infested jungle, and the next week, land on a barren, frozen, rock of a territory. “Dual Survival” hosts must be well-versed in a variety of survival techniques and expertise, and, according to Discovery Channel, EJ and Jeff are those hosts.

The two “Naked and Afraid” franchise superstars have proven their expertise when it comes to outlasting tough, rugged scenarios, Discovery Channel indicates. From fending off packs of hungry hyenas to building extreme rafts to battling serious infections, the Discovery Channel alums have seen it all–or so they thought.

On the new season of “Dual Survival,” EJ and Jeff experience tests like they’ve never encountered before, with some of the most intense including braving the alligator-infested coast swamps of Louisiana; navigating the pitch black caverns of the Caucasus Mountains in Georgia; and enduring the sun-scorched desert savanna of southern Brazil. Working together, they must overcome dehydration, hypothermia, and deadly predators to fight their way back to civilization.

But, will fans buy it?

It has been a rough go for “Dual Survival” hosting duties the last couple of seasons; that is no big secret. But, it seemed that Discovery had finally struck gold with former U.S. Army Green Beret Weapons Sergeant Grady Powell and Josh “The Kiwi Bushman” James, an experienced outdoorsman from New Zealand’s South Island. They got on well together, and could disagree and discuss their options without getting their backs up and ending in a huffy stalemate. Now, fans are asking: Why change the hosts, now?

According to Discovery Channel, the dynamic duo of EJ and Jeff complements one another’s unique skills and styles to tackle the difficult journey back to civilization. EJ–who carries the nickname “Skullcrusher”–is a decorated 25-year Army combat veteran and survival instructor. Jeff is a world-class hunter, experienced survivalist, and peak climber from the mountains of Idaho. With two varying approaches to survival, the tough journey often becomes rockier as their disagreements come to a head. Can they overcome their differences and utilize their combined arsenal of skills to survive?

Here is a peek at EJ and Jeff on “Naked and Afraid XL” and, just to be clear: Yes, they are naked in this one, so don’t click if the sight of bare rears offends you (it doesn’t necessarily offend us, we just do not see any valid point for being naked in a survival TV show, other than pure shock value):

But, what we–and many, many fans–are asking, however, is not are they qualified or can they survive the challenges, but simply this: Why replace the first team that has really worked for “Dual Survival” since Cody Lundin and Dave Canterbury?

Tonight, according to Discovery Channel, on EJ and Jeff’s first episode of “Dual Survival,” they will be taking on the “Battle of Brazil”:

Stranded in the scorching hot savannas of Southern Brazil, “Naked and Afraid” fan favorites EJ Snyder and Jeff Zausch must find a way to survive this bone-dry environment without water or food and navigate back to civilization.

We don’t tend to think fans will boycott EJ and Jeff tonight; fans who watch them on “Naked and Afraid” may be glad to see them get another show opportunity, and those who do not know them may be intrigued to find out just who these two guys are replacing Grady and Josh. But, with that being said, EJ and Jeff need to be good–really good–tonight, to get fans to hang in there next week.

Stay tuned.

“Dual Survival” is produced for Discovery Channel by Original Media, where Glenda Hersh and Steven Weinstock are executive producers, and Brian Nashel is executive producer and showrunner. For Discovery Channel, Christo Doyle, Mitchell Rosenbaum and John Slaughter are executive producers with Lisbeth Lozano Coordinating Producer.

The new season of “Dual Survival” premieres on Discovery Channel with new hosts EJ Snyder and Jeff Zausch tonight, Wednesday, August 24, at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

Image:  Discovery Channel via Facebook

Video:  YouTube

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