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‘Dual Survival’: Viewer Trust, not New Hosts Jeff & EJ, Will Be This Show’s Challenge Going Forward

UPDATED: EJ & Jeff gracious and likeable, but just not finding the connection with fans, yet? Read more and give us your thoughts here on TVRuckus!

Last night, the new hosts for Discovery Channel series “Dual Survival” made their debut, with Army combat veteran EJ Snyder (above, right), and wilderness survivalist Jeff Zausch. Discovery Channel was taking a chance, rolling the dice that fans would buy these fan-favorite cast members from “Naked and Afraid,” also a top-rated show on the network.

Jeff is a world-class hunter, experienced survivalist, and peak climber from the mountains of Idaho, while EJ–who carries the nickname “Skullcrusher”–is the show’s new resident military man, a decorated 25-year Army combat veteran and survival instructor. They bring the necessary “opposite” styles and personalities to be entertaining, but will fans accept them after losing two hosts they overwhelmingly seemed to love to watch?

After a long drought of any true fan-host connection on “Dual Survival,” former U.S. Army Green Beret Weapons Sergeant Grady Powell, who tended to adopt a strong-willed and impetuous approach in order to overcome any obstacle, and Josh “The Kiwi Bushman” James, an experienced outdoorsman from New Zealand’s South Island who took a more patient, balanced approach to survival than his partner, seemed to fit the bill. The two did not always agree, but they respected each other, could work together, and were fun to watch.

What about new hosts EJ and Jeff?

Well, we admit, we were not familiar with EJ and Jeff from “Naked and Afraid,” since we do not frequently cover the show here at TVRuckus (no particular aversion to the “naked” part, just don’t see any point of being naked in a survival show, other than shock value). So, we met them as well-seasoned partners last night on their “Dual Survival” debut. Our perspective?

We liked EJ and Jeff, but we still have a bad taste in our mouth from the sudden and unexplained exit of Grady and Josh, which decreased our enjoyment of the show.

It puts EJ and Jeff in a bad spot, we think, because they really are a likeable duo. They are, individually, interesting and fun to watch; as a duo, same thing. They could be the team that turns “Dual Survival” into a long-time success story, finally.

But, with the experience we’ve had watching “Dual Survival” along the way, we are reticent to trust that will happen; it seems there is always another shoe just waiting to drop with this series, and it is discouraging to get to know a team, whether it be Cody and Dave (still our favorites), Cody and Joe (who we liked a lot, despite all the rumors that followed their demise), Joe and Matt (we thought they worked well together, with Matt taking some of the edge off of Joe), Grady and Bill (no, wait, glad that one DIDN’T last; that season was a total wash-out, in our opinion; the only one we actually stopped watching, in fact; just could not do it) and, finally, Grady and Josh, the first team to rival our love for the show with its original hosts.

Last night, however, we really did like EJ and Jeff. But, why should we trust that, if we invest our time and trust in the pairing of EJ and Jeff, it will end any other way than having the rug yanked out from under us again after a season or two? That is the dilemma that all of this host-dropping and swapping has created for viewers who WANT to love the show again, but just don’t know if they should bother; at least, that is the dilemma it has created for us.

So, while we think EJ and Jeff have high potential to be great “Dual Survival” hosts, we think their challenge is, simply stated but not so simple to accomplish, gaining the trust of the audience–not necessarily a mess created by them, but one they will have to overcome, nevertheless.

What do readers think? Were EJ and Jeff good hosts last night? Did you know them from “Naked and Afraid,” or were they new to you, like they were to us? Did you like them? Hate them? Lukewarm about them? Where do you see “Dual Survival” going from here? And, will you be watching? Tell us what you think in the comment section below!

Stay tuned.

“Dual Survival” is produced for Discovery Channel by Original Media, where Glenda Hersh and Steven Weinstock are executive producers, and Brian Nashel is executive producer and showrunner. For Discovery Channel, Christo Doyle, Mitchell Rosenbaum and John Slaughter are executive producers with Lisbeth Lozano Coordinating Producer.

“Dual Survival” airs on Discovery Channel on Wednesday nights at 9/8c.

Image:  Courtesy of Discovery Channel, Used with Permission

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20 thoughts on “‘Dual Survival’: Viewer Trust, not New Hosts Jeff & EJ, Will Be This Show’s Challenge Going Forward

  1. I don’t watch N&A either so it means nothing and I agree that if I don’t love these new guys as much as I did the last ones this isn’t interesting. “Strangers Surviving” isn’t at all as much fun as “Two Guys you Love Having Fun Together while Surviving”.

  2. You are praying to GOD to rescue you when we all know that the 20 behind the scenes have a medic and sat phone and rescue and professional guides…. Come on… I understand the people behind the stars, but don’t falsely pray to GOD, please. Not even for television.

  3. We love Jeff and EJ. Finally a fun,dynamic duo. We enjoyed them on N and A. Loved Josh and Grady ok. now we just have to wait to see if they yank them off. NOT !!!

  4. I like EJ, his experience isn’t hyped, but Jeff has a ways to go to be a survival expert. Cody and Matt are actual primitive survivalists who lived what they know. Jeff is Naked and Afraid hype. Most of the military vets on the show were, at the least, trained in some type of survival and some even used that training in real world situations. At some points in the show I thought I was watching “The Price Is Right”. I like EJ and Jeff, I’m not a big fan of Dual Survival and I don’t believe their hosting the show will get me to watch it on a regular basis. I am retired military and the drama with Joe Teti left a bad taste in my mouth. Dual Survival has a lot of potential, but they need to make it a lot less contrived.

  5. I totally love Jeff and EJ, I did watch N & A and the man work well together, Their bond is so strong, there isn’t anything they can’t do.
    I am so happy they are doing this new show Dual Survival.

  6. The show is fake. Watch the part where Jeff caught the wild hog, it was scripted if you watch it in slow motion. The hog’s hind leg was tied, allowing Jeff to catch him. Very disappointed.

  7. Definitely fake I second that HY… I was actually searching the web to see if any other people saying the same thing I thought it looked disoriented and slow for being a wild hog and then noticed why it was so disoriented it couldn’t go anywhere because the leg was tied. They were a great team on naked and afraid which was more realistic because they want you to tap out if you can’t make it this almost seems like the Camera crew and production crew is standing in the background bottles of water to hand to them. Get this fake crap off the air.

  8. I woud like to see the previous hosts of Dual Survival go 40 days without food and water just like Jeff and EJ did. , Jeff and EJ have proved themselves worthy and have what it takes both physically and mentally to survive in the wilderness. Hats off to both of them.

  9. The crap that’s on TV, the crap people watch. Not once have I watched Naked and Afraid nor will I. Dual Survival is dead and I’ll bet it won’t get better.

  10. EJ jazzy Jeff are fine with me. They have different skills and work harmoniously to get things done. And they like each other which is a plus.

  11. I was presently surprised by the full frame prayer to God.

    If it’s genuine – which it seemed like it was – it’s best to give thanks to God for food they found in His creation.

    (The prayer wasn’t for survival but to be kept safe. God-believing individuals pray this sort of thing.)

    If the producers asked for it that’s no good.

  12. I’ve lost my interest in the show after Joe and Matt were excluded. It’s hard to say which the better pair, Dave and Cody or Matt and Joe, but is very easy to say anyone after season 6 didn’t make connection to the original fans.I start watching the show with Joe and Matt, loved it. Then I watched a rerun from Cody and Dave and went and watched all the previous episodes not once but many times. I literally felt in love with DS. I try to watch these new guys but just can’t connect to them or it seems they can not make connection with fans, simply because they don’t have what it takes. Discovery always brought up excuses to fire their original hosts. Nice job Discovery you ruined my favorite show, maybe you are to be blame, not Dave, Cody, Joe, nor Matt. So pissed of, I missed these 4 guys, I still watch season 1-6 over and over again, I use to look forward for Wednesdays for a new season but now I’m just having hope that the Discovery brings back their OGs. Who wants to see a Season with Matt and Dave? I do. Cody and Dave were the best so far; Joe and Matt were good too. I have a suggestion to the producer: how about bringing the guys from Ancient Aliens show and putting them on the Moon to see how they’ll survive. Come on Discovery listen to your fans, don’t try to fix what it wasn’t broken. Show’s viewer dropped from roughly 2 million to 350k don’t blame Cody, blame your self. Cody’s Character was unique and brought legitimacy to the show. Your 2 new clown from Naked and Afraid are not worth watching. The show is faked and plagiarizes skills that original hosts taught, the new host didn’t bring anything new to the show, they took away the fans. Dual Survival has died for me. But is not too late you can breathe life to it. Mr. producer swallow your ego, set a side the politics and do what is right FOR THE SHOW TO SURVIVE. As a real fan, I ask you please bring back Cody and Dave, Matt and Joe.

  13. Josh and Grady are funny? This in not a comedy show it is a survival show. Name me one thing that hosts after season 6 taught that wasn’t in season 1-6, Nothing they just immolate what Dave, Cody, Matt, and Joe showed us. Dave, Cody, and Matt don’t just talk survival, they teach survival and that is why they made a huge connection to the fans. Ej in episode 1″ Adapt, Improvise, and overcome” that is Dave’s motto not yours. In academic that is called plagiarism. After season 6 everything is plagiarism. Dave, Cody, Joe, and Matt forever. The rest not my type

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