‘Power’ Season 3: Angela’s Despair, Milan’s Demands, Can Ghost Still Fix It All? (VIDEO)

The new alliances, the old ones and who can get away with murder dominate episode 7 of “Power” season 3. In “Don’t Go”, there is much cleanup work to do for Ghost and Tommy after the Lobos murder, and Angela has to decide if she can remain loyal to them both as she comes under increasing scrutiny for being the mole. RECAP of the episode posted below.

Greg doesn’t just throw shade, he blatantly accuses Angela Valdes of causing the Lobos handoff to go awry, during which he took two big blasts to the chest protector. There’s an investigation begun into the circumstances of the botched operation, the killing of federal agents and Lobos’ kidnapping. Angela’s got to manage it all, in the aftermath of her breakup with Jamie. In the video sneak peek posted below, listen to Angie ask Jamie if he would really let her go down as the mole, even if she faced the death penalty. PREVIEW next episode: Ghost’s rear flank exposed by Kanan, while Milan and FBI plot his demise. 

Last week, St. Patrick did what he thought was in his lover’s best interest by dumping her. Tommy wanted her dead and convinced Ghost that she’s both a danger to them, and in danger because of them. With Dean showing himself to be the Serbian gangster Milan, he of the La Araña card, Ghost and Tommy have to go back into the drug business to keep themselves and those they care about alive. Kanan returns to claim what’s his, and it’s up to Dre to decide if he can play both Special K and Ghost by feigning allegiance to the one he’s speaking with at any moment. Dre’s going to learn about Milan, and you have to ask yourself, who is the scariest man of all?

“Power” is never better than when Jamie/Ghost juggles multiple operations at once, keeping the peace, or causing mayhem depending on what’s needed. What about the club deal with Karen Basset? Good question, since last we saw, she was beyond pleased, as was her daddy after meeting the St. Patricks during their overnight stay at their posh hotel. Is it even feasible for St. Patrick to think he can still run the clubs he already has, with his new social media profile going strong, plan for new ones on Basset properties and return to his distribution business? Oh yes, and in his spare time he’s got to mend fences at home and try to keep up the charade that he is no longer hot for Angela.

Tasha played her role to the hilt, giving Ghost his alibi for the time spent off the Basset property with Tommy. She even gave Ghost signed papers for him to file to get legally separated from her. Wonder what he has to say when he shows up on her doorstep, ostensibly to keep things even at home with Tariq? Tasha might have agreed to work the money laundering side of Tommy and Holly’s little operation, but she’s about to learn that the business got much bigger and more dangerous. Speaking of dangerous, check out Tommy’s face in the video clip below.


“I can fix this”, was the mantra uttered by James St. Patrick to all who presented him with dilemmas begging for solution, sometimes all at once. He told that to Karen Basset who expected cash from him to complete the deal for their partnership. He said it to Tommy Egan when Milan changed the rules of engagement for their drug business, requiring cash up front without the benefit of inspecting the merchandise. The Serb gangster also hit Ghost where it hurt by ordering him to use his clubs as a distribution point, something that St. Patrick had studiously avoided in his attempt to be legit in NYC.

Tommy refused to do it Ghost’s way, which was to placate the new boss, with Tommy’s cash, until they could figure out a way to get out from under, and he got the Basset arrangement solidified. He had to assure Tasha that he could fix things after she was confronted with Angela’s presence in her building to announce that they would all be implicated in the Lobos caper after the overnight stay at the Basset hotel created Ghost’s alibi. While Tasha was surprised by the news, she did what she does best, react in a savvy way, pretend that she knew and ridicule Angela’s situation as a side piece who got kicked to the curb.

Speaking of side pieces or side bitches, as the lingo goes, Tariq hasn’t learned any lessons after his school suspension and didn’t continue the reconciliation mode with his dad, begun in the previous episode. He cursed at Tasha, disrespected her about her way of coping with her husband’s affair and put his hand up to block hers as she began to slap him across the face. When Ghost had the man-to-man talk with him, Tariq continued his rebellion and got his father to react in a way we’ve never seen when he’s around his family. He took his son by the shirt collar and raged, before he saw the terror in Tariq’s eyes. Can he promise to fix that too?

Angela was all over him about helping her prove that she was not involved in leaking info about Lobos’ whereabouts that led to his kidnapping. They met face-to-face at his apartment after he called her to see if they could figure something out. He’d already been kicked to the curb by her sister Paz who handed him his personal belongings that hung in Angela’s closet and took the extra key from him. The sisters had huddled together with Angela feeling duped and crushed emotionally, yet not ready to cut emotional ties. Angela accused him of never loving her and his pain was palpable as he tried to reach for her.

Ghost’s other outside pressures, as if he needed any were place on him by Andre, who found out the hard way that he was being left out of the re-start of the drug trade. Dre and Julio were shunted aside when Milan’s minions showed up to take them to a meeting, where they watched the Serb strangle one of his guys who crossed a line. Ultimately Ghost clued him in, but made it clear that it the return to drug running was temporary, which is what Dre told Kanan when he showed up again.

Kanan’s ruthless but we had yet to see him take the life of an elderly woman. He did so just to use her apartment as his base of operations in what he hopes will mean revenge on Ghost and his resurgence as the man for the new supplier, Milan. It was a new low as he helped her into her apartment building with grocery bags, and once inside her unit knocked her down and smothered her.

Milan has endless room to go lower on the scale of heinous acts, because he’s willing to do anything, and unlike Kanan has the force to support him and a clever mind for reading people. He hated Tommy’s back talk and told his henchman that Egan was “simple” and would prove to be easy to dispose of in short order. When he tested Tommy, he was impressed, because Egan didn’t fight back as a large group of men beat the snot out of him, his bravado cup overflowing.

He correctly identified a man without any ties or anything to lose and changed his mind about Tommy. Egan reached that level after Tasha informed him of Holly’s pregnancy, taking him to task for the breakup or what Ghost told was a breakup. Tommy about came apart and when he’s in one of those funks, he’s more unpredictable than usual. Will he cast his lot with Milan, since he cares little to nothing about Ghost’s hope to regain control over his life, return to his nightclub empire building and win back Angela?

Milan’s warning to Ghost came in the form of an unannounced visit at dinner time, when he and Tatiana, a former waitress at Truth, showed up with take-out food. Tasha, as always, was the perfect corporate wife who set the table to accommodate two more alongside the children, but until the couple left for the evening was unaware that who Milan was and the danger he presented.

Angela, Greg, Mike and the task force members endured an episode-long grilling by the federal investigators who drilled down into each person’s reasons for being the mole. They found the burner phone connection between Lobos’ final calls and the task force office, the one Mike had given Lobos. Greg was insistent that Angela was the mole and exposed her who affair with St. Patrick. At the end of the day, Angela was cleared, because she convinced the investigators that she used her Jamie, and it wasn’t the other way. She admitted how she cloned his phone to spring Tommy Egan at the end of last season, once again skirting the rules as she is prone to do.

What we’re left with is a complete reset of the season that began with Ghost almost completely severing ties with the drug trade, Tommy in charge, Kanan thought dead and Lobos alive, still running things from jail. Angela and Ghost were together, as were Holly and Tommy. The deck chairs on the Titanic were shuffled. Will the inevitable crash against the iceberg take it all down?

STARZ airs new episodes of “Power” Season 3, Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT    Image/video credit: STARZ, used with permission

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