‘The Last Ship’ Season 3: Tom Chandler Unleashed, United States Divided, But Tex is Back! (VIDEO)

“The Last Ship” season 3 has reached another crossroads for the country of the United States and as a consequence of that, for CNO Tom Chandler. In the episode, “Legacy” Chandler, Mike Slattery and his senior team are in post-mutiny mode, having taken back control of the USS Nathan James. Preview next episode: Chandler headed home as a traitor.

If that weren’t enough to deal with, in a television address to the nation Chief of Staff Allison Shaw announces the intention to breakup the local regions into sovereign entities. President Oliver is not speaking those words, which must mean that he objected or that Shaw and her cohorts already know he won’t cooperate. Upon seeing that, Mike Slattery mutters to Chandler, “We lost our country, Tom”. RECAP posted below.

Anyone who has watched “The Last Ship” knows it’s never over if Tom Chandler has breath in his body and a brain capable of creative thought. Yet, fans might recall that Chandler is a man who believes in the chain of command and the rule of law. Despite the accomplishments of Dr. Scott, the CNO was ready to imprison her after the ship’s return to the United States for taking a life when she didn’t have to, in the final stages of perfecting the airborne cure.

Might he be moved to recall that incident in his history with Rachel Scott as he goes off on his own? If there is to be some continuity to the scripts, you would expect that Chandler and crew will pay a price, at some point for the freelance operation they are about to undertake against President Peng.

On the lighter side of things, there is something fun to anticipate and that is the reappearance of dear old Tex. He returns tonight to assist Kara Green in her quest to expose the plans to splinter the country into political fiefdoms, with borders and large numbers of incarcerated citizens. What took him so long to get back?


Not only is Tex back, but so is his daughter, Kathleen who turns out to be quite a sharpshooter as well as a savvy getaway driver when needed. The good ol’ boy was working for Regional Manager Price, until he got wind of what was coming. He did that by breaching her security and it was discovered, along with a message from Kara to meet up with him the following day. Turns out that Tex, as the regional manager said with disdain, might be the last remaining human in the country still clinging to a landline answering machine. Nice touch.

He got beaten up and thrown in a horse barn, presumably to be disposed of later, but Tex is too savvy for that and got away after killing his guard to get to Kara. He was ready to help formulate and execute a plan and that’s when Kathleen came in handy, as she helped kidnap President Oliver from the executive offices and from under the thumb of Allison Shaw.

Oliver’s life was threatened along with that of his family if he didn’t read the speech to suspend the federal government as well as disband all branches of the military. He got close to finishing it with a straight face until he was interrupted by that pesky reporter Jacob Barnes who made Oliver realize he couldn’t go through with it. Jacob, working with Kara and Tex got Oliver off the stage where his guards were ambushed.

Kara and Tex shoved him in the truck to save him, but Barnes got captured and despite Kara’s instincts to go back for him, Tex talked her through why the greater good wouldn’t be served by her being captured or killed. That was it for Jacob, a guy who began his story arc as a pest, but one who looked to expose the truth. He died the same way. During the gun battle to escape the capital grounds, Kara came face-to-face with Allison and chose not to shoot her. It allowed Shaw to make the announcement Oliver couldn’t, but with a couple of additions.

She implicated Oliver in the death of Pres. Michener and the cabinet officers and accused him of plotting to take the country into a dictatorship. She used that and his escape as an excuse to suspend the country’s federal government and its military. It’s all about the regional managers now, who will form their own security, both internal and external. Shaw pointed the finger at Tom Chandler as the Olvier’s partner in ambushing the Nathan James while docked in Vietnam. For good measure, she had any high-ranking military officers killed to keep Chandler from attempting to sway them to his side.

What does that mean for Chandler, Slattery and the USS Nathan James? They are no longer acting in the interest of the United States, because the country they pledged to defend and protect is non-existent. It’s the story cure for how to deal with his insubordination and mutiny, making Allison Shaw’s overthrow of the government the excuse for taking extraordinary and extra-legal measures.

Here’s what else is extraordinary, the end to the battle against Peng. First off, Captain, Meylan, who had taken control of the James on orders from St. Louis fell into line, helping Chandler and Slattery take Peng and destroy him and his warships. All of a sudden he wasn’t under arrest and worked alongside the crew. Huh? In the closing moments of the episode, Meylan was able to tell Chandler that he confirmed the U.S. government connection to Peng and how they worked together to kill him and the crew of the Nathan James.

Vulture team was charged with going onto Japanese soil to personally nail Peng, who was in the midst of destroying Japan’s history and culture by trashing museums and artifacts. Takehaya was part of the team for this one mission, to get revenge on Peng with the hope of keeping other nations from the genocide to come. The other team, headed up by Slattery boarded the Chinese warship standing guard off the coast where Peng and his team were turning art and history into rubble.

It was Takehaya that got to deal the death-blow to his enemy, with a sword that remained in Peng’s body long enough for him to tell Chandler what a fool he was to continue to serve people who wanted him dead. When Peng had said his piece he pulled the sword out of him and he was gone, just like that.

What transpired after Slattery’s team boarded the destroyer was a missile battle like we’d never seen on “The Last Ship”. Warheads were launched at the Vulture team on land, but intercepted by American missiles fired from the Nathan James. When the U.S. ship was threatened with destruction by a second Chinese destroyer, Mike Slattery pushed some buttons, so to speak, and sunk the enemy’s final military tool

Chandler was able to report that the ships had been carrying the last of the green chemical mixture that kept the cure from working, as he and the crew of the Nathan James watched Allison Shaw’s announcement. They had just said goodbye to Mrs. Takehaya who was being returned to her husband’s side in Japan, both of them knowing they would die without transfusions, but wanting to do so among their remaining citizens on their country’s soil. Their followers wouls care for their baby, Sasha told Tom as she translated for the woman who bade farewell to her savior and that oc her son.

The CNO of a non-existent navy told Commander Slattery to head for home, because Tom Chandler always believes there’s a way to turn things around, with good people to help. Little does he know about Kara and Tex holding the last POTUS to keep him safe. What the heck could be next? Last season in the finale, the James cruised up the Mississippi River to drop anchor in St. Louis and help Michener govern. Dr. Scott was killed in that episode. Let’s hope another major character doesn’t have to be sacrificed to keep the series going.

TNT airs new episodes of “The Last Ship” season 3, Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT   Image/video credit: TNT, used with permission 

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