‘Return to Amish’ Season Finale Wrap-Up: Does Sabrina’s Post-Show Baby Surprise Mean a Season 4 Is Coming?

Updated: Video preview of season four premiere!

Last night on TLC, hit series “Return to Amish” had its 2-hour Season Finale. What a mixed-up group–and that’s putting it mildly.

The director of Fashion Week L.A., Rosy Muto, basically kicked Kate off her own team, and put her off doing work away from her area. Every time she looked for Kate, she seemed to be missing in action, and appeared meek and maybe not cut out for the fashion world. Was it miscommunication? Yes or no, Kate was in tears by the end of the day. “I’m being a baby,” she said to the camera, barely able to speak. We hate to agree with her, but she’s picked a tough, tough field to make her career; she’s gonna have to toughen up, speed up and speak up if she expects to make it one day.

But, perhaps Rosy’s attitude was a good thing for Kate, because something seemed to click in her after that. She really picked it up, and Lea, a designer with Cynthia Rowley, even complimented her on her work, telling her she did a good job and that she was proud of the work Kate did and could not believe it was her first time doing this type of fashion show craziness. And, Cynthia–who, seriously, always looks like she is going to give you bad news, no matter what she ends up saying–said she thought Kate would have a bright future and had an “open door” with Cynthia Rowley when she finished school.

Good for Kate!

Sabrina spoke with Jeremiah about his engagement, of course. While we question the whole Jeremiah-getting-married deal–we hope his new wife doesn’t regret going through with it all–Sabrina just needs to back off and get her own life. Her first question to Jeremiah was, “Is she knocked up?” Crude and rude is the best way to describe that question, but not surprising, coming from Sabrina; she needs to get her own life and stop expecting everyone to “support” her. It’s time for Sabrina to stand on her own feet–and, while she’s at it, finding a bottle of shampoo wouldn’t be a bad endeavor.

And, it was pretty obvious, she was hoping to cause trouble between Jeremiah and Carmela. She kept talking about how she hoped Jeremiah’s fiancee didn’t get mad at her, hate her, etc., obviously still seeing herself as the “other woman.” But, it was clear, she was hoping those things WOULD happen, and she could have the satisfaction of knowing she was at least a “threat” to the new woman in Jeremiah’s life.

She wasn’t.

“Past is the past,” Carmela said to her, but it was clear: The past was NOT the past for Sabrina.

Jeremiah, as usual, was a jerk in between his “I’m so supportive” routine. The engaged couple misplaced the wedding certificate–oops. And, okay, potentially big problem. But, the way Jeremiah was acting, yelling, exploding at Carmela, humiliating her in front of Rebecca and others at the salon, where she was getting her makeup and hair done for the wedding, demanding she call and straighten it all out with the pastor–shameful and unbelievably unnecessary. Why couldn’t Jeremiah just call while he was sitting around in the yard, doing nothing? Abe ended up calling the pastor, and it was no big deal; go, get married, no big deal.

And then later, in camera cameo, when she was trying to be supportive of him, he attacked not only her, but the camera crew. “I’m not going to sit here and be made out to be a ****** dumbass,” he raged, blaming both Carmela and the camera crew. The way he treated–and continued to treat–his fiancee, now wife, was simply shameful. Like usual, he was all nice and thoughtful and, yes, supportive … until he wasn’t. And then, he really wasn’t. And, Jeremiah, if you’re out there: It was not the camera crew or your now-wife who was making you look as you looked in that instance.

Geez. Maybe over time, Jeremiah can temper his, well, temper; we certainly hope so.

Rebecca and Abe are obviously still having problems–big problems. When Jeremiah joked–and, yes, he was clearly joking–that Rebecca was okay with Abe being on the road so she didn’t have to be around him, Rebecca literally got up and left the table in tears. We don’t think that particular incident was Jeremiah’s fault; he was obviously kidding around! But, it seemed to click something in Rebecca’s heart, and a dam of pent-up stress, pain and hurt came tumbling out. Bad timing, but that’s the way it is with relationships and emotions involved sometimes. Of course, in a camera cameo later, Jeremiah’s response to it was jerky as usual, saying he calls them the way he sees them, so perhaps it was not so innocent a comment after all.

What is it, anyway, with these people and their feelings? Mary said it would hurt her feelings if Kate did not come to Jeremiah’s wedding. Why? Kate has things to do, and Jeremiah, let’s face it, has not exactly been a fan of Kate’s. Why should she feel obligated to go to Jeremiah’s wedding? And, if she didn’t go, what “feelings” would Mary have in this hunt?

Ultimately, Kate chose her academic obligations over Jeremiah’s wedding–again, good for Kate! And, the others started turning against her in the end. If Kate finally decides to cut these “friends” of hers loose and go on her own way, we certainly would not blame her.

Mary returned to Punxsutawney and Chester; no big shock there. It’s really surprising that she stayed away as long as she did, when you think about it. Esther said Mary would never leave; we tend to agree with her. Esther, however, DID officially leave the Amish–and is now living with a boyfriend in Ohio!

Jeremiah and Carmela ultimately got married, so we wish them well. They both have some old wounds that need to heal–Carmela still believes she carries a “curse” on her life after leaving her cult-upbringing–but, who knows? Maybe the two have “common ground,” as Rebecca said, physically and emotionally, that will help them find their way together. We wish them well.

Did everyone?

It was hard to tell what Sabrina was thinking at the wedding; she claimed she was happy for him, but she continues to live in the past, referencing their relationship over and over and over, seemingly every chance she gets. And, two months after the wedding?

Sabrina announced that, not only had she gotten custody of Oakley once again, but she was pregnant with another child. And, speculations about the father are already brewing. Could it be …?

Will there be a Season 4 of “Return to Amish?”

Stay tuned.

“Return to Amish” airs on TLC.

Image:  Courtesy of TLC, Used with Permission

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  1. When Jeremiah confronted Kate in the kitchen saying, she doesnt care the folks at the table and blah, blah, blah. I would have laughed at him! Wasnt it Sabrina bringing all the folks to Kate’s small apt in NYC and telling her they were staying 3 weeks? not asking, mind you, telling. Oh, btw, there are places called hotels, Id suggest you go to one next time, moochers. Kate didnt want to upset these folks, so, being kind, she let them stay, for free! Next time, dont do it…move on, they arent your blood, just people you met. You have life now, cut the ties!

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