50 Cent as Kanan and Rotimi Akinosho as Andre in "Power" Season 3, cpisode "Trust Me".

‘Power’ Season 3: Ghost Surrounded, Who Can He Save Besides Himself? (VIDEO)

“Power” presents episode eight, “Trust Me” and season 3 of the STARZ drama goes into overdrive as Ghost is under siege on all fronts, while danger lurks for those he loves. Tariq is still rebelling and willing to listen to anyone who tells him what he wants to hear, making both Tasha and James St. Patrick vulnerable from sources never before considered dangerous. RECAP posted below. 

Angela’s still mole-hunting after she was told by the investigators that she was no longer a suspect, but that doesn’t mean Jamie isn’t. That was inevitable after Valdes claimed that she played St. Patrick and not the other way around. In the sneak peek video clip posted below, he sits down with the lead investigator who asks questions about his relationship with Angela.

Angela’s made it clear to Jamie that, “We aren’t lovers. We aren’t friends. We’re just two people who have to work together to stay out of jail,” and to do so, she’s trying to get an alibi for Tommy Egan for the night Lobos was killed. It’s not like Tommy’s thrilled about that kind of attention, because if it were up to him, Angela would already be in the ground. Besides, Egan has Milan in his ear, posing a question others have asked in the past. Wouldn’t it be great if you were the king and didn’t have Ghost to answer to or deal with?

That was a complete about-face from Milan’s position early in the previous episode when he thought little of Ghost’s longtime friend and business partner, until he withstood a beating most men couldn’t or wouldn’t. Tonight on “Power”, Milan ramps up the pressure on Ghost. Not only is he demanding his product be distributed in the nightclubs but wants a new product pushed on the streets.

As if that weren’t enough, Ghost has not given up revisiting the business deal with Karen Basset and her father. Dre, his only trusted aide on the club business side has yet to come clean about Kanan’s threats to himself and his little girl. With Kanan establishing a place for himself in New York, after murdering a sweet old woman for her apartment, is there anything he’s not willing to do? Multi-tasking doesn’t truly cover Ghost’s whirling dervish of activity, while wondering who to trust.


Did you catch all that? Sheesh, it was coming from all sides so it might be good to recap from conclusion backward.

Kanan befriended Tariq, using Andre as a way in and took the kid on a journey to explain who his daddy really is. Tales of a drug gang past and violence to enforce the street rules were told to the young St. Patrick, as he was introduced to sizzurp. When he screwed up his face after taking a sip, Kanan assured him that it’s never as bad after the first time. Tariq found a friendly ear to listen as he bitched about his father, meanwhile ignorning the fact that Dre is franctic about his whereabouts.  Did we see Special K touch a gun and consider offing the kid, or was that not meant in that way?

Ghost has chosen to take his own path, despite what it might mean for Tommy, and continued down the road of plotting Milan’s demise. He learned that Tommy has thrown his loyalty to Milan, who dangled being the crime boss’ successor in front of Egan. He also mentioned that it might be so much easier for Tommy to exist if Ghost weren’t in front of him, or disagreeing with him.

Ghost watched in horror as Tommy ran a meeting of the dealers, including Ghost, insisting that pills are now part of the distribution network. T and Milan held it at Truth, before the club opened for the night, and St. Patrick realized he’d lost control of Tommy.  Get to those white collar places where suburbanites crave their sleeping pills and other delights, Egan said. When Shin refused to do so after Ruiz spoke up, the Asian dealer was killed in front of everyone. Yes, Ruiz is back in the game after the Lobos deal with the feds effectively ended with the discovery of Lobos’ body.

Part of Ghost’s plan was to find the mole at Angela’s office and he convinced Tommy to help him corner Hugo, Mike Sandoval’s Lobos connection. Tommy went off and killed Hugo, who might have given them Mike’s name, when Hugo taunted him about the death of Tommy and Holly’s pet dog. T is still twisted about Holly’s death, particularly after learning from Tasha that he had a child inside her when he killed her.

Tommy’s alibi for the day of the Lobos killing is his freaky mother; at least that’s what Tasha told Angela when Valdes showed up in the lobby of the her apartment building again. Tasha warned Tommy and he showed up just in time as Angie was grilling Mrs. Egan, who is light on details of that day, other than the fact that she and her son watched daytime TV, with Maury and Judge Judy being Tommy’s faves. Angela wanted to know if her son stayed the whole day, or did he slip out at all? Tommy ended the discussion and taunted Angela about her and Ghost wearing his & hers jumpsuits if things went south.

Tasha was exposed to Keisha as the liar she is. Milan came into the shop to continue his threatening ways, seeking info on whether Ghost is seeking to kill him and Keisha overheard their discussion. It was a no-win situation for the hair salon operator, who knew that if she snitched or objected she was toast, but if she remained with the status quo it could mean jail.

The two argued, but Tasha convinced her that taking the risk of being caught was better, particularly with the half-million in cash she dropped at Keisha’s feet. It doesn’t appear she gets to do much with it, since Tommy entered the salon after Tasha left, ordered by Milan to “take care” of Keisha now that she knows the game is on.

Angela raged at Ghost about Tasha’s taunts of last week about her bedding her husband when they were at the Basset hotel. She’s convinced he never loved her and spit that at him, but they are in this together to keep from wearing the jumpsuits, as Tommy quipped to her. Greg’s not letting up the pressure, continuing to try to convince everyone that Angela’s the mole. He demanded proof from her to stop the nonsense.

That came in the form of Basset hotel security camera footage of Tasha and Ghost holding hands as they entered the place. Angela shed tears, sucking up to Greg about how he was right about Ghost playing her. Later she showed up at his apartment, figuring that if she bedded him, he’d let it all go. The sex scene made it seem that Greg was back under Angie’s spell, but it was exactly the opposite. He was even more convinced he could nail her and Ghost.

Speaking of the sex scene, it wasn’t until the very end that you saw Angie look longingly at Ghost’s photo pinned to Greg’s wall as she lay naked in bed. Did she take one for the team of Jamie/Angie, or was it all to keep herself from being railroaded?

The investigator questioned Ghost and offered him a deal to roll on Angela,which he politely declined. She did the same for Angie, while she got in her digs about the affair and her disdain for Angela and her methods. The investigation moved from the Southern District in Manhattan to the Brooklyn’s Eastern District, but

Where’s Ghost’s legit businesses in all this? Remember when Karen Basset insisted he have a social media presence, and he did so for one big night? Dre warned Ghost that the Bassets haven’t waited for him to find his cash again. They did a deal with the two competitors across the street so that’s out of the picture for now. Considering the fact that Ghost found the Serbian gang’s HQ, via tracking the smuggled cigarette brand Milan smokes to a small bar and following the owner with the cash drop off, James St. Patrick will be pretty busy for a while. That’s not even taking into account the fact that he is sure to become aware of Kanan’s relationship with Tariq.

STARZ airs new episodes of “Power” Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT   Image/video credit: STARZ, used with permission.

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