Andrea, Jessica and Shannell of LMNs ESCAPING POLYGAMY.

‘Escaping Polygamy’: Do Government Officials Not Recognize the Games The Order Plays or Are They Just Playing Too?

Update: Exclusive sneak peek of Yolanda’s story of transformation “Escaping Polygamy After the Escape”

One of the most amazing things about “Escaping Polygamy” is the members’ unwillingness to leave, even when they are being abused, neglected or mistreated in some other shape or form. Last night, viewers watched as one daughter, Mandi, long escaped from the cult, tried to get her father, suffering from Parkinson’s and not being properly cared for by his supposed Order “caretaker,” Shain, the help he needed.

Did he take it?

The Order is in full control of members’ lives, top to bottom. And, that means financially, as well, compromising any care that may be needed for the sick or elderly members. It takes money to properly care for someone who is sick or elderly, as anyone who has dealt with either situation in their own lives knows. And, the more money spent on caring for a sick or elderly Order member, the less is available for The Order to receive after that person’s death.

A sad allegation made by “Escaping Polygamy” last night–and not a hard one to believe, given what has been aired in the past.

Members, “The Insider” clarified last night, are required to sign wills, giving The Order the right to all they have accumulated over their lifetimes after their death. This way, the organization becomes richer–or, as was pointed out on last night’s episode, leader Paul Kingston does–and actual relatives have no claim to any inheritance that may have rightfully gone to them otherwise.

It appeared last night that this was where Fred Kingston was in his life, old and suffering from Parkinson’s. And, from what his daughter indicated, he had already signed his worldly possessions over to The Order in his will, so there was no incentive for them to keep watching after his health. And, apparently, from what the show indicated last night, they weren’t; they were just letting him waste away–he had gone from about 220 pounds to 140–waiting to legally inherit his possessions. Sad that he would allow this to happen to him, but it seems lifelong brainwashing can do that.

What was curious was the sisters’ willingness to help him at all, being that he was a “numbered” man in the organization. Let’s face it: If what they say is true, as they age, these “leading men” get back what they perpetrated on others during their younger, more able days. The sisters said he was one of the more “respectful” leaders they had known while still in the group, but, come on: If he was a leader, a “numbered man,” it seems unlikely that he was not a part of these very types of situations during his younger, healthier, a.k.a. useful years.

Makes one think of the age-old mantra, paraphrased from Galatians 6:7, “reap what you sow.” But, of course, this was Mandi’s father, who she loved–as well as a human being. Not at least trying to help him–if he wanted help–was not an option.

Of course, sick or not, they could not just go in and take him away; he is an adult, after all. He has Parkinson’s but did not seem mentally incapacitated in any way. So, it had to be his choice to leave. If he said no? Then there was nothing the sisters and Mandi could do. But, he DID say that he wanted Mandi’s help. But, when he agreed to be interviewed by the producers, he said he believed completely in The Order and trusted Paul Kingston. On what could make him leave? “Nothing unless the ship goes down, and if it goes down, I’ll go down with it,” he said.

It was sad, but definitive.

Mandi said she was just concerned about his health, not trying to get him to leave The Order. But, it did not seem like one could happen without the other.

They went to try to take Fred to a clinic to help him–get bloodwork and whatever else was needed. They took security, just as they do when they help someone escape. But, when Shain and others came around, he said he did not want to go. Again, sad, but a grown man’s decision–and, not a surprising decision, given he is a numbered man in The Order.


A few days later, Mandi got a call from Adult Protective Services, indicating that she was not taking care of her father–an allegation of caretaker neglect apparently made against her by the Kingston Clan. Seems like a dangerous game to be playing–unless they know the game is rigged in their favor. Authorities certainly don’t seem interested in making a move to help Fred, since, when the show ended, no formal charges had been filed against Mandi by APS, but he was still under The Order’s watch. Makes one continue to wonder: Where do the authorities stand on all of this?

Sad, sad stuff, for so many reasons.

For those who are interested in finding out more information about resources on organizations that help women escaping polygamy and assist victims of sexual assault, visit the official A&E “Escaping Polygamy” website.

Stay tuned.

The Season Finale of “Escaping Polygamy” is scheduled for next Sunday night, September 11, at 10/9c, on A&E.

Image:  Courtesy of A&E, Used with Permission.

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17 thoughts on “‘Escaping Polygamy’: Do Government Officials Not Recognize the Games The Order Plays or Are They Just Playing Too?

  1. Law Enforcement, Children’s Services, & Adult Family Services In The States Where These Cults Exist, Are Just As Much To Blame! There Are Too Many Signs, Stories, & Even Legal Reports That Prove They Know Exactly What Is Going On! They Are Either Too Lazy, Paid Off By The Cults, Or Simply Don’t Care One Way Or The Other!
    It Infuriates Me That These Cults, Such As The Order, & The FLDS, Hide Behind Religion To Abuse People Mentally, Emotionally, Physically, Sexually, & Even Financially! There Is NOTHING Religious or Godly About These Cults!
    I Have Always Believed People Have The Right To Choose What They Believe! However, That Belief Should NEVER Be Allowed To Include Brainwashing, Underage Marriages, Rape, Incest, Molestation, Pedophilia, Mental, Emotional, Or Physical Abuse!
    For Every Man, Woman, Or Child Who Has Committed Suicide Because They Have Lost All Hope For Help From Those Who COULD Help Them, That’s Not On The Cults, That’s On The Legal System, Adult & Child Family Services! Everyone Whose Had or Has The Chance or Capability To Help, & Looked The Other Way, You Aren’t Fooling God! He Knows Everything You Do & Every Decision You Make!
    Thank You To These Amazing Young Ladies, Their Security Team, & A&E For Showing Us All What Is Truly Going On! Keep On Keeping On Until They Shut Them Down!

    • They need to step in and take this man to a hospital, recind the will and all of the wills from the people who signed them because they were not fully capable to sign.

      Utah needs to step in immediatly and break this cult up

  2. Mandy and her mother abandoned Fred decades ago. Mandy only cares about the money she gets for appearing on the show.
    Utah officials do not base their judgements on a scripted TV show. Escaping polygamy is a fake “reality” show with outrageous allegations.

    • i think you need to look closely at your own life in the order as its clear you are a member, absolutely disgusting the way you treat the young and the elderley

    • You are a very sick individual I bet you married to your brother or cousin right now !! Kimberly if you have kids they should be taken away so they wouldn’t have to grow up in that sick cult you all are in!! What you doing on the internet don’t you got some babies to be making

  3. Paul Kingston could careless about the people.
    — Turn in your money so he can support his family.
    — Turn in your money so his family can go on trips.
    — Turn in your money so his kids can go to school.
    — Turn in your money so his kids can get married.
    — Turn in your money so he can go on trips, back to the middle east
    Paul believes he’s god on earth
    “LIFE WASN’T MEANT TO BE FAIR” – That’s why God gave us the Constitution

    Daniel (#15) Constantly has hurt feelings, and feeling BUTT hurt like a toddler

    Slavery has been re-institutionalized under Paul and Daniel’s leadership

    The Co-Op has done nothing but shrink because their greed and arrogance.


  4. This show is not scripted, and anyone who did not understand this young lady’s anguish over her father does not have a heart. I saw the terrible conditions that he was living in. I also saw that when Mandi tried to get help for her father they start cleaning his house and putting bullies in it so he did not have the courage and strength to fight them. The Adult Services for the Aging in this state appears to be on the payroll of the Order. I believe they need to be investigated.

  5. Keeping food from Mandi’s dad for 24 hours is enough to impair his thinking and make him unable to make decisions fearing no more “beans” or what else did he say they feed him for $1,700 a month? Oatmeal? Mandi needs to file her own allegations against Shain for elder abuse. Fred had an appt to see medical professionals and if Shain was caring for him he would have taken him. “The Order” will probably hasten his demise at this point knowing that his daughter is trying to help him. It probably wouldn’t take much at this point. I don’t understand why if they had him in the hotel room and away from his house, why they didn’t just take him then.??????

  6. So sad that you are so brain washed. Only CHRIST can save us, you, anyone. JOHN 3:16. Paul is nothing but a person like you and I. He is manipulating and using people for his own personal gain. My prayer is that you will get clarity and see what and who you are putting your faith in. Some day we all have to stand before the Lord
    What will you say. God’s says not to be deceived by false prophets.

  7. Is the order about religion at all? That’s the question I would like someone to answer. A lot of what seems to happen in this organization is not Christian at all.

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