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’60 Days In’: Will Sheriff Jamey Noel Lose 2 of His Fake Inmates Tonight on A&E?

Season Two of cable’s #1 non-fiction series, “60 Days In,” continues to follow eight fake “inmates” tonight on A&E, but that number may be cut by the time the night is over. And, on “Behind Bars: Rookie Year,” Ariel takes a big step in her prison education, guarding a death-row inmate.

As fans know, “60 Days In” follows civilians who are not familiar with the world of incarceration doing time in the Clark County Jail in Indiana, to help Sheriff Jamey Noel improve his facility–and to give the rest of us some kind of idea what it might be like on the inside. Original A&E series “Behind Bars: Rookie Year” follows correctional officers during their first year on the job and, needless to say, the rookies tend to find out pretty quickly that they may not be as tough as they thought they would be when they are put to the test in the real world. Training is one thing; dealing with real convicts?

A totally different world.

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Tonight, according to A&E, on “60 Days In,” things are getting nothing but worse for the pseudo-inmates. On all-new episode “Hazed and Confused”:

Hazing, drug use and violence envelop Clark County Jail as two participants are on the brink of dropping out of the program.

Then, according to A&E, on “Behind Bars: Rookie Year”:

“Predator vs. Prey”

The rookies must find ways to assert their authority or risk being preyed upon by predatory inmates. Ariel is nervous about supervising a death-row inmate on tier time.

Good luck to Ariel; who wouldn’t be nervous?

Stay tuned.

Both “60 Days In” and “Behind Bars: Rookie Year” are produced for A&E by Lucky 8 TV.

“60 Days In” airs on A&E on Thursday nights at 9/8c, followed by “Behind Bars: Rookie Year” at 10/9c.

Image:  Courtesy of A&E, Used with Permission

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