‘Cutting It In The ATL’: Does Dedra Have Mommy Issues? Maja, Amateur Shrink Thinks So (VIDEO)

“Cutting It In The ATL” engages in some psychological reasoning when the ladies try to pinpoint just what makes Dedra the way she is. In “From Truce to Turnt Up” there is a meeting at which Maja, Beautii and Mushiya dissect Dedra’s behavior and her trigger points.

It’s always fun to see how the alliances switch in season 2 of the WE tv reality show, but there’s one thing for certain, when we’re talking about Dedra, as Maja says, “She has no limits”. Yeah, and doesn’t seem to care that there is a price to pay for all the shenanigans.

In the video preview posted below. listen to the ladies munch and chat about the deep-seated problems that Dedra carries with her. The diagnosis from the amateur shrinks: she’s got Mommy issues. But, wait, if there are issues, then why does she behave better with her mother around? Mushiya swears that it’s been the only time the two have interacted without fireworks or shade thrown.

But, it never stops there when we’re talking about the ladies in “Cutting It In The ATL”. Oh no, honey, there’s so much more where that came from and in the next video sneak peek, we’re transported to an event at Dedra’s Jdhoa Academy. Believe it or not, Mushiya was invited by Dedra, but as she says, “You’re always so cutting with your words”, and the night was supposed to be about smoothing things over.

Even when an event is planned that should be fun, the stylists in “Cutting It In The ATL” can turn it into something to be angry or mortified about. Tonight, Beautii throws a birthday party for LaKenya that becomes less about the guest of honor than the others around her.

WE tv airs new episodes of “Cutting It In the ATL, Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT   Image/video credit: WE tv, used with permission 

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