Shanell, Jessica and Andrea from LMN's "Escaping Polygamy" Photo by Karolina Wojtasik Copyright 2015

‘Escaping Polygamy’: The Insider Cries Wolf on Leaving The Order, Jessica Declares No More Secrecy Going Forward

UPDATE: Part 2 of rescue attempts for Suzette’s daughters from FLDS

Almost every week, fans watch “The Insider” help the sisters of “Escaping Polygamy” on A&E. The Insider has stayed on the inside, not because he/she wants to stay, but because he/she wants to bring down the Kingston Clan, i.e. The Order, from the inside. And, week after week, viewers cannot help but wonder:

Who is he/she?

Last night, The Insider wanted to meet with the sisters face-to-face for the first time. Shanell was nervous, fearing that it was some type of trap. But, Jessica was blunt: They are not intimidated by Order tactics and games, and they were going to meet this person. They did, but there was no true “face-to-face” with the person. Shanell stayed in the car, and Jessica stood back, so The Insider was well in the shadows, unable to be identified.

Why bother meeting?

He/she provided the sisters with copies of documents that he/she had already supplied to the IRS. Records from, apparently, Order-run businesses, as well as information on the so-called “numbered” men of The Order.

According to last night’s episode of “Escaping Polygamy,” there was a raid on the Kingston Bank by the IRS. The Insider said they were looking for tax evasion and tax fraud. And, the leaders of The Order were looking to uncover the identity of The Insider. So, he/she finally decided to leave, following the bank raid, and requested a meeting with the sisters at Washakie, an isolated area that includes a large amount of Order property.

“We want to show up, but we want to have a bail-out plan,” Jessica told Brian and Matt of their security team. “There really is no bail-out plan from the middle of nowhere,” Brian said. “Professionally, we don’t think this is a good idea,” Matt added. And, it wasn’t; there were apparent Order people all around, and The Insider refused to leave in the end. Matt and Brian stayed back to distract Order members while the sisters left, and were told to stay off the property.

And, the sisters were NOT amused.

“We didn’t ask them to be our little spy on the inside,” Jessica said. “They found us. … We’re the people you call when you are ready to leave, not the people you call when you’re thinking about it. I’m pissed at them.”

According to Jessica, there will be no more hidden “insider” for the sisters; they are not playing Order games with anyone, including The Insider. They want to know who he/she is before they go forward with them again.

What did viewers think of this episode? Did The Insider’s motives seem sincere? The sisters seemed worried that they could be walking into traps with him/her, or perhaps just others posing as the unknown Insider; what did viewers think? And, were the sisters right to be ticked when he/she did not leave? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

Stay tuned.

“Escaping Polygamy” airs on A&E on Sunday nights at 10/9c.

Image:  Courtesy of A&E, Used with Permission

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29 thoughts on “‘Escaping Polygamy’: The Insider Cries Wolf on Leaving The Order, Jessica Declares No More Secrecy Going Forward

  1. I didn’t understand why she didn’t leave. She was standing right by the car with Matt – security guy – and the cars were ready to go. It would have taken seconds for her to jump in. She could have ducked down and not been seen by passing vehicles. Seemed more dangerous for her to be running away from the scene where obviously order members had seen two cars and suspected something was up. I do understand her concern that once she was out and identified as the outsider her family would be retaliated against. However, if she stays and is found out not only will the family be retaliated against she might also be killed. Seemed weird to go so far as to show up and then run away.

  2. I agree, but if what they say is true, the Order members are so brainwashed into being terrified that something will happen to them or their families, i think he/she didn’t want their family in jeopardy. Because if they left, then it would be obvious who the insider is, when that person showed up missing. I kind of understand, but if it was me, I’d jump in the car & peel out as fast as I could! I agree, I think its way more dangerous to have stayed, but they sound like a very young person, and from what they are insinuating, it’s a young girl, between 14-18 years old or so, since they are saying she’s being approached & groomed to marry someone ‘of her choosing’ but of course it isn’t her choice. She gets to pick from a list of suitors, no one outisde that list will be permitted. If she is a teen, then she’s young, scared and isn’t ready to walk away from her entire family yet.

  3. The real question is the 50 mile high question, how can the Order even exist in and under an American Flag? Why do young girls and woman havr to run between raindrops to find a way to escape a situatin they were ascribed to simply being born into and chaced down likr dogs to be forced into an unwelcomed marriage, forced pregnancies, incest, no healthcare provided and then certain types of sex and labor tasks they must perform in order to survive to be re-puposed as breeders.

    The brain washing is an intensive ongoing program and system where only some see the vastly dangerous fiber of needfulness to survive life and the Order Men who seem to gladly inflict fear and doom upon all who will become only a labor and breeding force in order to perpetrate a greed for money and sex machine.

    After seeing episodes where children were describing how there wss barely enough food that they had to dig through trash and hope of not getting sick, having to pay rent to the men who call thrmselves husbands and fathers, not ablr to take their fathers last names, although I would not want to anyway, yeah what kind of country allows this to the extrnt it is happening and destrying lives? Disturbing and shame on UTAH law makers who send children who make the dangerous attempts to leave, and if caught are returned to the very deadly environment they trid to escape from if under the age of 18.

  4. Will there be more of these episode? We need to know more
    about this situation. Being Canadian, I wonder if the Order has
    set foot and claws n my Country?

    • The Blackmores run the FLDS in South-Eastern B.C. There have been documentaries on Women escaping with their children years ago on a canadian channel, I think it was CBC. Devastating to see this taking place in countries that are supposed to be above this. Part 2 of “Crossing Enemy Lines”, touched on it a little bit when they introduced the daughter of the Leader of the FLDS group and how her new boyfriend (a Blackmore) was sent to B.C. to marry and raise his family and build their cause. I’ve actually met a few who have left and live here in Alberta. Insanity.

  5. This show is so laughable. The order people are not dangerous, they don’t hurt people and they especially do not kill people; that is a sin. That girl can leave whenever she wants it’s her choice, no one is stopping her. Sure her mom and dad might try to talk her out of it if they caught her before she left but it’s because they love her and don’t want to loose her. The girl could easily just take a walk and not come back, shes not being watched.These people who make the show just try to make it seem scary for the viewers. The show is a total fabrication.

    • You must belong to people of that kind
      I feel so so sorry for the children that are being
      I aped and tortured by these disgusting beings
      Bunch of pigs

    • You must belong to people of that kind
      I feel so so sorry for the children that are being
      Raped and tortured by these disgusting beings
      Bunch of pigs

    • Well, at the very least, there are plenty of police reports of parents abusing their children. There is no freedom for the girls to choose their husbands with no interference. Few kids get the chance at a real education. Child labor is prevalent. All of that adds up to abuse in my book. Yup, you’re an order member.

  6. I would be happy to drive any place in Utah to help any one escape polygamy. I’ll go sit in the graveyard. I’ll drive to St. George. I understand their fears. I can provide shelter, food, comfort, and security.

    • You are a very sweet and caring person to do this for a complete stranger. That is what God truly wants for his people….not what these cult leaders want.

  7. Where did the light come from that followed the outsider as they ran away from Jennifer and her security team thru the field? It looked like it came from the sky.

  8. have researched abuse of women and children for years..warren steed jeffs..the jessup clan (family) this?the kingstons.the order really? how has law enforcement and the government not stopped this abuse? both agencies know this abuse is going on. how can this happen when we are supposed to be protected by the law and the government? are these agencies being paid by these “groups”? and yes they are in canada read national geographic..they have spread out to different locations to avoid being detected.even in the small, poor, rural county of mine..last name of jessup

  9. I would want to go into Utah and Colorado city, Az and help those escape if they want to leave. I see how women in the FLDS who are to be married to a man who might have nine wives and many children. Think about it, they marry young girls as young as twelve years old it makes me sick to think that they are marrying off their daughters to some man who just controls her like a slave. When they marry young girls and they have children at eirther thirteen or fourteen years old. I want to gives these people a chance to escape if they want to leave for sure.

  10. I think the “insider” as depicted on the show is a red herring meant to confuse the Order. This is a petite young woman that appears every week on the show, but in reality, I’d bet that the insider is something much different than this young, petite girl. The insider that appears on the TV show was hired by the producers, and is playing a scripted part while the real insider stays safe and provides more information that makes the order look ridiculous.

  11. I live near the border of Utah and Idah near Washikie (not sure I spelled it right) the Kingstons have bought a house in Malad city Idaho it is used for what they call the bad boys. It is nothing but boys who live there and they work for the local farmers they range in ages from young to older teens it is run by an older man, I have also seen his truck at the ranch which is right off I-15. Also my son is friends with a guy who worked at the bio-diesel plant he was told he could join the order but it would cost a lot but he also told my son that the ones that are order members get paid by tickets instead of cash and they use the tickets at order owned businesses.

  12. Hey Anonymous why don’t you try to tell Jessica Amanda channel that the abuse and rape and degradation they experienced didn’t happen. There is an abundance of proof to support what the girls say happened. Look at any one of them as they tell their stories. The pain and horror on their faces and in there eyes is evident. Plus the pedophile prophet is in jail for life plus 20 years. Your gonna say he’s innocent? Your either really deluted or really naive.

  13. We have to remember that being “in bred” causes retardation so its not too hard to convince someone who is retarded to have sex and that’s what these old little limp dicked guys rely on

  14. Escaping Polygamy is the only TV program
    I watch. I hope A & E will renew the show.
    These girls are so courageous.

  15. I hope they will be easier on “the insider” from now on. She did a lot to bring the IRS into the picture. All of these oppressed people really love their families. Family seems like all they have, so I can understand why she would want to protect them. “The Order” may not kill people but many of the girls say that they were beaten, forced to eat rotten food, and even forced to have sex as punishment. You certainly would not want to bring those problems on your siblings. I do understand that they can’t devote too much time or energy into helping “the insider” escape if she’s unsure, but I feel grateful that she went to great lengths to expose at least the financial criminal acts that she had access to. Not coming from a background of polygamy, I thought that a man took as many wives as he could afford. I was shocked and appalled to see these women supporting whole large families on meager wages and feeling lucky to get a visit from a “husband” that they sometimes even pay rent to. It is so sad that anyone could believe this is the way life should be. Keep up the good work girls, and think about turning off your headlights when you’re in the middle of nowhere or taking a police officer if you have proof that someone is intending to leave the order. Even if they don’t do it, the police shouldn’t mind. Your security guards seem pretty competent but I think law enforcement might be more intimidating to the intimidaters.

  16. Don’t cancel the show. Its all I`m watching on tv these days. Warren Jeffs and the order make me sick. I would love to take all the woman and children away from that life style. What Jessica and the girls are doing are really brave.

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