‘Mountain Monsters’ Will Return to Destination America for All-New Season 5 in Spring 2017!

UPDATED: Recap of “The Black Wolf”. Is Jeff on Rogue Team?

Fans of “Mountain Monsters” will be cheering for this news from Destination America today: The show, one of the most popular for the network, will be returning for an all-new Season Five in Spring 2017. The Season Four Finale of the show, which aired on April 16, 2016, ranks as Destination America’s #1 telecast ever among HH, P2+, and M25-54 in L+3 delivery. But, there have still been a lot of questions about a new season–would it or wouldn’t it return?

Unable to find out any info, many fans of the show have feared the worst. After all, the team was not in the best possible shape when last we saw them. In fact, “Mountain Monsters” wrapped up the latest saga in AIMS’ ongoing search for Bigfoot with the team’s fearless leader, Trapper, coaching from the sidelines. But, fans have rallied around Trapper during his recovery from illness and cheered on the rest of the team–Buck, Huckleberry, Wild Bill, Jeff, and Willy–as they continued on their quest … and discovered a new foe in the foothills.

Fans will recall that AIMS was shadowed by a rogue rival team that closed in on their investigations but had not yet been identified, culminating in a cliffhanger finale with a mysterious attempt to make contact. That was no way to leave the show hanging, for sure, but many fans were worried it could happen. After all, it would not be the first time in TV history that a series ended without a satisfying wrap-up for fans.

However, Destination America announced today that “Mountain Monsters” has been greenlit for Season Five, slated to premiere in Spring 2017. What’s more, production begins this month on the monster hit that follows this band of hardcore hunters and trappers, known as the Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings (AIMS), as they try to prove that Bigfoot exists in hill country. Does it? We don’t know, but we certainly enjoy watching the AIMS team try to prove it. Jane Latman, general manager of Destination America, commented on the return of the show, as well as the show’s many fans:

“MOUNTAIN MONSTERS fans are about as loyal as they come, second only to the AIMS team and their unwavering dedication to finding Bigfoot. We hear from devoted viewers every single day wanting to know when they’ll get to see more of their favorite monster hunters, and we’re excited to announce that the wait is almost over.”

Nowhere does the mystery of Bigfoot’s existence run deeper than in Appalachia where, over the last 10 years alone, AIMS has uncovered evidence that more than a dozen different Bigfoot clans may call the mountain region home. In the new season, they’ll investigate new reports of Bigfoot sightings to track and attempt to trap these mysterious creatures.

“Mountain Monsters” is produced by American Chainsaws for Destination America with Colt Straub, Duke Straub, Royal Malloy, Russell Geyser and Jay Bluemke as executive producers. For Destination America, Cathy Garland is executive producer, Jane Latman is general manager, and Henry Schleiff is group president of Investigation Discovery, Destination America, and American Heroes Channel.

Stay tuned for updates on the new season of “Mountain Monsters,” and read more about previous episodes, right here on TVRuckus!

Image:  Courtesy of Destination America, Used with Permission.

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58 thoughts on “‘Mountain Monsters’ Will Return to Destination America for All-New Season 5 in Spring 2017!

  1. Finally, aims team is returning for a fifth season. I am so very happy, I thoroughly enjoy the show, the crew, Ned the whole concept. Keep up the good work.

    • I’m so glad to find out that the AIMS TEAM is coming back….love this show and have missed it so much….thanks Destination America for bringing them back on…..Awesome bunch of guys….!!!!!

  2. I wish yall luck in catching a bigfoot in a trap….. thats my one wish for yall to get a bigfoot in the trap and keep him in the trap so we all can see one

  3. And please… Willie and Bill (and a few crew members I’m sure) build some sturdy, escape proof traps every episode (I’m sure some of them are better built than what you’d see in a Appalachian zoo!). Don’t tear em down after your night investigation is over! Leave em up and check on em every few days… You’re bound to catch a juvenile or maybe even a full grown sucker if you keep monitoring and baiting them.

  4. I was born and raised just south of the Va Wv border, in the Virginia Appalachians of Albemarle Co. (not too far from where the BR parkway meets the skyline drive), and I’ve seen my share of beasts that I couldn’t explain. I’m really hoping these guys can shed some light on what stalks those mountains at night (besides the AT hikers)

  5. This is Cody from Washington I am pumped there a season five I love and committed to this show. But I hope they use more cameras at the trap site they started to do it and all the sudden stopped. If they kept doing that they would of got some great evidence and visual proof.

  6. this show is fake as hell thay neve catch any thing buck so fat if any thing got after him he could not out run it what a wast of tv time put turtleman on here at lest he catches what he go after

  7. We love the Aims team. Trapper
    is a wonderful story teller. My kids
    love this show. Season 5 cant come
    soon enough. Love the Mountain
    Monsters show.

  8. Mountain Monsters IS the BEST show EVER!!! I love it and hope to see 10 more seasons and i would love to buy all the seasons on hd dvd please please please keep the best show on tv ON TV!

  9. Best show in the world keep it going guys trapper hope u can join them soon be safe and show everyone that these things are real hope to God that there is season 6threw atleast40 you guys at the best can’t wait to see hicks happy feet again take care guys

  10. I love “Mountain Monsters”!!! I’ve been watching them since the beginning.Through nightmares and through paranoia, but I still watch it. I love the excitement and the suspense, I mean who doesn’t?! I hope this season we learn more personaly about Bigfoot, the AIMS team, and, I think I speak for all MM fans, the “ROGUE TEAM” AIMS if your reading this, I love y’all I give all hopes prayers have a Merry Christmas guys and go get those son of a bit****!
    P.S. Mostly the rogues. If you want to contact me look up the numbers 38632 on map.

  11. I don’t believe that Bigfoot or sasguatch or any such creature exists, but I love the show and I think the AIMS team is absolutely hilarious. I can’t wait for season 5. Surely hope Trapper is doing well.

  12. Great news! When the show is on everybody knows dont call or come over, because we do not interupt the Team for anything!

  13. Mountain Monsters are the best show when nothing else is as interesting and enjoyable to watch! Can’t wait for the new Season to start.

  14. I love you guys too! Trapper I hope you’re doing better. I also was on a walker last
    year, and am much better.

    Happy you all will be returning this spring! You brighten up my day!

  15. I love the Mountain Monsters show. I have never seen a Bigfoot myself, wish I could. Trapper, I sure hope your leg is better and that you will be able to join in on the hunt this season. If not, I know Buck will continue doing a great job. Everyone on the show is just awesome. I love this show so very much. I look forward to it each and every week and I hope, as many have already said, it continues for years to come. I hope you kick some rogue team butt this season. Please Destination America keep this show going. There are so many of us that love it and never want to see it stop.

  16. Looking forward to the spring. Love the show and missing new ones. We have watched the other seasons so much we are ready for new one. 🙂

  17. I’ve always loved this show it always is super good and ever since mine and my moms sighting while driving we have never missed an episode, we wanna see what we saw, in one of ur guys traps.

  18. Hi guys
    I can sleep better knowing your continuing your hunt in the spring ,I would dread the thought of a big foot sneaking onto a plane to Belfast Ireland and running wild over here , i am not too good at building huge traps nor do I own many shot guns.
    Good luck

    • You made me laugh, Michael. As soon as we catch a pair of these critters, we’ll ship them over to Belfast, Ireland, so you can chase them around the forest along with the leprechauns and unicorns.
      All kidding aside, there must be something to Bigfoot, too many sightings. They all can’t be hoaxes.

  19. I love this show I am so glad it’s coming back on and I am very glad that Trapper is in good health the team needs and back because Bucks Head was getting too big for him he was starting to act like an idiot and a lot of people were starting to dislike him so please bring Trapper back before Buck ruins the show

  20. cant wait i’m pumped if u want similar show it is in Alaska different creatures rely cool love it find it on destination america

  21. Well it’s about time. I thought the boys from the AIMS team had been cancelled. It’s great news. Destination America don’t let this one go, y’all have the number 1 show on television. Thank you kindly.


  23. We are a fan of mountain monsters,so glad they are coming back.really enjoy the program.thank you destination America. Have been watching reruns.

  24. I love the show & have not missed a single episode! Even enjoy the reruns. Love all the guys & each one brings their own unique style. Hope the rogue team is exposed. My Dad who will be 80 yrs. old can’t wait for the new season to start & I’m right there with him!

  25. Some Constructive Criticism………BUCK….lose some goddamn weight…200 -300 lbs should do it. WILD BILL….you need help. Try some Mental Gymnastics. JEFF……please do something about your clothes (Disgusting) Also..get a haircut or a Dog License. WILLIE…..I think you’re the only sane one on the Team. TRAPPER…..You are the BEST……..wouldn’t watch it without you. All in All. Love your show and I Thank Tor It….

    • Too funny, Art. I noticed Huckelberry’s toenails too when he took his socks off to compare his foot size to a track.
      Nevertheless, I love the show and the whole team. Watch it all the time and look forward to the new season. One more constructive comment, the team needs to tone it down when stalking their unusual quarry. They make too much noise an send them running.

  26. Love your show, Awesome fun and great entertainment , i have some Land in Hardy County Wv . Can”t wait for you guys to return. The Alaskan mountain monsters just don”t cut it for me. Wild Bill And Buck are my Favorite..

  27. Gentlemen, I have seen in spirit what you have been trying to capture for years. I have been warned by God’s Holy Spirit not to interfere with your quest. It is by God’s design that you bravely go where no normal person would dare go. You will not ever capture the Sasquatch as they have the strength of of 20 of you. My suggestion: build a portable steal cage that you can put up & take down after every suggestful mission. Some beast you can catch, but never a Big Foot. They understand you, they spy on you, they can smell you, and they will out-smart you every single time. Again, you can capture some of those creatures, but, as I watch them, I’ve noticed that they’ve come from South America or Canada; possibly were science experiments gone wrong & unleashed on you. Why, I don’t know. The Mothman, also, cannot be caught; he, like me, is too fast & can read your thoughts so that it is always one step ahead of you. May God be with you & keep you safe from too much harm. Buck, like you, I have Cherokee blood in me. I was born in Georgia.

  28. I love watching the show, but i believe monsters are real ,here in tucson ,az i live here in the reservation and believe in ghost and demons and monsters and so big foot are real there just us , humans so thanks and make sure the traps are very strong ,iwanna see you catch something or monsters and be careful out there and carry holy water and holy salt.i`ll keep watching.youre biggest fan

  29. I love this show Mountain Monsters, Thanks Destination America for the show I watch every NEW episode and love watching the older episodes over and over again just a great show I love every member of the Aims team but Huckleberry’s is the Best I hope Trapper feels better and gets back to the team soon hope the show never ends just a down right fun show to watch.

  30. I love watching the aims team when are they coming back on TV …I was watching them at night ,they keep me involved in the program

  31. It July 2017 when will mountain monster return?? enjoy the show very much need something good to watch!! There is very few good shows to watch😂. Please not cancel the show!!😈

  32. My name is Linda, we miss watching y’all show, we are having withdrawals, we are from Bourg Louisiana and we just miss u guys so much. We miss the last show. Sure hope y’all get it all together fast we miss y’all a lot.

  33. get back the hunt.You guys are the best team out there hunting BF.
    Others cant come close,Cant wait for more shows
    in 2017.Traper,Cant wait for ya to get back to the hunt.Iknow you guys are going to get a B,F.

  34. I love mountain monsters. I hope Trapper is okay. I’m so glad to hear the guys are coming back for another season. I record the show so I can watch over and over. Thank you so much. A real mountain monsters fan.

  35. I am so very excited that the AIMS team is coming back and all episodes are fantastic. I have watched them since the very beginning. I enjoy all of them and hoping that our Trapper will get completely well will be done. He may be up in age but dam he is still very much a trapper by heart. All the team are wonderful and you learn so much by all the history of the Native American. Please keep up the great work and see you on the next series.

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