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‘Mountain Men’ Season Finale: Are Tom & Nancy’s Days of Living & Trapping in the Yaak Valley Numbered?

Tonight on History Channel, viewers will be tuning in for the Season Finale of fan-favorite series, “Mountain Men.” But, the bigger question is no doubt waiting to be asked: Will Tom and Nancy be leaving the mountains?

It is no secret: Tom and Nancy are getting older. Tom has always been a fan favorite, and it is easy to understand why. He is kind, considerate, a good trapper and, overall, fun to watch. But, winters in Montana are brutal, and weathering them can be difficult for even the most spry of residents; it’s certainly not getting any easier for Tom … or Nancy.

This season, Tom has been struggling to trap fur with his brother, Jack, in Idaho. And, while he got a handful of furs, it was nowhere near what he had hoped to bring home. Last week, he tried hunting a bear and, frankly, we were glad that one went bust; Tom just did not appear to be in the type of physical condition one would want to be in should he run into a bear. Sure, he was hunting, and intended to kill it–but what if something had gone wrong and he needed to get the heck out of the way?

It could have been a disaster.

We cannot help but wonder if Nancy is going to be the key to what finally pushes Tom to decide to leave the Yaak Valley. This season, Nancy set her own trapline–a sign of the desperate times, no doubt–and did not do that great. The bigger issue, however, is simply that it is not likely that Nancy is interested in starting her own trapping career this late in life; we have a feeling she is ready to retire to somewhere warmer, somewhere no one gives trapping–or the weather that can come with it–a first, much less second, thought. And, if that is the case?

Well, we’ll probably find out tonight, on the Season Finale of “Mountain Men.” According to History Channel:

Tom pays the price for two consecutive failed winters; Morgan calls in reinforcements for his horses; Eustace and Preston harvest a hog and Rich makes a pick of the litter.

Marty? Not sure what we should expect to find out, but we certainly hope History Channel has something in store for us; it is, after all, the Season Finale.

Stay tuned.

The Season Finale of “Mountain Men” premieres on History Channel tonight, Thursday, September 15, at 9/8c.

Image:  History Channel via Facebook

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3 thoughts on “‘Mountain Men’ Season Finale: Are Tom & Nancy’s Days of Living & Trapping in the Yaak Valley Numbered?

  1. Hi
    Watching this series from Norway.
    Great series following all involved, but Tom and Nancy is my favorite.always with a smile and some realy god coments.Tom must be one of the most noowledged trapper all time.
    Lucky we can se older seasons herre in Norway as well just now. I,ll never be tired of this.

  2. I grew up in a rural environment , like Tom doing farm work k hunting fishing etc, I never trapped fur though and I think i would like that especially if it were in the mountains . Tom and Nancy are my heroes . They show me what it is like to do what you want and live and love each other . What wonderful examples of pioneering spirit. Something our country is woefully short on these days . Not to mention good old honest integrity and hard work . I have enjoyed watching the episodes the past few weeks as we just this year streamed the net for our kind of shows . Thank you Tom , Thanks you Nancy , God will bless you in the end with all you righteously desire and more .

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