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‘Dual Survival’: EJ & Jeff Gracious & Likeable but Just Cannot Seem to Find That Entertaining Host Vibe

“Dual Survival” continued on Discovery Channel with an all-new episode last night and the latest hosts, Army combat veteran EJ Snyder and wilderness survivalist Jeff Zausch. Reaction to the pair has been mixed, perhaps even leaning toward the negative. And, the question still remains: Why make the change at all?

It’s hard to say, really, since the network did not give a definitive reason for the switch. The closest to an explanation is probably the statement from previous co-host Josh “The Kiwi Bushman” James, hinting that a rotating host schedule might be in the future. His statement almost made it seem like it was a relief to the hosts, who did not have to worry about doing so many of these arduous episodes in one season.

So, at this point, at least, the definitive reason for the change is unclear. But, EJ and Jeff were, of course, survival superstars on Discovery’s “Naked and Afraid” and “Naked and Afraid XL,” so they were not unknowns coming into the gig.

Is there any strife from the apparent break? If there is, it doesn’t seem to be bubbling to the surface, yet. We’ve even seen where Josh has encouraged the new duo on Facebook, telling them on September 14 to “give it heaps lads.”

EJ and Jeff seem to be class-acts. They appear to be gracious when dealing with fans, even encouraging all opinions, supportive or otherwise–and a lot have been much less than supportive, to say the least. But, we just have to admit that, thus far, they are not cutting it as “Dual Survival” hosts.

Are they going to work out?

We have to say, we like EJ and Jeff; they seem like good guys, and they seem to work well together. But, as “Dual Survival” hosts?

Maybe if we had seen them first, before we had been introduced to the pairing of The Kiwi Bushman with U.S. Army Green Beret Weapons Sergeant Grady Powell, we could have jumped right in and took off with them. But, we have to admit: It’s been a difficult, letting Grady and Josh go.

Last night, EJ and Jeff were in Louisiana, and spent the evening slogging through the swamps. Finally, they found their way to rescue but, frankly, we had lost interest at least a half-hour before. They just do not have the “Dual Survival” chemistry that Grady and Josh had; they definitely do not make us laugh like they often did. And, they don’t seem to have the ability to make the camera secondary as they make their way through these situations. Things seem much more staged and EJ and Jeff appear to be acting the part of survivalists for the camera much of the time, putting in a day’s work instead of just being out there doing what they love doing.

Someone mentioned to us last night that they thought the duo of EJ and Jeff had a similar physical presence of Cody and Dave, and we thought it was a great observation. EJ doesn’t have the hippie vibe going on, for sure, but his size and bandana give him that Cody knock-off sense. And, watching Jeff last night, we realized he could easily be the Dave knock-off to EJ’s Cody, just something about the energy in the way he speaks, the way he rationalizes, the way he talks to the camera.

But, they are not Cody and Dave, who were the definitive “Dual Survival” hosts.  

They also are not Grady and Josh, and the great thing about Grady and Josh was that, although they also were not Cody and Dave, they had that same Cody-Dave vibe about them in the way they interacted. As a team, they were just fun to watch, and they were entertaining as “Dual Survival” hosts. You got the sense that they enjoyed what they were doing, and that they would be doing it, regardless of the cameras, and that made them entertaining to watch from the couch. EJ and Jeff are likeable, but entertaining?

Like EJ and Jeff as hosts of “Dual Survival” and hope they stay? Wishing they would bring back Grady and Josh, or one of the other teams? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

“Dual Survival” is produced for Discovery Channel by Original Media, where Glenda Hersh and Steven Weinstock are executive producers, and Brian Nashel is executive producer and showrunner. For Discovery Channel, Christo Doyle, Mitchell Rosenbaum and John Slaughter are executive producers with Lisbeth Lozano Coordinating Producer.

“Dual Survival” airs on Discovery Channel on Wednesday nights at 9/8c.

Image:  Discovery Channel via Facebook

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5 thoughts on “‘Dual Survival’: EJ & Jeff Gracious & Likeable but Just Cannot Seem to Find That Entertaining Host Vibe

  1. I do not like the new hosts at all. It seems like they won the survival reality show lottery. I don’t look at them as survivalists like I did all of the other hosts. They seem nice enough but not who I want to see hosting DS. I watch all the survival shows. But there’s a difference between the the real survivors and the guys who were on the couch and decided to fill out an application on the Discovery website. These guys make the show look fake and they have ruined it for me.

  2. The problem stem from the fact that Discovery, Original Media and Brian Nashel are Liars and they promote Lies.

    They are being sued by Cody Lundin for Defamation and for allowing Joseph Teti to threaten to kill him and the crew on multiple occasions.

    Do you know how many people have been kicked off of the DS page for speaking the truth?

    Do you know why Joseph Teti was fired and BANNED from all Discovery properties while Discovery continued to protect Teti and his Lies.

    Did you know that Teti lost his lawsuit against the Special Forces Association & Mykel Hawke and others for filing the Lawsuit with Forged Military Documents and Teti had to withdraw that Lawsuit after a 2 Star General Testified against Teti?

    The media doesn’t want to print the truth. The media hedges on the edges of truth to allow a huge corporation to get away with….well you know, look it up.

  3. There’s a difference between “camera following real people doing real things” and “we’re reality stars so let’s make up something for the camera”.

    The viewers can tell the difference. These guys are ok and seem nice enough but they want to be stars and it shows.

  4. Very well written article. However, when I read this line: “EJ and Jeff seem to be class-acts. They appear to be gracious when dealing with fans, even encouraging all opinions, supportive or otherwise”, it made me chuckle. Although they do deal with the few fans that they have on the DS Facebook page, they do not take the negative well. EJ is known to private message people who don’t like the show, and comments that don’t lean in their favor are being removed. Several people that I personally know of, have been banned from the page, for leaving what, IMO, is constructive criticism.
    I think the majority of the long time Dual Survival Fans, are hoping that we get to see Grady, and Josh, soon! This is much to painful to watch.

  5. I think EJ and Jeff are great for the show . I hope they stay
    As the main participants. The show has a very positive flow and their survival skills are as good as any other .

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