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DCC: Making The Team Season 11: Cut Night Produces New Victims, After Week 4 of Camp

During “Big Surprises”, there were cuts, a crazy hip-hop dance routine from guest choreographer Denise Dicharry and cheerleader candidates getting their bodies critiqued as the uniform fitting process got underway. Yes, it was that night on “DCC: Making the Team”. There were two office sessions, one very early in the episode, perhaps to spare the candidates the thrill of having a uniform fitting before they were taken away.

Oh yes, and singer Casey Musgraves visited, gave some critiques to the girls and then did a boot exchange with Judy and Kelli. Musgraves’ new line of boots, made by the same company that produces the DCC white ones are fringed and fun. Watching Judy and Kelli gleefully dance a bit with them on was a great light moment in a tough episode.  RECAP cameo photo week, and Miss Kitty’s new ways to judge who gets cut

First office session:

Jackie, our returning champ from last week when she talked Kelli out of dumping her wasn’t surprised she was given the bad news. Kelli’s reasoning sounded like this: “The fans and some judges got you in here. I think you’re given it a good run. We appreciate your dedication and hard work, but we’re gonna have to release you from training camp.” Jackie asked for tips to help her. Kelly was diplomatic, telling Jackie, in a roundabout way that she wasn’t cut out for the choreography.

Lindsay was told her stamina had not increased, even after last week’s Boot Camp session. She was praised about her attitude and appearance, then Kelly got even more diplomatic. “We’ve come to a respectful conclusion that you’re not ready for this team, this year.” It’s all about her height and the candidate gamely told Judy and Kelli that she understood that she had trouble “getting lower” for the DCC moves. She promised to take classes and fix that, with Kelly suggesting power, pom and hip-hop to “undo the jazz” in you.

Uniform fitting quotes:

“What’s your natural cup size?,” Kelly asked Madeline and got a standard 34B, then Amy A put a look on Kelli’s face that was priceless by saying, 30G. “You are?” Amy nodded her head and Kelli went further, “really?” Yes, really.

“Too much wire on the bra, too much padding, is bad on the bra,” Kelli said as she squeezed Celinda’s breasts from the side to push them to the center.

Tasha heard Kelli tell the seamstress: “She’s had a baby, Lisa, fyi”. Lisa replied: “I don’t see no signs of a baby.”  Jealous?

Fashion show fun:

Judy said, “If the girls are struggling on the dance floor and they do bad today at the fashion show, this can hurt their chances of making the team.” Why is that exactly? Because they will need to strut their stuff in sky-high heels as people evaluate them at appearances? That’s the ticket!

Yuko did herself a lot of good on the runway as did Kelsey, which might have saved them both later on. Celinda was not walking heel-to-toe as she should, or as Kelli calls it “clomping”. She’s a drill team vet and gliding while walking is not her strength.

Second office session

Yuko: She had with the positioning of her feet and arching her back in the correct way. She really thought she was getting the axe, but didn’t. The language barrier is still there. During a practice, she had to look at one of the girls demonstrating what Judy was trying to communicate. But, Kelli praised her for the difficulty of what she’s attempting to do, coming to the U.S. alone, fighting visa issues that will take her back and forth to Japan in a matter of days. Less practice time may not be the best thing, Kelli encouraged her saying she’s always fun to watch.

Kelsey: Kelli got right to the point. “In auditions we thought you were better, but tonight you faded”. Her biggest sin was going less than 100% during practice when Judy asked her to perfect a certain move. She got crushed for it. In the office, Judy said it was evident throughout and Kelsey promised to come back the very next day, a changed woman. Kelli said pointedly: “If it’s all you’ve got, then it’s not enough,” after Kelsey swore she’d amp up the power and made it through the night unscathed.

Kyndall: She had a bad drug flashback of her cut night last year, but on this night, it wasn’t bad news. She had quit her job that week, because she didn’t have enough practice time, so it’s a new stress for her. Judi and Kelli were sympathetic, as is typical, claiming they feel for what’s she’s going through, when in fact their lives are so different they can’t even guess. Nonetheless, they asked that she find a way to leave it all at the door of the practice facility, like she would just flip a switch.

CMT airs new episodes of “DCC Making the Team” Season 11, Thursday nights at 9 ET/PT   Image credit: CMT, used with permission 


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