‘Power’ Season 3 Finale Recap: Ghost Never Saw Angela’s Revenge Coming

“Power” ended season 3 with a scene that gave new meaning to “Hell hath no fury, like a woman scorned”.  Titled “In My Best Interest” the finale gave you the sense of Angela’s anger and willingness to mess with a man’s life as she slapped the cuffs on her beloved Jamie, immediately after he thought he put an end to his connection to anything criminal. The cruel joke will be on her, since she took him down for the only crime he didn’t commit in the last three seasons.

Oops, those nasty fingerprints left on Greg Knox’s window came back to haunt St. Patrick. Scoping out the apartment, he saw that Angela had moved back in, at least on a night-to-night basis. He was searching for anything that would give him a leg up on whether or not the feds were closing in on the Lobos hit and FBI mole. When he left the same way he came, via the fire escape, he dropped his tool that enabled him to open the locked window, and he took his gloves off.

Are you kidding me? A man who pulls off assassinations, dumps bodies never found and makes his way out of the cartel drug business leaves fingerprints? It was a fateful day in many ways, because Knox had pulled over Ghost to see if he’d flip on Angela, and threaten him with prosecution for the Lobos killing. He had nothing and when Ghost was late to a meeting with Tommy, he explained it by using the well-worn phrase, “driving while black”.

Knox thought he wrapped up the investigation into the leak, still hoping to nab Angela, but his connection at the Mexican federal police office threw that out the window. Then he remembered seeing Mike in a baseball cap come out of that apartment in the city where Lobos’ associate lived, and the fact that Angela wasn’t in the room when the final transfer arrangements were talked of and made. He got Mike to come and after the call from Mexico, he realized the truth and stupidly tried to take Mike in. It got him shot him twice, as Mike watched Knox’s blood drain from his body until he died.

Angela was so turned around by it all, and Jamie’s weird sweet talk, plus his concern that she was implicating him during the mole investigation, that she went looking at the death scene by herself. She heard investigators say that there was no forced entry, and the possibility that the killer was someone Greg knew and let in the door, or someone he didn’t who came threw the window. Bingo, fingerprint kit in hand she stepped out onto the fire escape in her high heels and got the prints. She hesitated before sending them through the system, but did. Her problem, of course, is that Ghost didn’t kill Greg and Mike will happily let James St. Patrick take the fall. He’s golden now for both his Lobos connection and Greg’s murder.

It seems that Angela sorta’ knew that she and Greg were playing each other. She wanted to save herself from his belief she was the mole, and he wanted to put her away so much he could taste it. Their sex was too good to think they didn’t still want each other for other purposes, but Angela’s hurt and anger over being dumped by Jamie drove it all. When she approached him at Truth, during his big party to kick off his on again-off again business relationship with the Bassetts, he tried to explain that breaking up with her was all about protecting her from what he had to do to get Milan out of the way. She was incredulous, and cuffed him while he was in his tuxedo, living the dream, or thought he was.

Meanwhile, Kanan got played by his own sister Jukebox and her henchman. She helped her brother test Tariq  to see if he’d snitch when caught with drugs he delivered at the insistence of Special K. The kid passed with flying colors so the plan to merely swap him for all of Ghost and Tasha’s money got ramped up to killing the teen as a double-dip of pain for Ghost. Hit him in the wallet as well as the heart was Jukebox’s cold taunt to Kanan. She always made him look like a puppy compared to her cold heart. We ended the episode with Tariq knocked out from the soda-codeine mix and a photo of it sent from his phone to Tasha, alerting her that Kanan was back and was holding her son for ransom. Calls to Ghost’s phone weren’t answer because he was busy getting booked at the police station.

Maybe it’s better for him to be put away, at least for a while to avoid being knifed by Tommy, who along with Ghost took care of Milan, leaving his bullet riddled body somewhere. His gang pledged allegiance to Tommy, at gun point but Tommy had news for Ghost that he didn’t get to deliver. Like Milan, he would force the sale of drugs in the clubs and wasn’t going to take “no” for an answer.

So, Mike’s still free from suspicion, the mole case was wrapped up when Mike left that burner phone in a desk drawer as he exited Greg’s apartment after killing him, making the feds believe he was the leak. Angela’s moved against her lover who jilted her, ruining his club business and the dream of reuniting with her. Kanan got out gangster’d by his sister and Tariq’s life is in jeopardy. Tasha still can’t reach LaKeisha, Tommy’s the big guy in town and Knox played one too many risky cards. Dre will stand in for Ghost on the club business side, ’cause you know, Karen likes him and threw in his chips to Tommy’s pile on the poker table.


Photo credit: STARZ, used with permission 

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