‘DCC: Making The Team’ Season 11: Kellie Pickler Visits Before Three-Cut Night, More On The Bubble

“Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team” presented its penultimate episode of the season “Rehearsals With the Stars”, as Kellie Pickler offered sage advice about what it takes to set yourself apart while on a TV competition show. Then, Candace Romo returned to help Kelli Finglass and Judy Trammell narrow down choices for cutting the squad from 42 to the desired number of 36.

Fans of the show have seen Kelli and Judy up that number when the talent deserved it; that potential was discussed, specifically related to Kelsey, who still stands out with her looks, with dancing being her weakness.

In the final post-practice office session four candidates waited to hear their fate and only one survived. There are at least four others on the bubble, and with only one more week to go, everyone knows that the hammer is poised to come down. It was time to “…pull the Band-Aid off on some”, as Kelli said. Bubble People include Amy, Kyndall and Emily, with Yuko on the list because she’s missed practice time to deal with visa issues in Japan.

There was a lot of practice on the football field, focused heavily on the signature entrance choreography. Those white lines can be the bane of a hopeful’s existence. It brought Khalyn to Kelli’s attention, and she joined the group of four waiting outside the office on cut night. Khalyn hadn’t been on the radar very often, certainly not as much as the usual suspects. Most of the issues discussed with her were about “selling” the dance routines. In other words, where’s the sparkle and power? Perhaps that’s why she was spared the dreaded, “I’m sorry, but this will be your last night”, talk from Judy and Kelli. Amy, Kyndall and Kelsey breathed a bit easier when their names weren’t called to face the music in the office.

It was the final night for Brennan, Sheridan and Emily. Sheridan’s sin was being “too pastel”, as Kelli put it. “You need to be a bolder, stronger performer”, she continued, and concluded that they’d given her enough time to get there. Brennan had seen the inside of the office the previous night and twice in a row made her realize, “..that’s never a good thing”. She was right, because of her inability to master the entrance choreography. Emily’s time came as well, and she was having flashbacks to last season’s cut. It came earlier in the process, so there was a sense of pride that she made it to week 7. Nonetheless, she is off-beat, either too fast or too slow, and her toes couldn’t find that white line on the field no matter how hard she tried.

Will there be three more cuts next week or fewer than that? Judy’s having trouble bringing the hammer down on Amy and Kelsey because they are strong in other areas. Who do you think gets to the finish line?

CMT airs “DCC: Making The Team” Thursday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT   Image credit: CMT, used with permission 

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