‘Alaska: The Last Frontier Season 6 Ep. 3: How Did Jane and Eve Get Stuck Out At Sea? (VIDEO)

“Alaska: The Last Frontier” continues its season tonight on Discovery with “Fish Caught, Engine Dead”, which sounds like a glass half-empty, or if you are inclined to be a positive sort, glass half-full situation. When we last left the Kilchers only Atz and Atz Lee were not laboring to restore the homestead after the damage done by the earthquake. Tonight’s a whole different ball game. SNEAK PEEK of latest: Jane alone with cow giving birth as Otto goes under the knife.

The father-son combo were off to prep the land for Atz Lee’s new construction and began gathering material to build his new cabin. He let Jane and the rest of the family deal with whatever needed attention, and though they made significant progress on immediate needs, like clearing both roads, restoring ground that shifted and rebuilding the hay barn, there’s plenty left to do.

The Atz Lee-Jane dilemma is always simmering. She lost the test of wills when he left, supported by his father. The younger Kilcher insisted that he needed to engage in the project as part of his rehabilitation from the near-death experience. The good news is that he admits he has limits and is under the watchful eye of Atz, but he pushes himself. His father is a believer in the healing power of the project for his son, more so for his psyche than his physical reconditioning.

Tonight on “Alaska: The Last Frontier, the action picks back up with more restoration of the property, most of which is time sensitive. We’ll see Otto, Charlotte and Eivin travel across Kachemack Bay to rescue a family relic, then get back to Atz Lee’s project. The snow is melting and while that would be a good thing overall, for his construction, it’s about to get in the way of him hauling a sawmill to the property.

Jane and Eve are out at sea fishing, looking for some salmon. After catching something small, there are smiles all around when Jane hauls in salmon, a nice size too, and knows there’s a good dinner to come that night. ¬†That’s the glass half-full part of the story. When the engine dies out on the bay it’s the empty glass’ time at bat.

Discovery airs the new episode of “Alaska: The Last Frontier” season six at 9 p.m. ET/PT, followed by the season premiere of “Edge of Alaska”. Catch a sneak peek of that, here.¬†


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2 thoughts on “‘Alaska: The Last Frontier Season 6 Ep. 3: How Did Jane and Eve Get Stuck Out At Sea? (VIDEO)

  1. I don’t understand the thinking of the Kilcher family. Shane and his wife are desperately needing a home, so Atz Lee and his father go off to build a new cabin for Atz Lee. Why didn’t they help Shane finish his home first?

  2. Why wouldn’t the girls have a radio or EPerb device on board a boat before setting out to a deserted ocean alone? A signal gun with only a few loads?

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