‘The Killing Season’ Premieres: How One Unsolved Serial Killer’s Case Led To Investigations Around the Country (VIDEO)

“The Killing Season” debuts Saturday night November 12 on A&E. The eight-episode docuseries begins with a penetrating look at the unsolved murders of ten sex workers whose bodies were found five years ago on Gilgo Beach, Long Island. The killer, who was dubbed the Long Island Serial Killer is still at large.

In a sneak peek of “The Killing Season” posted below, the filmmakers talk with a Long Island based escort who lives with the fear that she could be next.

From there, the two documentarians, Joshua Zeman and Rachel Mills found facts that might connect those horrible crimes with other cases of sex worker killings around the country. It’s what drove the filmmakers to take what the network calls a “deep dive” into the world of killers who prey on them people in that profession, in what is called record numbers.
Zeman and Mills forged relationships with other investigators, some journalists and victims’ families that kept them hunting for clues, but also answers to how these killers use the Internet as a virtual hunting ground.
“The Killing Season” also pleads the case for the thousands of missing person cases in the United States, and unsolved murder cases, whose victims become known as the “Missing Missing”. Who is their champion? Who will take the time to care enough to keep digging and uncover anything that gets authorities closer to anything they can tell families without loved ones for years?
The rise in interest among TV viewers about true crime dramas and documentaries goes hand-in-glove with citizens who get involved, using online sources and the power of social media to search on their own. The filmmakers used clues uncovered by these people to go further in their investigations.

The series is the product of Josh Zeman (Cropsey) and Executive Producer Alex Gibney, whose work includes the documentaries, Enron and Going Clear. ¬†A&E debuts the new, original docuseries “The Killing Season” Saturday November 12 with back-to-back episodes beginning at 10 p.m. ET/PT. ¬† Image/video credit: A&E, used with permission¬†

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