‘The Profit’: Marcus Lemonis in Cuba, Impressed With Entrepreneurs in Oppressive Environment (VIDEO)

In a special episode of “The Profit”, Marcus Lemonis visits Cuba to meet entrepreneurs who work in an environment strikingly different from that which is examined in other episodes of the CNBC series. It’s what makes striving for success of tremendous interest.

In promo material for show, the network uses the words “oppressive Communist regime” to describe the state of affairs in Cuba. We can look forward to Lemonis stressing the enormous difficulty to start and maintain a business, nevermind succeed. He says, “Their tenacity and resolve despite staggering obstacles is the heart and soul of what makes that country work.”

In a preview video clip posted below, he describes the conditions, but maintains his typical optimism about the state of small businesses, particularly those owned and run by family members. It doesn’t appear that he traveled with his trusty checkbook, acting instead as an observer and journalist. Here’s a taste of what’s in store on this special episode of “The Profit”.

  • A woman formerly employed by the state as a dentist now makes several times her old salary running a bakery with her brother. The new venture is doing quite well, though to Marcus’ astonishment they explain that they often have no access to chocolate.
  • Marcus visits a clothing designer who’s prevented by law from opening a store; a restaurant owner whose license limits him to fifty seats; and an aspiring artisan who was forced to move her business on orders from the state.

CNBC airs the special episode of The Profit” Tuesday night November 15th at 10 p.m. ET/PT   Image/video credit: CNBC, used with permission  


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