‘Edge of Alaska’ EXCLUSIVE Sneak Peek: Tim Mischel’s Homecoming To McCarthy (VIDEO)

“Edge of Alaska” presents “The Cave In”, Sunday November 21, the fifth episode in the second season of the series on Discovery. There’s plenty of “edge” in this installment because Neil Darish begins his first Mother Lode tour.

The people of McCarthy had failed to keep the project from proceeding, but you couldn’t blame Jeremy. He and five other citizens were the only folks who showed up to protest the project at the end of last season. Sneak peek of season finale: Mine finally opens, Tim gets special welcome 

The bigger news this Sunday is about Tim Mischel, “Old Man of the Mountain” who left McCarthy after a serious heart attack. He was gone for almost one year. Yes, he had to reside in the Lower 48 for a very long recovery, but recover he did! Sunday, we learn about his absence from the frontier town… and more exciting, his imminent return.

In  the EXCLUSIVE sneak peek posted below, Mark Wacht, Gary Green and Jenny Rosenbaum are doing what loving neighbors do when you live in a small town like McCarthy. Mischel is a town treasure and will need some very particular TLC to get through his first Alaskan winter after being down for the count.

Tim won’t be able to return to his outpost a mile above town until summer so for the time being, he’ll be bunking in his trailer. What’s one of the most important things he lacks at that location? Something to keep his winter-long meat supply away from the critters, including bears. Get a glimpse of Tim in his first on-camera scenes since his departure.

Discovery airs new episodes of “Edge of Alaska” Sunday nights at 10 p.m. ET/PT  immediately following the latest adventures in “Alaska: The Last Frontier”.    Image/video credit: Discovery Communications, used with permission 

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