‘Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles’: Josh Flagg Did ‘Meet The Parents’ With Bobby

“Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles” presented “Nightmare on Altman Street”, which turned out to be a misnomer. A home in the Hollywood Hills owned by horror flick master Wes Craven, now deceased, went on the market, but it was a dream listing. For a change, Josh Altman and brother Matt were in the catbird seat.

Multiple offers were received at or above list price thanks to media coverage the Altmans’ agency didn’t need to pay for. Craven’s estate was looking for something with a quick turnaround and they got it, as the representative watched the brothers work the phones. The house was sweet! RECAP of latest: Josh Flagg’s over-the-top proposal plans

Josh Flagg spent most of his time on camera working with his client selling her home of 40 years. Still fending off developers who would tear it down. Flagg managed to wait long enough for a buyer who would rehab it without destroying it. It took a while, but Josh never got tired of working with Bonnie, the owner,

After getting the right price for it, including a lease-back for six months to allow her time to divest herself of 40 years worth of possessions, he admitted that Bonnie reminded him a bit of his late grandmother Edith. It was a comfortable working relationship for him, and perhaps he found a new friend.

Speaking of friends, Josh introduced boyfriend Bobby to his parents at an awkward dinner. While it was a bit painful to watch, and Bobby was unsure how it all went, the Flaggs welcomed him. Josh’s mother noted that it was a quick turnaround from Colton, and it was. In sneak peek scenes we got a glimpse of just how serious it all is. Think Colton isn’t watching this and wondering why it wasn’t him that got the proposal? Check out the video clip of the dinner, posted below.

The Brits were ready to spend another large sum of money to re-market the St. Ives property after their listing in the $18 million range wouldn’t fly. They threw a White Party, replete with celebs as well as potential buyers and agents introducing it to a new segment of the market with a reduced price of $15.9 million.

With $150,000 a month carrying costs Evan, the developer was out of his mind, having watched the list price sink from $24 million. Granted it was a misguided agent’s idea to start at that price, and it failed miserably, but the discrepancy was difficult for Evan to take. His bottom line was $15.5 and he got it after that party, but only because David and James discounted their commission. It’s not something any agent does without serious thought, but they bonded with the seller, felt his pain and decided to make the exception for him.

Bravo airs new episodes of “Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles” Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT   Image credit: NBCUniversal/Bravo TV, used with permission

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