‘Sister Wives’ Season 7 Recap: Kody Tells Mariah He’s Not Without Blame For Meri’s Misery (VIDEO)

“Sister Wives” continued its season 7 with “Kody Takes Responsibility”, a two-hour hard look at Kody Brown’s attempts to lead his daughter Mariah back to a relationship with her mother Meri. In doing that, he hoped to bridge the chasm between him and his first wife, who agreed, in the season premiere, to visit the family therapist Nancy to talk it out with Kody.  Check out our list of 5 best moments from Maddie’s Wedding episode. 

All the angst among the wives, the kids and Kody was wrapped around the fun stuff about Maddie and Caleb’s impending wedding. Plans for a bridal shower demonstrated Janelle’s effort on behalf of her daughter, to be involved more than usual in event planning. Luckily for her Maddie is on top it all, presenting the family with a time line for the wedding day. The payoff for sticking around for two hours was to see the joy on Mykelti’s face when Tony presented her with an engagement ring.

Kody  was a busy man on this episode of “Sister Wives”, schlepping up to see Mariah in person, after taking a trip to visit with Tony to continue his attempts to keep Tony and Mykelti’s wedding from occurring only two months after Maddie’s.  The Tony-Kody talks were civil, and Kody finally got to the “pink elephant in the room” as he called it; that would be physical intimacy. “You’ve waited 21 years to have sex, you can wait another six months,” he said to Tony as the young man didn’t even blink. He pointed to Mykelti as a bigger problem than him for Kody to convince. To be continued…

When Kody arrived at Mariah’s home, the two had a discussion that was stunning in its intimacy and frankness about the complicated husband-wife relationship Kody has with Meri. Mariah’s only 21 years-old and has yet to see the grays between the black and white of her world view. In her opinion, her mother crossed a line, way past what Kody believes occurred and she can’t forgive, or even be with her mother to talk about how to mend fences.

Kody was kind and also laid himself bare for his daughter to see that he felt culpable in Meri’s ill-advised “friendship”. He claimed responsibility for Meri’s state of mind, while not relieving his wife of her own part in the misadventure.

Mariah couldn’t accept that, but she did agree to see Nancy, the therapist, to break the months-long impasse with her mom. Kody and Meri can’t heal, if they ever will, without Mariah getting back into the fold. That Nancy is one busy woman with the Brown family. She counsels the sisters, Kody and his wives, individually and in a group, and now Mariah will be added to the mix.

Speaking of Nancy, we got to attend a counseling session between Meri and Janelle, who revealed how they manage to live together in relative harmony. They keep it on the surface and avoid being alone together. They took separate cars to the session. Their homework was to listen to an audio book and discuss how it might help them get closer.

Here’s the thing, though: they don’t think they need to be. It was an amazing display of honesty on camera and goes a long way to giving us a glimpse into the work it takes to be a sister wife. Thoughts?

TLC airs new episodes of “Sister Wives” Sundays at 8 p.m. ET/PT   Image/video credit: TLC, used with permission 

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