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‘Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles’: Josh Flagg Defends Decision To Propose To Bobby

It’s always a good thing when Madison Hildebrand is featured on “Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles”. We don’t see him enough and when we do, it means we’re going to get ocean front vistas and his special way of swallowing his consternation with clients.

Last night, in “Turn and Burn”, he had to do that more than a little with Diane, his client and the former Mrs. Mark Burnett, who was downsizing from a very large property. A businesswoman in her own right, she was in the midst of launching a new product and distracted, or too busy to keep appointments despite a sixty-day window before she had to be out of her home. Watch the proposal and recap of episode in Paris. 

Madison schlepped Diane through Brentwood, Malibu, Pacific Palisades and more, holding his tongue and being positive throughout. The place in Malibu, with a backyard that consisted of the crashing surf of the Pacific was stunning but too small for the client, who ended up buying the first home Madison showed her. Sigh…

Josh Altman was back in business with pal/client Elon the developer who we see pop up with Josh Flagg from time to time. An extraordinary re-build above the Sunset Strip was ready to list but they disagreed, vehemently over a listing price of $20 million vs. $16.9 million .

Josh and Matt threw a broker’s pricing open, to get a consensus from buyers’ agents. When Elon wasn’t around, the estimates were close to Altman’s price, but when the developer worked the room, the shameless sycophants sided with him at $20 million, one even openly challenging Josh in front of the client. While no agreement was reached and that story is to be continued, we learned that Josh and Heather are “getting busy” so to speak, on the baby making front. TMI? Matt thought so!

Josh Flagg invited his pals David Parnes and James Harris to dine with him and his father and stunned them with his big news. He announced that intends to ask Bobby to marry him. The silence was deafening until James spoke first, “Wait, really? I was having coffee with you six weeks ago and you said you were just dating.” The senior Mr. Flagg said, “I’m sort of speechless right now.”

Harris continued, addressing the obvious Colton issue. “You were with Colton eight years and you never proposed and now six months,” when he was interrupted by Josh. “It’s a totally different kind of relationship and I’m doing what I think is right.”

To the cameras in his one-on-one he said that each day he falls deeper in love with Bobby and knew from the first kiss. Earlier in the episode when the two met up after a long day, Josh Flagg called it a match of equals, but didn’t elaborate. Everyone is happy for him, including his father and the Brits, but you’ve got to know that somewhere Colton is listening and wondering what it was that he didn’t have.

What’s that line, “The heart wants what the heart wants”?

Bravo TV airs new episodes of “Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles” Thursday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT  Image credit: NBCUniversal/Bravo TV used with permission  

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