Tim Mischel on Discovery's "Edge of Alaska"

‘Edge Of Alaska’ EXCLUSIVE: Tim Mischel Gets His Plane Ride Home to McCarthy (VIDEO)

“Edge of Alaska” has a special episode on tap, and it’s named for the man who had to leave McCarthy, Alaska, spend more than a year away to survive then recover from a serious heart attack. Yes, it’s the “Old Man of the Mountain”, Tim Mischel.  Catch preview of season 2 finale: Mine finally opens.

In the EXCLUSIVE sneak peek video clip posted below, watch as Tim waits for his “ride” back home. Having spent serious time in the Lower 48, he’s missing everything about his home and the people who love him. His friend of decades, Gary Green is there to greet him and those two had a lot of catching up to do. Welcome home Tim!

Tim’s a tough son of a gun, and he may have made his situation worse when he fell ill. Tim had a heart attack, and refused suggested surgery when he was taken to the hospital in Anchorage. You know how stubborn people can be, well, Tim finally had to give in to mother nature.

Tim’s pilot from Valdez, Alaska to McCarthy, Gary Green is a man who flies for a living. Hazardous? You bet, but if you hear Green talk about it, it’s just another day at the office for him. “Weather in Alaska is always something you have to work around,”, Gary says, never mind landing! His business is freight, which can be anything at all. When you live in remote areas, Gary is your guy.

Also on the next “Edge of Alaska”, the Nizina river threatens Jeremy’s hopes of growing his farm and a shortcut to the hidden city in the mountain brings McCarthy closer to becoming a major tourist attraction.

“Edge of Alaska” airs Sunday on Discovery at 10 p.m. ET/PT   Image/video credit: Discovery Communications, used with permission. 

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