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‘Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles: Are You Team Madison Or Team James on Malibu Listing?

“Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles” had a testy exchange, a battle of wills between agents on the latest installment, “Surf vs. Turf”. Surprisingly it did not involve Josh Altman.

Don’t worry, there were plenty of scenes of Altman gritting his teeth and clashing with Ilan, his client whose house above the Sunset Strip won’t sell at the listing price or anywhere near it. But the major cat fight was between the Brits and Madison Hildebrand. Recap next episode as the fight goes BIG with treachery from Madison.

A seller in Malibu chose them all to co-list an unusual property, that had an underground tunnel to the beach. He was also selling all the furnishings and his Lamborghini along with it. The seller wanted the net cast very wide. James Harris and David Parnes have an international partner and are ensconced in the Beverly Hills area as well.

Madison bristled about teaming up with them, using his mantra that if you sell in Malibu it’s essential to have a local broker. He didn’t value what the Brits would bring to the table, but he didn’t stomp his feet about it. He said his piece, lost the argument and the co-listing began.

James Harris felt disrespected and insulted that Madison only buckled because the seller insisted, and wanted some acknowledgement that he and David were equally important to the listing. They exchanged words like little kids, with the “I don’t need you”, and “I don’t need you either” stuff.

A face-to-face meeting between Harris and Madison cleared the air, but it wasn’t what James needed, a heartfelt apology for an insult. It’s out of character for Harris and you have to wonder why he didn’t do what David was willing to do and just let it go, get the listing and sell the heck out of it.

In other news on “Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles”, Altman got Ilan to move from $20 million to $18,9 million all the way to $16.9, hut no further. There’s an offer on the table for $15 and the seller stood his ground. The house is spectacular, but isn’t commanding a price close to $20 million because of its location. The Altman Brothers group is spending time and money like mad. Where’s the resolution to this story?

And finally, in Josh Flagg World, we got another great piece of LA real estate history from him as he listed a home, designed by John Woolf, iconic for his flourishes in mid-century homes for celebrities. The seller wanted it preserved by a buyer, not torn down and Flagg made it happen. He went so far as to bring in an architect blogger and John Woolf groupies to spread the news. Love when we learn something from Josh.

In his personal life, he’s gearing up for the Paris trip with Bobby and tasked his assistant to set up a flash mob, complete with dancers at the luxurious George V Hotel. He’s going big for his proposal and it sounds like he’s found a partner who will appreciate it. Next week, we’re in on the big surprise.

Bravo airs new episodes of “Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles” Thursday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT   Image credit: NBCUniversal/Bravo, used with permission.

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