Jeremy Keller of McCarthy, Alaska on "Edge of Alaska" season 2

‘Edge of Alaska’ Season 2 Finale Exclusive: The Mine Opens, Tim Mischel’s Special Welcome (VIDEO)

“Edge of Alaska” concludes season 2 with an episode titled, “No Surrender”, bringing us back to what has occurred in the town of McCarthy, Alaska. A beloved figure, Tim Mischel has returned and developer Neil Darish has finally realized his dream to open the Mother Lode mine to the public. EXCLUSIVE sneak peek posted below.

Darish, with outside financial backing turned the mine into a tourist attraction, inviting outsiders to McCarthy, a town of fewer than 50 people. Despite the wishes of the locals Darish was able to complete the project.

Mischel suffered a heart attack and remained in the lower 48 for almost one year until he was healthy enough to return. In tonight’s season finale of “Edge of Alaska”, Mark seeks out a rare local treasure to welcome home the old-timer. The juxtaposition of welcoming home the Old Man of the Mountain, as the mine opens could not be odder.

The potential for an outsider to dictate the town’s way of life initially caused a stir among the townspeople. The completed project caused fear that it would destroy their purposeful escape from modern society. Living free and independently for those that chose McCarthy was never supposed to include anything of the sort, yet when it came down to it, only a handful of citizens protested.

In the season finale Neil’s partnership with Jeremy puts the Keller family’s future in the town at a crossroads. If you recall the season one finale, Jeremy helped form a roadblock to no avail. It was then that he learned that he was only one of six residents who were willing to protest in any meaningful way.

“Edge of Alaska” is produced by Twofour America, where Bernie Schaeffer, Roger Roddy, Melanie Leach and Andrew Mackenzie are executive producers. For Discovery Channel, Mitchell Rosenbaum is executive producer and Lisbeth Lozano is coordinating producer.

The season finale of “Edge of Alaska” airs on DISCOVERY, Sunday night Dec. 17 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT   Image/video credit: Discovery Communications, used with permission

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