Maddie and Caleb at their wedding, aired on "Sister Wives"

5 Best Moments From Maddie Brown’s Wedding on ‘Sister Wives’ (VIDEO)

“Sister Wives” devoted its latest two-hour episode to Maddie and Caleb’s wedding. During “Maddie Gets Married”, we saw a young woman execute the first wedding outside the traditions of her polygamist family. Her moms and dad were in awe of Maddie’s ability to take charge and make it happen.

From hand making decorations, to stage managing the ceremony, Maddie was poised and rarely rattled. When that occurred she had her loving fiance’ Caleb to help, sometimes just by whispering in her ear and getting her to take a break. The entire event was infused with love, and we got to see Kody Brown flustered as never before.

Here are our picks for the top moments of the episode in no particular order. Chime in with your own in the comments section!

  1. Kody Brown failed to include the ring exchange as he officiated the wedding. It’s not a tradition at his polygamist marriages, but he spent oodles of time prepping his speech, the vows and how to stage it. Was it not listed in his notes, or as we saw, he was so full of joy and emotion, he just flaked? No harm done, since the happy couple just went with it.
  2. The groom’s cake in the shape of an elk was a wonderful moment. When Caleb and his brothers saw it, they were blissfully happy. Maddie and guests marveled at how it came out, its size and the precision of the coloring. When the first hunk was taken out of the side of the elk, the red velvet cake color made it look like the animal had been cut open. As Caleb said, “I’m a elk-o-holic”.
  3. Maddie’s poise and patience during the forced rehearsal was admirable. Because it was the first of its kind in the family, no one appreciated how much it would take to pull it off. The procession down the aisle of all the attendants took a few repetitions to get right. When the bride-to-be asked for silence, she got it. It only added to the pride of her moms and dad.
  4. Kody Brown asked Caleb’s dad to participate in the ceremony. It kept him involved to the extent he was able and comfortable. Having lost his wife mere months prior, he stepped back from officiating the ceremony. Caleb loved having his dad up there on the mini-stage alongside Kody as he “knighted” his son, with words of wisdom about his new role as a provider and husband.
  5. Caleb’s comments after the ceremony. With his beautiful bride by his side he thoughtfully explained how his expectations of a marriage were radically changed when he met Maddie. “I married my best friend. I know it’s a cliché, but I never believed in marrying your best friend.I thought you married someone you could tolerate, but with Maddie, I did marry my best friend. It’s almost like a fairy tale.”

TLC airs new episodes of “Sister Wives” Sunday nights beginning at 8 p.m. ET/PT   Image via Twitter/video credit: TLC, used with permission 

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