Matt Roloff, patriarch of the Roloff family on "Little People Big World" TLC

‘Little People Big World” Season 12: Night In Roloff’s Doomsday Bunker (VIDEO)

“Little People Big World” season 12 rolls on with the episode “Zombie Apocalypse”, Tuesday night December 20 on TLC. Matt Roloff had too much down time to recover from his latest surgery, and now he’s making up for it.

He’s a man that must be accomplishing something to be happy. What makes him happy now is to create and complete a bunker on the Roloff Farm, for the whole family. That includes ex-wife Amy Roloff as long she continues to live on the property. Spending a night in the finished product is challenging, to say the least.

This latest season of “Little People Big World” has spent a good amount of screen time on the couple gritting their teeth when they speak to each other, as they go about very different single lives. Last week we got a view of Matt’s book project and Amy’s idea for an outdoorsy kind of  bed & breakfast experience for guests. Earlier this season we tagged along as Amy began to attend singles events.

As their parents go their separate ways the two boys closest to them have spent more time on the farm to both help and spend time with their parents. Tori, Zach’s wife spent quality time with Matt about his book, and talking about having babies. In November 2016 they announced via her first pregnancy via their Instagram account.

Audrey, Jeremy’s wife was Amy’s design consultant for the bed & breakfast experience and Jeremy helped his dad install security cameras on the property. Come to think of it, we should have known that the doomsday bunker was coming after Matt wanted at least 60 cameras put up around the farm.

TLC airs new episodes of “Little People Big World” Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT, followed immediately by “Outdaughtered”    Image credit: TLC, used with permission

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