Adam and Danielle Busby, with baby Hazel on "Outdaughtered" Season 2 on TLC

‘Outdaughtered’ Season 2: Ever Wonder How Adam Busby Finances Life With Quints?

UPDATED:Adam and Danielle on GMA: why do men not talk about their depression?

“Outdaughtered” season 2 continues with the episode, “5 Babies on a Budget”, Tuesday December 20 on TLC. It’s time to get real about how Adam and Danielle Busby afford to raise six kids in a big, beautiful home, with a car the size of a mini-bus. Updated with recap posted below.

Yes, we’re getting down to specifics tonight, and in the sneak peek scenes of the episode, a financial planner was giving the Busbys real numbers that boggle the mind. The sum of $2 million was thrown around, while Adam’s face drained of all color. According to the quick summary of the episode, Danielle thinks Adam is the big spender in the family.  

Each week on “Outdaughtered” we’ve seen the costs rise for the household. The most recent expense of the necessary kind was Hazel’s surgery and hospital stay. Then there is the cash outlay for five toddlers to attend a pre-school/day care. We learned that there were limited slots available and you know it can’t be cheap.

Speaking of that, while they’re paying for five kids to attend, only four have begun the experience. Hazel was held out for one reason – she hasn’t begun to walk yet. She’s trying and last week we watched her take about two steps, then return to putting her hands on the floor to move.  It’s a matter of time, obviously, but the couple wrestled with that decision.

They chose to allow the other four to go forward with their development, and hold back Hazel. Yet, they fret about her always being a bit behind the others. That’s why tonight’s episode spends a good amount of time getting Hazel up to speed. That little girl is incredibly resilient. The morning after her operation she showed signs of improvement and looked like she was ready for a typical day.


At the conclusion of the episode, the Busbys entertained an investment idea from some friends of theirs. For an investment topping $100,000, the couple would go into partnership with two other couples to found an indoor cycling facility in the suburban area they live.

It’s the hot new thing, according to their friends, and Danielle’s familiar with it. Adam and she are fitness conscious (have you seen his guns?) and workout regulars, but as Adam pointed out to his wife, just ’cause you ride a bike doesn’t mean you know how to run a business.

It got contentious for the first time on the show, and this is one of the first episodes we saw very different angles on their life as a couple. They got into a typical husband-wife tiff over money and Adam’s habit of buying “gadgets” as Danielle calls them. The one that put her over the edge was the drone camera.

The visit from the financial planner gave them specifics that rocked their world. Just to save for college costs they’ll be paying in 16-17 years, they need to save $6,000 a month. That’s more than most people make in a month, nevermind save. It is what provoked their idea to bring in additional income, which led to considering the investment.

The interesting dynamic between them had to resonate with those who are married or in long term relationships. While Danielle insists that Adam’s gadget purchases must stop, she was gung ho on the investment idea. Adam was exactly the opposite. Next week we’ll discover what path they’ll take.

The time spent with Hazel got ramped up to the point where an occupational therapist was summoned; add that to the latest expense for the Busby household. It was well worth whatever it was, because the therapist diagnosed Hazel as being a couple of months away from walking.

She needs core strength to be able to stay on her feet, but Hazel didn’t like her time on an exercise ball. Her face was saying, “Get me off this thing!”. The little one did respond to some exercises to get her on her feet and take a step to get some kind of food from Danielle’s hand. She’s already missed a month of nursery school and it shows when compared to her sisters.

“Outdaughtered” is aired by TLC, Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT    Image/video credit: TLC, used with permission

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10 thoughts on “‘Outdaughtered’ Season 2: Ever Wonder How Adam Busby Finances Life With Quints?

  1. Doesn’t Danielle carry around a GIANT expensive Louis Vuitton bag? I’ve seen at least one. The cost of that bag could take care of a LOT of family expenses. Once I saw her hauling that bag around, I had to start questioning how challenged they really were raising this beautiful family. While it is a valid point that raising six children is financially grueling, you really aren’t being sincere if you are sporting handbags that the majority of your viewing audience could not afford but still asking us, “Aren’t you interested in learning about our struggles raising and providing for our family?” After that, I started watching the show differently. The show makes them money. They want us to watch to continue making money. Money, yes, for the kids, but money to keep Danielle in super luxurious designer bags. I sort of lost my interest after seeing the bag. If you can afford such a bag, I question that you really are struggling at all.

  2. Danielle previously worked full-time. She mentioned that they had lots of disposable income before children. She may have bought it pre-kids or bought it used.

  3. I love watching the quints and Mimi.
    Adam is so mean to Mimi, yes she acts a little quirky and Lucille Ballish but that just Mimi,lol thus a tv show , ( thats just Mimi.
    Any whoo, lighten up Adam and appreciate the help, She raised Danielle just for you

  4. I love this family and their togetherness, The Quints are great Hazel is such a great kid. God bless this home. I don’t care how much they spend on themselves, because they don’t tell me how to spend mine.

  5. Adam is setting off my gay dar and I hate his treatment of Mimi. Danielle is large and in charge. Move over Kate Gosselin.

  6. Since the show is paying them, I wondered why they don’t have the money to pay for some hired help to come in to help out, even part-time, but then I saw that Danielle is always taking the children shopping at expensive boutiques for clothes instead of Target, Sears, etc. like most of us since children at that age outgrow clothes so fast. Sure maybe some were given them but most not.. But I see overall they are good loving parents to their children.

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