James Harris, David Parnes, Josh Altman, Josh Flagg, Madison Hildebrand on Season 9, "Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles"

Season 9 Finale ‘Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles’: Top 5 Moments of the Season (VIDEO)

“Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles” concludes season 9 Thursday night December 29 on BravoTV. What have we learned from the episodes and what were the standout moments? We all have our opinions and we’re offering ours.

The finale, titled “Best and Final” includes the conclusion of Josh Flagg’s bold moves in Paris. David Parnes and James Harris take on a very tough assignment in Beverly Hills and Josh Altman has another one of those rude clients in a big hurry with a wish list that might be impossible to fulfill.

In season 9, Josh Flagg rebounded from a sad season of loss and Josh Altman finally walked down the aisle. James Harris and partner David Parnes stepped up their game and while Madison Hildebrand returned, it wasn’t on a regular basis. Feuds were limited, which was a blessing, and one member of the cast dealt with a serious family health issue. Without further ado and in no particular order, here are our top five moments from “Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles” season 9.

Madison turns into a villain: His nasty exchanges with the Brits over a Malibu co-listing included an unethical bit of business. He and his assistants were pushing a solo listing in Malibu at the co-listing open house. It was a new low for Madison, who didn’t seem to care that future clients might see the taped footage. Check out the video clip posted below. Update after finale: Think a bit of karma was involved in his broken jaw?

David Parnes’ new profile and family emergency: Yes, Parnes got a nose job, claiming it was to clear up his breathing problems. Your thoughts? The more serious issue in Parnes’ life occurred when he learned his older brother, a father figure to him, was undergoing treatments for brain cancer. We watched David struggle with leaving James hanging to fly home to England. He admitted that his reluctance arose from fear that he wouldn’t be able to remain positive, perhaps hurting his brother’s chances of recovering. Counseling from James and fiancée helped him get on the plane. Update after finale: We saw David’s brother arrive in LA, in good spirits and good health. 

Josh vs. Josh in the Bird Streets: Flagg and Altman’s first encounter on other sides of a property involved a wealthy teen client of Flagg’s who set her sights on a listing of Altman’s. When push came to shove both men had to compromise, but an ethical issue was raised. Both had room to negotiate further on behalf of their clients, but didn’t push it. Highlighted was this exchange between the pair: Altman, “It’s like negotiating with a child”, to which Flagg responded, “I’m having fun, aren’t you?” Update after finale: Flagg announced he was #2 in LA, #3 in the state and #9 in country, as far as gross sales for his year.

Josh Altman version 2.0: Having already put off one wedding date and almost losing Heather in the process he turned it around. When the couple was forced to find a new home in the final crucial weeks prior to their wedding the stress was on. Altman chose to take on the burden of dealing with the move after Heather almost had a meltdown. He congratulated himself on manning up and not making his business life paramount to hers. He also wanted us to congratulate him. Update after finale: Baby Altman was announced, meaning Josh freakin’ Altman is going to be a father!

Josh Flagg found a life partner: After being with Colton for years and resisting changes suggested by his boyfriend, his turnaround was quick. Flagg met Bobby, who changed his view. Josh put aside concerns that he was moving too quickly, or in a rebound relationship with two simple statements. Bobby made him want to think of himself second and he related to him as an equal. Perhaps them being in the same business helped, but Flagg was over the moon. The big, bold flash mob scene for his proposal in Paris was something straight out of Ryan Serhant’s stunt in Times Square on “Million Dollar Listing New York”. Update after finale: Josh’s nerves almost got the best of him, before Bobby said “yes”. 

Bravo airs the season 9 finale of “Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles” Thursday night December 29 at 9 p.m. ET/PT   Image credit: BravoTV, used with permission 

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