Marc Bendavid, Rachel Boston in "A Rose For Christmas", part of Hallmark's Countdown To Christmas"

Preview ‘A Rose For Christmas’ Hallmark Original Movie Treat For New Year (VIDEO)

“A Rose For Christmas” is the final Hallmark original for its 2016 season of original films. It airs on Sunday night January 1 at 8 p.m. to kick off the new year. The story is centered around The Rose Parade, a New Year’s Day tradition.

Starring Rachel Boston and Mark Bendavid, it’s a great look at what it takes to get a float into the parade, as well as how fragile business can be. Rachel Boston plays Andy, whose dad owns Sunshine Floats. Their customers pay them to help create an idea, then execute the float building process.

With only one customer this season things are shaky at best, then Andy must take the reins after her father falls ill. There is some concern on the part of the customer who sends its representative Cliff (Bendavid). He’s arrived to supervise the job, so you know there is tension built into his relationship with Andy.

As an artist, her strong suit is design, but Cliff, whose nickname is The Bulldozer, is all about the bottom line. Different approaches to completing the task are evident right off the bat, only made worse when things go awry. There is a real possibility the float will be disqualified from the parade, which draws Andy and Cliff closer.

As they face a daunting task, sparks fly between them. It’s undeniable, even to them, but almost short circuits when Cliff’s boss arrives and hates the float concept. Meanwhile, Cliff tries to do something to please Andy and falls short; her insecurity about her talent as an artist is flushed to the surface. Can they work together to pull off what will be nothing short of a miracle? It’s a Hallmark film, so here’s betting we know the answer. The fun is in the process.

Hallmark Channel airs “A Rose For Christmas” Sunday night January 1 at 8 p.m. ET/PT   Image/video credit: CrownMedia United States, used with permission 

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