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‘Alaska: The Last Frontier’: Otto Told To Shut The ‘F’ Up, By Youngest Son August

Otto Kilcher can be a pain in the backside, but when he gets choked up about his kids you know he’s just an old softie. On the latest “Alaska The Last Frontier’, titled “Bracing For Change”, autumn was in the air and the Kilchers scrambled to get things done during shorter days and cooler weather.  RECAP latest: Cabin’s done, question coming from Atz Lee. Will marriage survive Jane saying “no”?

August, Otto’s youngest was getting packed up for college in Oregon, but there was one last “job” as Otto likes to call them, to do as father and son. Three cows had to be returned to the herd and it took two days rather than one to accomplish the task. August, at his angriest, screamed at his dad to shut the “f” up in an effort to stop the endless hollering.

You know how Otto is, right? He oozes panic and concern and spews a constant stream of warnings. Sometimes he’s dead wrong or makes a situation worse. August experienced both. Otto was the reason the job wasn’t done in a day because he refused to listen to his son’s warnings about shallow water. He believed August was incorrect and plowed on. The boat got stuck in a sand bar, forcing them to wait eight hours for the tide to come back in.

On the second day, Otto did what he should have done in the first place and got a friend to help them use the big boat. That didn’t shut him up and as August was concentrating on a tricky maneuver his father kept barking; it resulted in the four-letter word rebuke. Otto takes it all in, never apologizing, as he predicts disaster without things going at the pace he requires. How he produced calm, even-tempered boys like Eivin and August is a mystery.

Meanwhile at another part off the homestead. Eivin took time from caring for his family to create a working vehicle for his little brother to take to college. The alternative was going to be a loaner Jeep from Otto, complete with gas can and jumper cables. The Subaru bone yard as they call it, had vehicle bodies and parts that Eivin made into something cool for August.

Eivin took a hulking mess of a Subaru Brat, got the engine installed, fixed the exterior including paint and recovered seats thanks to Eve. It was a nice touch that she used Otto’s old flannels and jeans, sewn together for the seat covers!  August left in style. Did you catch Otto’s shock when the new car showed up? It’s almost like he was insulted August wasn’t driving that the Jeep. Perhaps it was because he wasn’t in on the surprise.

Atz Lee convinced Jane and Atz Sr. that he only needed a bit more help to get the walls on his cabin going and they accomplished it despite them being just “…two geezers and a hot chick”, as he said. Jane’s face switches from being somewhat positive to her resting stink face. Are we going to get the ultimate showdown at some point, or is Jane warming to the idea of remote living?

Shane and Kelli are nowhere close to their cabin being complete and they worked alone. Have we figured out if they don’t ask for help as much as anyone else or is more attention paid to Atz Lee because he’s recovering from his injury? The place is two years in the making without an end in sight and as we are always reminded, Kelli is living with MS.

“Alaska The Last Frontier” airs Sundays on Discovery at 9 p.m. ET/PT   Image credit: Discovery Communications, used with permission

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4 thoughts on “‘Alaska: The Last Frontier’: Otto Told To Shut The ‘F’ Up, By Youngest Son August

  1. I feel sorry for Jane. Otz may have died but he didn’t and he’s like..its MY life me me me me…and he doesn’t care about his wife at all. I am thinking that Jane is going to leave him to his little cabin. I think she’s putting up with a selfish cry baby at this point.

  2. Jane you go girl, that’s the biggest fish I have ever seen. I loved that!
    Apparently Shane and Kelli aren’t as interesting as Atz Lee or their cabin would be finished. I don’t think they were really prepared for homestead life, have they really spent 2 winters in a tent?
    Love Otto, Charolle, Evien and Eve. Is there anything Evien can’t build and Eve can make or can? Real homesteaders.

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