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‘The Royals’ Season 3 Recap: Robert’s Press Conference Explains All, Supposedly

In the latest episode of “The Royals”, everything led up to the final few minutes of “Our (Late) Dear Brother’s Death” and Prince Robert’s explanation of what happened to him. Nothing is ever that simple on this show and it’s expected that there’s more where that came from.

We published a preview listing the five biggest secrets that could be lurking, and none of them were addressed in the episode. It was excruciating to watch scenes of Robert with his mother and siblings without them grilling him. Was that done on purpose by the writers? The one thing the family asked about were the particulars of the rescue and how he got to the palace with the help of MI-6. There’s got to be more.

Eleanor was nervous about explaining Jasper to her big brother, and got counsel from Liam to include the fact that her boyfriend solved the mystery of who killed the king. Jasper was unable to act naturally around him, and Eleanor stumbled over her words. Robert was polite and it remains to be seen how he truly feels about the relationship.

Liam wasn’t awkward around Robert at all, and was emotional when he wrapped him up in a big bear hug. Yet, when Liam kept texting during family time, Robert got suspicious. The most awkward moment of all occurred when Robert took Liam with him to inform Kathryn, in person, that he was alive and well. Kathryn and Liam pretended they had not been canoodling for days and we waited to see if he’d man up and claim her as his. That was the biggest let down of the episode.

At the press conference, Liam sent a message via TV to all, including Kathryn. He was asked how it felt to see Robert again and he explained that his grief was so deep, he pledged to give up anything if his big brother were not dead. Anything meant Kathryn, except that in sneak peek scenes we see Liam unable to follow through on that.

King Cyrus braced himself to be out on his behind until his ex-wife, the Duchess of Essex showed up and rejuvenated him in all ways. She slapped him around and ridiculed him accepting what he thought was inevitable. His ex has an eye on being the Queen Mother and having one of her daughters wear the crown once the cancer takes Cyrus. In a bit of TMI, which is taken for granted on “The Royals”, we learned that Cyrus has a replacement testicle, and he took the opportunity to enhance the size. Guess the Duchess performed other functions for her ex as well!

Robert binged on video of what he’d missed in the past year, including his father’s stabbing, Ted’s grizzly mob death and footage of his wild siblings who used their grief as a reason to misbehave. He got the download on Helena’s bad girl behavior, most particularly her stunt of claiming the twins weren’t sired by Simon. He was very sweet, asking about his mom’s two stalwart men, Lucius and  Alistair. She spoke wistfully about them and we all moved on to the next topic. He knows his mom’s secrets and is clearly her favorite child.

At the press conference Robert demonstrated that he’s a savvy politician and a media relations guy. He had short-circuited a journalist blowing the surprise about his return by promising an exclusive interview and the right to ask the first question at conference. He is a smooth talker that Robert and fully expects to assume the throne, displacing his brother and his uncle. He ended the session by saying that it’s a new era and he was looking forward to it.

The story of what occurred was straightforward and without much detail. Robert explained Ted’s role in downing his plane, and that after ejecting he was rendered unconscious, awakening on the island. Robert said he was left with only one flare, a knife and a compass.He discussed his feelings of hopelessness that lasted only a short time and that he used his flare wisely, “I leaped at the first opportunity”, he said. Did he?

What did you think of the episode and were you left wanting more?

“The Royals” airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET/PT   Image credit: E!, used with permission 

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