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‘Gold Rush’ Season 7: Why Won’t Todd Hoffman Admit Defeat, Move On? (VIDEO)

“Gold Rush” returns Friday night on Discovery in the aftermath of Todd Hoffman’s team walking off the Buckland site. The episode is appropriately titled “Abandonment”, and from the sneak peeks of the episode it looks like Hoffman needs counseling both in the business and personal sense.  SNEAK PEEK of latest: Weeks after losing his team Todd’s still at it. Sheesh!

“I’m in too deep. I can’t quit”, Todd Hoffman says as he drives his truck, explaining the current state of his business and his mind. The scenes of his hulking machinery sitting idle tell the entire story. Extreme loyalty is what Hoffman wanted from his guys, and he might have gotten it if he was any kind of a leader. Updated after episode aired, posted below. 

This season of “Gold Rush” has demonstrated, for those that weren’t already convinced, that Todd Hoffman lacks the ability to tell a good deal from a bad one. Of course there’s a certain amount of trust necessary in any business relationship, but the leases he signed at the High Bar and Buckland sites may have been the worst decisions of his career. His debt has reached the mid-to high six-figures range, including back pay for his employees, but what’s worse is his lack of ideas if he ever had any.

Somehow, he gets a skeleton team to continue, but to what end? Are we to believe that after digging down 100 feet and finding nothing but bedrock, there is another area at the Buckland that might produce gold? Meanwhile, in real time, reported earlier, that Todd’s new operation is located in Colorado, and has legal troubles already.

Also covered in the episode are the continued trials and tribulations of Parker Schnable. His season began well but started to slow down as his decision to work with a small crew came back to bite him. With Mitch gone for a wedding and honeymoon, things went south. Rick had to step in as master mechanic, forcing him to stop prepping that second site Schnable leased from Tony Beets when he had a season goal of 4,000 ounces. There’s more trouble ahead in the latest installment.


With only his son Hunter, his dad and one longtime loyalist, Jim Thurber, Todd Hoffman went back to work. He joined them on the basics of a four-person operation. They worked a full week and registered less than 3 ounces of gold. Yet….Todd Hoffman isn’t ready to give up.

Dad Jack seems to be learning towards staying put, or perhaps it’s just his attitude when he offers his son the only other option of packing up and going home. Todd cannot pull the trigger, although it looks like his son won’t stand for much more of it. Thurber’s eyes glistened with some tears he held back when asked if he was in.

Parker Schnable’s second site was ready to rumble and Rick was so proud he almost burst through his t-shirt. There was a lot of snark as he watched Parker struggle to get the equipment from one place to another, but Rick had a vested interest in the cleanup. The weekly haul was more than 100 ozs., but far from what they need to make the 4,000 ounces season goal. Time to get cracking on that.

Tony Beets found a smidgen of gold that wasn’t being captured at son Kevin’s dredge operation, and he was none too happy. Whatever time it took to fix the problem with sluice extensions was worth it for Tony. We might think that 2% added to the weekly totals isn’t much, but Beets didn’t get this far by ignoring a fleck of gold, nevermind an ounce. His weekly cleanup produced more than 225 ounces and he’s hands down the season winner thus far.

 Discovery airs new episodes of “Gold Rush” Friday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT   Image/video credit: Discovery Communications, used with permission

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  1. You probably get this all the time… but I have going to Alaska on my bucket list. I’m a retired police officer, and know how to operate SOME heavy equipment (dump truck, skid steer and a little time on small excavator), but have good hand/eye coordination, and could learn fast. Since this is one of my dreams, I’ll work for free this season, if you’ll feed me and a place to sleep. I’m a pilot, welder woodworker, class A commercial license, have more than half a brain and good common sense.

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