Tom Austen as Jasper and Alexandra Park as Princess Eleanor in E!'s "The Royals"

‘The Royals’ Season 3: Beck’s Back, Does Eleanor Cheat On Jasper? (VIDEO)

“The Royals” has dumped a ton of action on viewers early in season 3, not the least of which is the return of Prince Robert. We’ve gotten hints, but nothing more, about a timeline to get past Cyrus and install the young man on the throne. Cyrus is ready to fight, but you know that Queen Helena is too. The question is if the rest of the family has the stomach for it. Updated: Recap of the episode posted below.

It’s not like Robert has nothing else going on, because from what we’ve seen, he is laser focused on resuming a relationship with Kathryn, his down-low boo from prior to his plane going down. Prince Liam offered a public love affair with her, and Kathryn was ready to begin that adventure when a scruffy and skinny Robert showed up.

We aren’t sure if Kathryn still has feelings for Robert, despite her hookups with Liam. They occurred while both thought Robert was dead. Perhaps we’ll learn that Kathryn prefers the older brother to the younger one. Even if we do, is she willing to demand nothing less than a public relationship?

Speaking of down-low and public, it’s Jasper vs. Beck tonight over Princess Eleanor. In the sneak peek video clip posted below, watch the two face off. Jasper’s permanent scowl goes into overdrive. Expect plenty of misunderstandings and hopefully make-up physical activity. Eleanor and Beck’s history is just that, history. In the worst of her depressed and drug taking days, Beck and Eleanor reunited only to have it all dissolve once again.

Beck left his wife for Eleanor in season 2 and he thought it was the key to them being together. It wasn’t, because at that time the princess couldn’t live without conflict, clubbing and drugs/alcohol to blot out her grief. Beck’s offer of something more “normal” didn’t sit well with Eleanor at that time. Will it now? We’ve only just begun Eleanor and Jasper part II, and if you’re like us, you’re not ready for that to go south so quickly.


Okay, Prince Liam returned to the childish behavior of previous seasons, unable to speak about his anger and frustration he chose to throw punches. It built throughout the episode and it was clearly warranted after Beck had verbally trashed Jasper, but the setting made it inappropriate.

All dressed up with somewhere to go, the entire family was ready to be presented to King Cyrus, bow/curtsy in respect, and head out to the balcony for the pubic to cheer the return of Prince Robert. Liam had heard Beck pull the holier-than-though attitude about Jasper’s worthiness to be Eleanor’s boyfriend too many times.

His loss of Kathryn, a commoner like Jasper, made him extra prickly. Robert’s words about keeping her on the down-low, made prior to his plane diving into the water, rang in his ears. When Beck used the royal and haughty attitude about Liam’s security chief he’d heard enough and knocked the crap out of him. He did it without apology, taking big brother’s quiet rebuke and getting back into line.

Had Robert made a big deal of it or asked for specifics about what provoked it, you know that Liam would have gone ballistic on his brother. That is still lurking. The brooding, wound-tight Liam is back. He is willingly giving up Kathyrn, at least for now, despite strong feelings and she seems to be doing the same, admitting how she feels about him.

Then there’s the role he will play once again in his family. His is second in line to the throne, behind Robert and of course the current king. He’s no closer than he was when his father wore the crown. Back in that day he never considered it as a possibility because Robert was around. It freed him and his sister to be young people who acted out. Once Robert disappeared and King Simon died he had to seriously consider his new station in life.

He began to settle in and acted in accordance with it, particularly at the end of last season at his father’s memorial. That’s when the #KingLiam meme got life. He was ready and not unwillingly to stand up to the task, please his mother and give the public what they wanted. Then it all came apart. His anger at Robert and his fate was bound to boil over and it is not finished, not by a long shot.

Beck was so unappealing to Eleanor she called him names and did all she could to quell Jasper’s jealousy. His insecurities ran rampant, with him believing he was being used by the love of his life and was ready to give up. He bought into the noise in his head, put there by Robert. If it’s not Beck, it will always be someone else who threatens his place in line. Luckily, Eleanor’s calming influence won the day, for now. Like the Liam anger issues, this will continue to be a problem for the season.

Robert purred like a cat at King Cyrus, his uncle, and used his diplomatic powers to get on his good side. Cyrus agreed to set up a privy council to determine who should be on the throne. He knows how to talk a good game, that Robert, and he’s doing the same thing with Kathryn. He hinted, only hinted, that he might be ready to make her his public girlfriend and asked if that was something she would be interested in. Is it? Stay tuned…

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