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‘Sister Wives’ Season 7 Ep. 8 Preview: Mariah vs. Meri At Family Mountain Retreat,

“Sister Wives” season 7 began with plans for one wedding, then two, but no one could have predicted the big surprise that came our way in the last installment of the series. Mariah gathered her dad and moms to announce that she was gay. The whispers had not included anything even close to that, with the wives thinking that perhaps a third wedding would have to be planned. With the eldest girls close in age it seemed likely, and the Browns were not prepared for the news.

That doesn’t mean they weren’t ready to discuss it, which as you know, there’s plenty of on “Sister Wives”. Is there much that isn’t talked to death, whether among them alone or with family therapist Nancy? PEOPLE had quotes from Mariah, Kody and Meri featured in the video clip posted below. But there’s more where that came from.

On tonight’s new episode titled, “A Shocking Revelation”, the whole family heads out-of-town to a mountain resort where Meri attempts to connect with her only daughter. The stumbling block isn’t the announcement of Mariah’s sexuality, although she persisted in asking questions to make herself feel better, rather than being able to give unconditional love to her daughter. In fact, her stream of consciousness while talking it through would have been better in a support group, or in another deep conversation with Kody and the wives.

The overarching issue between them is their division over the catfishing incident which caused Mariah to cease trusting Meri. It colored everything between them for at least a year and was made worse for Meri in the aftermath of Mariah’s announcement.  Meri was crushed that she was not part of the process that led Mariah to realize her sexuality and that her sister wives were on board immediately. She feels even further removed from her daughter now, almost like it was two steps behind.

With longer episodes this season we’re able to dig deep into things and last week we did just that. Meri traveled east to meet up with a new friend, someone who fell prey to the same woman. Meri needed to bond with someone else who experienced it, perhaps making her understand that she wasn’t alone in feeling used and less than smart.

The soul baring episode included Meri coming home and opening up to Kody, both in therapy and at home. The couple reached a new understanding of what transpired and it wasn’t always pretty. Both Meri and Kody knew they had years of distance between them that led up to Meri being vulnerable to the catfishing.

It turns out that Meri did consider leaving Kody and the family after some coaxing by the woman on the other end of the phone. Perhaps Mariah thinks it went further, or that her mother broke the bonds with Kody when she established what was a long distance friendship with a man who wasn’t her husband.

Whatever it is, we’ll delve deeper into that tonight.

TLC airs new episodes of “Sister Wives” beginning at 8 p.m. ET/PT    Image credit: TLC, used with permission

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