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‘Alaska the Last Frontier’: Will Atz Lee and Jane’s Marriage Survive Refusal To Move ?

Updated: Do Jane and Atz Lee spend winter alone? Season finale recap

“Holy crap”, is Otto Kilcher’s way of realizing he made a mistake and that’s not unusual on “Alaska the Last Frontier”. The Kilchers are daredevils, but not just for sport. On the latest episode “Winter is Coming”, we jumped into some dangerous activity to beat nature’s clock. Immediately we were in the thick of it as Otto and Eivin performed rescue work for hulks of rotting metal on the beach and in the bay. 

Each rescue/salvage opportunity presented challenges, danger and of course, managing the tides. The most dangerous job was when Eivin donned a diving suit to jump into the bay, looking for a sunken propeller. His father’s penchant for saying “Holy crap” could not be discounted. That’s when the most groan-worthy line of the night was uttered by Otto. “I couldn’t imagine anything more terrible to go home and say I killed my son.”

We got to spend time at Atz Lee’s cabin site where we caught a rare glimpse of his younger brother Nikos. The brothers plus Atz and Bonnie dragged 500 lbs. of material through 33 miles of rough terrain on their “wheelers”. The cabin roof had to get up, and the largest task and most dangerous to Atz Lee’s health was lifting the roof beam from the ground up where the rafters will sit on top of it.

Atz used his love of leveraging heavy objects to get the huge beam to the top of the cabin. The rest was all Atz knowing how to tip it and move it. The guy is the resident genius in these types of things. It occasioned a yodeling session from all three men. A job well done, and now it’s time for Atz Lee and Jane to have their big talk. Unfortunately, it would be left for the next episode. As Otto likes to say, “Dang!”

Jane and Charlotte, left alone to their own devices chose to go to the head of the bay to check on the cows. That meant looking for wolves and bears who could attack the herd. Jane said that despite the danger, it was more pleasant for her than enabling her husband’s cabin project. Sure enough, Jane spotted a bear. She fired warning shots with her pistol to scare the creature and it worked. Jane said it was the first time an all-female team did the range check.

Shane and Kelli returned to his cabin site, ready to get logs de-barked and cut in pieces. They’d have to be dragged inside the standing walls to protect them from the coming winter snow. Dry wood is necessary for the build. All that was merely a prelude to the big event for them. Kelli had a medical checkup in Anchorage, and that would take them two-three days round trip. An MRI was in store to see if her MS has progressed.

Next up will be the conversation of the season between Atz Lee and Jane, as well as the MRI test results for Kelli.

“Alaska the Last Frontier” airs on Discovery, Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT   Image credit: Discovery Communications, used with permission 

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7 thoughts on “‘Alaska the Last Frontier’: Will Atz Lee and Jane’s Marriage Survive Refusal To Move ?

  1. I really enjoy this show, and the family members. I hope Atz Lee realizes what a jewel he has in Jane, not thinking 100 percent of himself, but her needs and wants also. If he doesn’t do the right thing it will beextremely disappointing. He needs amore mature attitude.

  2. I agree Atz Lee needs to be more mature I mean he and Jane already have a home!! If he wants to build something why don’t he help his brother Shane build his house that he has been working on for 2 years???????? Very selfish!!!!

  3. I used to like Atz Lee, can’t stand him now. He is the most selfish man I’ve ever seen. I too have suffered an extreme situation that resulted in PTSD. That doesn’t give you the right to hold it over Janes head. It’s disgusting!

    I surely hope Jane stays strong and doesn’t fall for Atz Lee’s blatant manipulation.
    It’s time he realizes what a beautiful,strong,loving and SACRIFICING wife he has. If he doesn’t, he just may lose her, and he’ll only have himself to blame.

  4. Over a year ago I commented on this site that the producers were attempting to take Jane’s character, whom everyone on this site couldn’t stand, and make it more likeable. It seems they succeeded by turning her husband into a villain. The soap opera presented in every episode is the creation of the scriptwriters. To believe that a multi-million dollar clan is living off the land, and has to fill their freezers with wildlife or they’ll starve, when Homer, AK is 10 miles away, is inane. But apparently there are enough viewers, as evidenced by posts on this site, who actually buy into it.

  5. I agree, there certainly seems to be some misrepresentation regarding how these people ACTUALLY live, seeing that there is fresh lettuce and bananas often shown on their counter tops. Last I checked, bananas can’t be grown in subzero temps. With regard to Jane not wanting to move to Atz’s cabin, why hasn’t there been any discussion about their two childrens schooling?? Activities, etc. surely he can’t be that dim as to think his kids would want to be so much more isolated.

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