Stassi Schroeder with Kyle in a hot tub during "Summer House Rules" on "Vanderpump Rules"

‘Vanderpump Rules’: Does Stassi Want a Hookup or Boyfriend in Hamptons? (VIDEO)

“Vanderpump Rules” breaks out the super-sized two-hour episode tonight, Monday January 9, as the birthday trips go into high gear. In “Summer House Rules”, Stassi finally gets over to see her friends at their house. It’s a step up in action from her stay with Kristin, Katie and Scheana.

Come to think of it, anything would elevate the action quotient since Stassi’s the only single girl on her own birthday trip. There’s engaged Katie, coupled-up Kristin and still-married (for the moment) Stassi. It’s about time the craziness began. Katie is bound and determined to find her pal a boyfriend, and you know how she gets when she’s on a mission, whether she’s sober or trashed.

Anyone else wonder what Stassi is looking for? The back and forth with Patrick was not officially over at the time of filming and it looks like a long dry spell for Miss Schroder. Tonight on “Vanderpump Rules” Stassi meets up with a New York man she finds in the hot tub at the summer house. Speaking of that, the new Bravo series of that name “Summer House” gets a big plug. It premieres next Monday night January 16. Check out the boys and girls in residence in this sneak peek clip posted below.

The other birthday trip on this season’s “Vanderpump Rules” is still in motion out on the left coast. Ariana’s celebration moves to the NASCAR race after the wine tasting that wasn’t appreciated by most of the attendees. Check out the video below of tight quarters and tempers flaring in the RV between Jax and Brittany.

Speaking of who is attending, there’s more intrigue between Lala and Lisa Vanderpump. After learning she didn’t make the trip with Ariana, Tom Sandoval, Schwartz, Jax and Brittany, Lisa did her digging and learned it was not due to an illness or some terrible emergency. The two women face off and as fans of the show already know, Lala announced that she left the show and presumably SUR. Is this the episode we see it happen?

Bravo airs the two-hour “Vanderpump Rules” special, ‘Summer House Rules”, Monday night January 9 beginning at 9 p.m. ET/PT   Image/video credit: NBCUniversal/Bravo TV, used with permission

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