The Roloffs, children and their spouses on "Little People Big World"

‘Little People Big World’ Season Finale: Scoop On Amy’s Date and Zach’s Happy News (VIDEO)

“Little People Big World” wraps up its eleventh season tonight on TLC, in an episode appropriately titled, “Life’s About to Change”, although big changes have already taken place. The season’s focus on life after divorce for Matt and Amy Roloff  brought challenges for them as well as the kids. They had to learn how to maneuver between their parents who still reside on the farm. In video clip posted below, watch Tori and Zach announce their most recent big news.  Updated with recap posted below!

When it came to Amy, her sons and daughters-in-law had to understand her decision to begin an active single life. They pitched in to help with her pool party, then watched as she went on a date with Chris, a man she met at a singles event. Tonight there’s more on that date, including cozy time between Amy and Chris.

The boys spent more time handling things on the farm for their father after he had to endure yet another surgery, at the same time as his longtime farm foreman was deported. That almost sent Matt spinning out of control, fearing things would fall apart, particularly the pumpkin crop. He took chances he shouldn’t have, but mended nonetheless. After he recovered he went into overdrive on projects, and tonight he’s got plans for more.

Remember the decision to install dozens of security cameras on the property? That ticked off Amy who believed he wanted to keep an eye on her. Then there was the doomsday prepping episode that turned out better than expected. Amy and Matt clashed over many things this season, but the most significant takeaway for viewers had to be their discomfort when speaking about her single life. It jumped off the screen to us.

Zach and Tori make their first big announcement tonight, and since the Roloffs are all over social media and TV talk shows, we know that it is about Tori’s pregnancy. In the video posting below, they reveal that they’re having a boy. Talk about changes!


Matt Roloff is a big softy at heart. He burst into sobs, not just tears when Zach and Tori surprised both sets of parents with the news of her pregnancy. It sent him into waves of emotion, and afterwards he and Amy were able to have the most at ease and loving chat about the future. They were the perfect exes planning fun for their future grandchildren and complimenting each other about the skills they possess to be model grandparents. Nice ending to the season.

Prior to that Matt proposed a Roloff compound with multiple homes for his kids and their future kids. Amy is still not sure she wants to remain on the farm, because she sees her life moving towards romance with a man other than Matt. On the other hand, she doesn’t want to be on the outside looking in if her sons make it their permanent home. She just needs more time.

Amy’s date with Chris went so well that it ended with a mini campfire and dessert that she made. It was a natural moment for a kiss. Who can’t relate to her nervousness about being out on dates, and with a man of average height, after decades with Matt? She’s so honest about all her insecurities and Chris seems to be a calming influence.

Zach and Jeremy pondered their dad’s master plan for the Roloff compound and only Jeremy envisioned a future that includes him moving back. Zach is holding steadfast to living close by but not on the farm. It will be interesting to see if that changes when he’s a daddy. By the time the new season rolls around, we’ll meet his little boy.

All in all it was a busy season and we got deep into the family’s adjustments to the divorce. The future looks brighter with the hope of a new little Roloff. What did you think of the season?

The season 11 finale of “Little People Big World” airs tonight on TLC, at 8 p.m. ET/PT, immediately followed by a new episode of “Outdaughtered”. It’s Thanksgiving at the Busby household and Hazel makes a breakthrough: Check out the preview! 

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