Matt and Ami Brown on "Alaskan Bush People" Season 4 on Discovery

‘Alaskan Bush People’: Bears Invade Browntown, Bam Bam’s Got Rifle Ready (SNEAK PEEK)

Tonight’s new episode of “Alaskan Bush People” is appropriately titled “Bear With Us”. In the season 4 premiere of the show, we got introduced to a new member of the clan, and that would be Sabrina the cow. That lovely specimen needs protection from predators, just like any other member of the Brown family.

That becomes paramount because there seem to be bears everywhere. The summary from Discovery says, “The Browns decide they need to protect the newest member of the family from the excessive amount of bears now looking for food on Chichagof Island.”

In the sneak peek video clip posted below, catch what happens when a bear hits the Browntown beach. The scent of Sabrina is in the air and has reached the bear’s nostrils. Check out how close it is to Bam Bam, who’s got his trusty rifle on his shoulder. Will he have to put it down or can he wait it out? Even a warning shot doesn’t get the bear to move along quickly. It’s their territory and when they’re hungry, watch out!

This season, Billy Brown, wife Ami, and their seven grown children are focused on staying together at all costs. Matt Brown returns, rejoining the family. When the nest is full, it’s all-hands-on-deck to find sustainable food and resources. The Browns’ take their “bushcraft” to new levels, creating homemade dynamite and building their own sawmill.

Did you catch the season premiere? If not, full episodes of “Alaskan Bush People” are available on or on the Discovery app, free to download.

ALASKAN BUSH PEOPLE is produced for Discovery Channel by Park Slope Productions. Paul Reitano, Terrence Sacchi, and Ian Gelfand are executive producers for Park Slope. Joseph Schneier is executive producer and Greg wolf is associate producer for Discovery Channel.

Discovery airs new episodes of “Alaskan Bush People” Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT   Image/video credit: Discovery Communications, used with permission 

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