Atz Lee Kilcher on "Alaska: The Last Frontier"

‘Alaska The Last Frontier’: Jane Took Down Deer With Atz Lee At His Cabin

“Alaska The Last Frontier” pushed ahead the story of Jane and Atz Lee’s ultimate confrontation, while we got to spend a good amount of time tagging along with family members as they hunted deer for winter protein.

The story that gave this episode its title of “Gold Rush” was about Otto’s form of payment for his hernia operation. He bartered with his surgeon to help with the doctor’s gold mining operation. The heavy machinery was giving the MD fits, and Otto was just the guy to get it going. The two hopped into a twin-engine small plane for the 500 mile roundtrip to the site and Otto got a bit of a lesson in how it all works.

The doc has an active mining site with equipment like we see on Discovery’s other series “Gold Rush”, except on a smaller scale. Here’s a suggestion: maybe Todd Hoffman should have gone to Alaska, rather than Oregon this season. The sluice boxes shook out 4-5 ounces of gold in a relatively short amount of time. Otto loved it and for those that aren’t familiar with the modern gold mining process, it was a great introduction to how it all works.

It’s expected that on each episode of “Alaska The Last Frontier” we listen to Atz Lee dare himself to go further than he thinks is a good idea at the new cabin, only to remind us of his physical limitations and PTSD. He went alone, again, getting up on the roof by himself. We heard him say, for the umpteenth time, that he wants his wife to move with him. It’s coming folks, it’s coming and it is not going to be pretty when Jane has to put up or shut up.

The rest of the episode was spent tagging along on deer hunts with great camera angles and audio of the Kilchers and friends as they felled three deer. The tag team of Eivin and his friend Patrick took down two, while Jane and pal Cody came home with one. Jane and Cody had a rough time coordinating their techniques and got into it a bit when they lost some opportunities.

Jane was rattled because her usual hunting companion, Atz Lee wasn’t there. They have their routine down pat, and she was awkward with Cody. She also got emotional when refusing to kill a doe and her fawn. Cody wasn’t happy about it, but let it pass. At the root of her problems on the hunt was the absence of her husband and the reason for it. But, when she lets it all go and focuses, that woman is a great shot. As she said, it’s the natural order of things.

“Alaska The Last Frontier” airs Sundays on Discovery at 9 p.m. ET/PT   Image credit: Discovery Communications, used with permission

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3 thoughts on “‘Alaska The Last Frontier’: Jane Took Down Deer With Atz Lee At His Cabin

  1. Jane and Cody had a rough time coordinating their techniques and got into it a bit when they lost some opportunities…. wait… Jane said she couldn’t shoot the doe with fawn because she’s a Mother.. WAIT… where is the child? That is the first ever mentioned about her being a mother.

    • As has been pointed out numerous times, the Atz Lee/Jane children are from other spouses. That they are not in any of the episodes is likely due to the fact they live with the other parent, either by their own choosing or through court order.

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