The Busby quintuplets on "Good Morning America" November 2016

‘Outdaughtered’ Season 2 Finale: Quints On GMA, But New Concern For Hazel (VIDEO)

UPDATE: Preview new episodes beginning July 11. Adam’s depressed, Hazel’s got new problems. 

“Outdaughtered” reaches the end of season 2 tonight on TLC, and it’s been quite eventful. The quints are approaching their second birthday (April), walking and everyone’s in pre-school. Blayke is in kindergarten, Danielle has both her sisters living nearby and her mom Mimi in residence at her home.

In the season finale, the Busbys make a cross-country trip to New York to appear on “Good Morning America”. We’ll find out if Adam and Danielle should have sought advice from military experts who plan major troop movements to get an idea of how to make the trip without the adults losing their minds. To give Blayke some one-on-one time, Daddy Adam took his big girl to a place for hot chocolate. We defy you to stay unemotional when you watch the sneak peek video clip posted below!

In the midst of all this, it looks like little Hazel is experiencing more problems with her eyes. Her right lid closes periodically when she looks up at someone speaking to her. Have you noticed this? It looks like she’s squinting to keep the sun out of her eyes, except it occurs indoors as well. Then again she’s surrounded by the production company cameras with harsh lights. Nonetheless, the promo for the finale contains scenes of Adam and Danielle discussing the possibility of another surgical procedure.

On the Mimi front, last week we left her in a tizzy. Without warning or explanation, she parted ways with her employer and she’s yet to sell her home in Lake Charles. Apartment shopping left her in sticker shock and overwhelmed, so why exactly did she make it impossible to even consider finding her own place?

“Outdaughtered” airs on TLC, with the finale tonight Tuesday January 17 at 19 p.m. ET/PT  Image credit: ABC/Good Morning America  Video credit: TLC, uses with permission 

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1 thought on “‘Outdaughtered’ Season 2 Finale: Quints On GMA, But New Concern For Hazel (VIDEO)

  1. I really enjoy “Outdaughtered” since it started. Just a couple of comments please.
    I hope it comes back for a 3rd season!
    The father is more concerned about his looks than help getting the kids ready and out the door for the GMA. If you notice, it is not very often he takes on the crying baby or one of the babies that is being a handful. I hope they don’t end up in divorce like Kate Plus 8.
    Linda 🙂

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