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‘Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce’ Recap: Abby’s Ultimate Helicopter Mom Failure

“Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce” presented the episode “Move Your Car”, and season three set the tone for what is to come. Jo severed ties with Scott, on the presumption that he would leave her eventually. Delia got nowhere in her quest to destroy Albert, Phoebe faced new financial circumstances and Abby was just plain silly as a helicopter mom with no idea what her son could tolerate.

Here’s the good news – Barbara is now on track to write Abby’s old column at SheShe, understanding what it is supposed to be. She got taken down a notch when she sent her draft to the editor and allowed Abby to take a look at it. A complete re-write is about to come down the pike, but Barbara is good with it, and took the criticism like a champ.

Jo’s situation got worse at the conclusion of the episode when she found Scott’s mobile home empty, after he was crushed by her accusations. Look, protecting yourself emotionally from more hurt is not uncommon, and Scott understood her point. There’s a way to express that without looking at the man who loves you and predicting his future behavior as a runaround guy. You can make it about your own insecurities rather than accusing him of future acts. As Barbara said, Jo was using moves from the film Minority Report to predict the future.

Phoebe got taken down a peg or two when she learned that a gallery owner wanted her services as a woman who moves in big money circles, rather than what she claims is an acumen for choosing who will be the next “big thing”. Meanwhile, is he a liar or just a jerk, and a rude one at that, for not displaying J.D.’s artwork on the floor of the gallery during a show? His explanation, while having some merit sounded like an excuse. Thoughts?

It was difficult to watch the character of Abby McCarthy make a fool of herself during her son’s baseball game. She’s been flighty throughout the series, and of course there were her manic episodes at the end of season two. The current chattiness and attempt to be a super mom seems to come from her new independence without a daily routine. To fill the time she has zeroed in on everything she wasn’t able to do in her home (compulsive straightening) or for her kids. Every meal is cooked and ready on the table. Every feeling or emotion is explored, with intrusive behavior that is getting on her daughter’s last nerve.

Intrusive doesn’t cover her behavior towards Charlie’s new favorite pastime and his coach who he idolizes. At Charlie’s game, Abby was the newbie parent in the stands who others looked at as ridiculous. She desperately tried to be supportive and learn the rules of her son’s game, but she was boisterous, began a sarcastic chant and then tried to rip the coach a new hole in his behind about benching Charlie after a base running mistake.

The stilettos on the baseball field were a nice touch, just making the point that a helicopter mom has her hands full if she isn’t fully educated on what she’s hovering over. Charlie likes the coach’s attitude, making him strive to be better. He has no need for positive reinforcement from the coach, which Abby learned to her chagrin after she pulled her son off the team. Anyone wonder what the coach really sees in her? To be continued..

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