Marshawn Lynch with the Diesel Brothers

Preview of Marshawn Lynch on ‘Diesel Brothers’ What’s a Beast Mode UTV? (VIDEO)

“Diesel Brothers” is all new tonight on Discovery and the Motor Monday series showcases the perfect match for the intensity of the UTVs the guys love to create. His name is Marshawn Lynch, and with a nickname like Beast Mode, it’s a wonder this didn’t occur sooner. It’s a match made in heaven.

During his time in the National Football League, Lynch earned that nickname by running through, over, or under anyone who attempted to stop his progress. His most famous moment occurred after an electrifying touchdown run of 67 yards in a playoff game, during which he broke eight tackles. According to those on site and the team’s webpage, the celebration of his effort triggered seismic activity near the stadium.

No wonder he showed up on “Diesel Brothers”. He expects a UTV no less fierce than how he played on the field. Have the guys met their match or can Marshawn inspire them to go further than ever before?  In the extended video preview clip of tonight’s episode, enjoy Lynch showing everyone what the meaning of “tough” is.

Also on tonight’s episode titled “Feed the Beast-Mode” Heavy D decides to finally finish the Fail of the Year UTV. He’s taken a beating on social media and has decided to put up or shut up. Then again, has anyone ever tried to shut up Heavy D? Betcha’ Marshawn “Beast Mode” Lynch could do it….just don’t make him.

On this season of the show the builds include a beat-up Chevy Duramax turned into a Monster Truck and a chopped Ford Powerstroke with roll cage and hydraulics that somersaults forward. The mega builds and signature truck giveaways are serious business and in addition to Marshawn, Chuck Norris is looking for his own UTV to fit his kinda’ fun.

“Diesel Brothers” airs on Discovery as part of its Motor Mondays, immediately following the latest episode of “Fast N’ Loud”.   Image/video credit; Discovery Communications, used with permission

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